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How to protect fields for passwords?

How to protect fields for passwords?
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How can I have a password in some fields in a access file,that other persons can't access those fields?
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Create a database to hold usernames and passwords

Right now I am using a spreadsheet to hold my usernames and passwords for users. I want to be able to type in a username and get back a password. I would like to store all the usernames and passwords in the database and password protect the database. I am a access noob and haven't touched it in years. I would assume this is a basic setup?

How to recover lost MDB files passwords?

Due to my carelessness I lost my passwords of MDB files. I used to write all my passwords on a diary. But last week I lost it somewhere and hence I lost all my passwords. I have several MDB files of MS Access but now without passwords they are useless as I can’t open them.

Access - Open Document / Protect

I'm trying to figure out how to open a Word doc from Access, populate certain fields, then protect the document from editing (just allowing form entry).

All of this is relatively simple, opening the document and populating the fields. The problem comes that you cannot populate the fields in a protected document, therefore, the document must be unprotected.

Then, because the control has passed to Word, I cannot figure out how to protect the form from my Access VBA code.

Protect all fields, then on button click, open them up to editing

I would like to protect all fields when a user enters a screen. Then allow them to click on a button and make the fields available for editing. Another button to make the fields on the screen protected again.

My thoughts were on the Form_Load and Form_Activate, make all of the fields Enabled = FALSE. But my issue is when I am creating a button for the Form, what type of Button is it going to be. I use the wizard for the control, but I do not know what to make it.

What should happen is that when the user clicks on the Edit Record button, I will just make the click action set the fields to Enabled = True. When the user clicks on Protect recoredbutton, it will set the fields Enabled = False.

passwords for database

How can I create a table with passwords for my users? If anyone wants they can just open that table and change the passwords

Limit / Password protect the number of fields in the a table

Is there way to password protect/ or limit the number of fields in a table. Lets say, if I have 10 fields in a table. No one can add or delete the fields or/ and change the field order?

I only want certain users (with some sort of log-in details) can add or delete the columns. Or is there a way to disable the add/ delete field feature but only do that by using the macros?

How to create MS Access Application

Person who use computer for many tasks often has to remember many passwords. It is possible to save all your passwords in one file on desktop, but then any intruder from internet may read the file and get access to your accounts. It is better to keep all your passwords in password protected database. I will show you how to create a password protected MS Access application to store your login, passwords, and accounts.

Pre Populating a field on a form from another table

I would like some help please.

I have a database which records passwords. I have a table consisiting of passwords I would like to be used. I would like to create a form where one of the fields will pre populate automatically using the next available password from the table contaiing the password.

Any ideas on how this can be achieved

Security Considerations and Guidance for Access 2007

Find out how you can use Access 2007 to protect the information in your databases. Learn about encrypting files, administering passwords, converting databases to the new ACCDB and ACCDE formats, and using other security options such as SQL Server.

passwords for access 2007

How do I create username or group with passwords in .accdb. I would like to have a checkbox on the main form to allow the other users to access the information.