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How to protect our access database?

How to protect our access database?
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How can we hide the left pane and make the tables, queries and reports password protected so that user is only able to work with forms? Moreover I want forms to be only used and be protected from being re-designed.
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How do I protect my database?

I created the database by using Microsoft access 2007-I’m a new user of this software. I also save this database in my desktop. One of my employees will take this desktop with him during the weekend just for emergency case. How do I protect my data in the database or is there any ways that I can lock my database? He plans to buy a new computer and I don’t want him to copy my entire database in his new machine.

What should I do to protect Ms Access (.MDB ) file?

I have developed a small desktop application using visual basic 6 and Ms Access 2003 as back end. Database is password protected and contains sensitive data. As many password retrievaltools are available, What should I do to protect Ms-Access (.MDB )

Password Protect an Access Database

Password protecting an Access database allows you to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes. In this tutorial, we walk you through the process of encrypting your database and protecting with a password, step by step.

[MSACC2010] Password protect backend?

I have a database built using MS Access 2010 which is a split database. Everything is working fine until some users found out the BE location. *Someone* then managed to change some user details in the tables. Luckily I have backups but I really want to prevent this happening again.

I noticed there is an option to password protect the BE but will this also mean users will have to enter a password when connecting from their FE? If so, are there any other alternatives to keep the BE safe? I was thinking of a simple login form on opening the DB but ultimately this can also be bypassed plus it's a lot of effort just to password protect the BE.

This is a fairly large company so I just wanted to make sure before I commit any changes.

Protect from Delete

I have a database on a network drive. IS there a way to protect the database from being deleted?

Protect from Delete

I have a database on a network drive. IS there a way to protect the database from being deleted

Password protect a form

How can I password protect access to a form? I have a public database that all employees use however I only want certain people to be able to view/edit one of the forms in it.

How to protect a database in VB

I am about to start developing a program that downloads a database, and accesses the data within it. I need to somehow protect the data within the database so it cannot be copied, or misusedby other companies who can get the information within the database.

So I need a way that the database can be downloaded from a server (Updated regularly), used by the program, but at no stage be able to be opened, copied etc by the user.

How can I do this in VB?

Password Protect the Back End of a Database

There are two parts to the following video tutorial explaining how to password protect the back end of your Microsoft Access database where your first need to split the database and then exclusively open the back end database to apply an encrypted password. You can also manually link and re-link tables from other databases which will in turn need to be individually password protected should you require the added protection for the more sophisticated system.

Make your own CODE to lock the database objects

securing the database objects have different ways:
1. Password protect the database
2. Password protect the VB codes
3. Disable allowbypasskey
4. Make MDE file for versions 2003 and previous
5. ULS


a. the simplest way to protect is by password protecting
b. Allowbypasskey diabling is a protection done by vb code
c. by making the MDE file, the forms, report, dap, macro, and modules are locked thereby it cannot be opened for editing or for opening.
d. by making ULS, the objects are locked by access, I think this goes by code again and we setup its password.

Therefore, protecting the database objects were done thru coding matched by password. So therefore, maybe there is a way that we can make our own CODE to lock the database objects.And I think our gurus here in this forum might help us out with that code.Can we do this?