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How To Take Screen Capture Of Access Form ?

Create the form like my mock up
The database has five fully-normalized, related tables (relationships.png). FormMockUp.pdf is a mockup of what I want the form to look like. frmMain.PNG is a screen capture of my failed attempt.

Here are screen captures of the tables, populated with a little test data: tblGenres.png, tblLicks.png, tblLickSorts.png, tblRockLicks.png, tblSorts.png.

Complex issue in MS access
Im doing a project in access which I have created tables, forms and reports I have applied user secuity in my project.some users have editable permissions and some doesnt have.
In my form I have two fields which will capture system date & time as start time and end time.
start time will capture the time when the user starts keyin and the end time will capture the time after the record has been inserted in the table.
My problem is for non-editable permission users,the end time is not storing the time after inserting record since it will capture only after insertion and it goes to update state for whom doesnt have update permissions.
Hence I need code to capture and store the end time after the users filling all fields and before insert in to table.
Hope you guys got my problem. Plz provide me a solution

Capture 3 characters from Surname
Can anyone please help me to capture 3 characters from the surname using vba?

e.g I am using environ("username") to capture name of the person who is logged on so how can we capture 3 letters from the surname and display in the textbox.

Capturing Still Image From A Camera
I have an acceess app, it is a basic form with student information, in it I
have an image object, I have a button under the image object when you click
it , it open a directory tree, where I select the appropriate student
picture. The Problem is, this process requires a two steps procedure, I
have to first capture the student image, save it. Then load it into the
access app.

Does anyone have an example or can tell me how I can create a button that
will capture the picture, save it and load it unto the form image object.
Since the image is linked, if I can capture and save the image within
access, I can very quickly load it .

Web cam capture onto a form
I have written an MS Access system for entering competitors at a competition and then displaying storing scores . The requirement now is to photograph every entrant with a web cam and store their image with their scores. So basically I want to be able to capture an image from a webcam on a form so that I can see what they look like when they bring their score cards in.

Capturing Autonum on New Record Insertion
I'm looking for a method to capture the unique id for a row that is inserted into an Access table. I have a command button that I would like to do the following:

1) insert the fields in a form into the supporting table;
2) capture the autonum generated unique identifier in a field on the form;
3) have this data available to pass to a subform based on a table with a one to many relationship to the previous table.

Forms in dialog view not going to proper screen
How do I tell access to open the FORM dialog view in the same screen that Access is running on? I have dual screens with my laptop screen and my secondary screen and when I open access in the secondary screen the form dialog opens on the laptop? Is there a way to tell it to open where access is being viewed?

Why does activating onscreen keyboard cause vba to launch?
I'm using a tablet pc to create invoices and capture input. When I'm in a form and I click on the link on my desktop to pop-up the on-screen keyboard,for some reason access launches VBA and switches to that.

Has anyone got any idea how to stop this? Last thing I need is a user creating an invoice to suddenly be confronted by VBA.

Sending Email to mulitple users from Access
I have a database and I was requested to setup a process to email various "Process Owners" on a click of a button. I have tried doing it with a macro, I tried some ways using queries and tables but I can not seem to get it right. A form is filled in with process owners, this is done by a drop down choice, the table these Process Owners are in also contains a column with their email address. I want to capture the email address based on the forms selection. I tried to use a query to capture the email address into a "create table procedure" but now I want to take that information and put it into the To: in outlook. I use Access 2007 and outlook 2007.

in a macro, is it possible to set the option in the SendObject, Action Arguments To field to except multiple emails? I can capture one from a form: =[FOMRS]![(form name)]![(field name)], but I can only get one field to work. Any ideas or what is the best way to attempt this? I have 11 fields in all to be captured from the query/table

Eliminating the display of the Access Logo, and first Access screen when opening.
I have created a macro to open a menu screen for my database and it works fine, except I would like to not see the Microsoft Access "Logo Box" or the first internal database screen before seeing my form I am using Access 2007. Any solution

form with no database window
A while back I downloaded an access files but can’t remember from where nor can I find it on my hard drive.
When you opened this access database the menu form would open. It wasn’t full screen, it was
a rectangular form that was centered in the screen.

I’m not sure of the size but it filled maybe 30% of the screen. What I want to figure out here, is how they managed to completely remove the entire database window.

All you saw was the form (which was a menu) and all selections were pop-ups. You couldn't even tell it was an Access Database, it looked like a Visual Basic program.

Creating a Microsoft Access Splash Screen
Software applications often display a splash screen when launching. With Microsoft Access you will often see the splash screen displayed before being presented with the database switchboard or similar form.
The splash screen in Microsoft Access will usually display a logo of the company that has created the database application, contact details of the person responsible for the administration and maintenance of the database or will sometimes display other useful information or tips associated with the database.
We can use the screen to display randomly selected tips or help topics, providing the tip will benefit the end user. To avoid irritating the user, we should also provide them with the option of not having the splash screen appear in the future.

Capture or Identify Cancel Button on Excel Import
I am using the following VBA code to call to the Import Excel process within Access:

DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdImportAttachExcel

I have recently identified that if a user clicks on the Cancel button on this screen that the other code I have beyond that displays a message that I don't want them to see. I would like to put in a catch that if the user clicks on Cancel that it will display another message before exiting without doing anything else. Does anyone know if there is a way to capture or identify if a user clicks on Cancel in VBA?

I understand that if you setup your own Message, you can specify vbCancel or vbOK just after it to help direct the right messages to your users. Just not sure if there is some built in code that I can reference in the same manner

Form in Datasheet View
I'm trying to create a form in datasheet view that can also show data in another table. View the link to see a screen capture of the table and you will see what I would like the form to look like.

This is a table view which has a lot more fields viewable than I want and the reason I need to create the form.

how to make fit on screen of ms access form?
I have ms access form, how I can make fit on screen type? ( like if monitor size 15.6" form should show full screen at the same time even 18" also it should show full screen

Form with Chart
I have a chart that is generated on a form. It is an unbound form and the reason for putting it on a form instead of a report was so it could be copy/paste from the screen.

I am having a problem with the form loading to a blank screen. As soon as you right mouse click the screen the chart shows

access automatically positioning textbox at top of screen
I have a very long memo field that extends past the bottom of the screen. When editing the end of the memo field, access automatically positions the form so the top of the textbox is at the top of the screen, moving the area I am working with off of the screen.

Is there a property I am missing somewhere to stop this, or can I do it with vba

access automatically positioning textbox at top of screen
I have a very long memo field that extends past the bottom of the screen. When editing the end of the memo field, access automatically positions the form so the top of the textbox is at the top of the screen, moving the area I am working with off of the screen.

Is there a property I am missing somewhere to stop this, or can I do it with vba?

form - full screen
How can I make a form full screen? Without access menu in the top of screen!

Capture event from child form (not sub form)
Is there any way to capture an event of a child form? The child form is a separate form, thus not a subform. Something like this:

Private WithEvents child As Form Private Sub child_OnUnload() MsgBox "Child closing" End Sub