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How to make an active checkbox in a report?

How to make an active checkbox in a report?
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I have a form that runs a query that automatically opens a report. My report includes a checkbox field that correlates to each entry. I want the checkbox to be active in the report. Is there a way to do this?

I want to be able to double check the document attached to every entry and then check the box when it has been checked. However, I want the checkbox to be usable on the report so the user doesn't have to go into the table to check it.

Right now, the checkbox is only an image and isn't interactive on the report.
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Access 2Display a Label Based on Checkbox Status

How do I conditionally display a Label in a report, based on whether or not a checkbox is true or false?

I have a report that groups the results by whether the status of the record is "Active" (checkbox = true) or "Inactive" (checkbox = false). However, instead of justdisplaying the checkbox in the report as a group header, I would rather put a label there, such as "All Active Items" and "All Inactive Items", depending on whether ornot the Active checkbox is true or false.

I tried the following code in the On Load event of the form, but I don't get the correct results:

Print Checkbox (on a report) only if checked

As the topic title states, I want checkboxes to print on a report ONLY IF the checkbox value is "true" - if the checkbox is checked. If it is not checked, I don't want it to print at all.

The report contains data from multiple records, some with the checkbox=1 and others with the checkbox

Auto-separate Report

I have a report made which creates and groups data by customer, taken from a query that displays only active items. I have the page break set after each group to start a new customer with a new page. So the single report is multiple pages containing all active customers, where each new customer begins a new page. Now I have 50+ customers, however only a few are active at any given time. so aside from creating a single report for each customer, is there a way to automatically create a report where it would make a single report for each customer?

My goal is to just call up the reports, then email it to the destined parties where it contains only their info.

Checkbox Report

I am totally new to using Access and have created a very basic table and form (one each). What I would like to do is generate two different reports based on the table information. The table only has five fields: TicketNumber, OccuranceDate, CompletitionDate, HoursToComplete, and a checkbox for Routine Maintenance (yes or no).

I would like to generate one report that only includes records that have the checkbox checked, and the other report to only include records that do not have the checkbox checked.

Edit data from Report

I need to attache a vba code to the on click event of a field on a report. it is a "checkbox" named [Paid in Full].

when I am in the report and I click on the checkbox, it needs to open the form on that specific record, check the box to yes or no depending what the current status is. and the close theform and refresh the report so that the checkbox shows checked or not.

I know data on a report can't be changed. but I need this to work.

Select Record Source based on Checkbox

I have a fair-sized data set going into a form that I want to filter based on a checkbox.

I have a table with records of all of the consumers we have worked with, with current consumers identified by a checkbox (Active). I've created queries that show either all active or all inactive based on this checkbox, so I can create separate forms to this data.

The problem is, I'm building this database for people who will break anything that isn't completely apparent,and if they have to select a different form they will (somehow) end up in a table or query and break things, or just call me and cry about it.

So. I need check boxes (or opinion bubbles) in the header (preferably) of the form that allow the user to check whether or not they want to see active consumers, inactive, or both, and havethe data in the detail section reflect either query or the master table (for both).

This is part of a larger project: w (dot) access-programmers (dot) co.php?t=231813

Hiding checkbox on report

I am working on a report that will only display the relevant checkboxes and associated labels if each checkbox is ticked. So far I have managed to get the labels to hide when their relevant checkbox is not ticked by replacing the label with an unbound textbox which has "=IIf([checkbox],"x",Null)" as its control source.

I have also changed the properties of the report detail section (and the labels) to can grow/shrink as ideally I would like the report to only show the relevant, ticked checkboxes without extra space between them.

Show last residence using a query

I have 2 tables, [Residents] and [Units]. In the [Units] table, there are listing of current and previous units with the start and end dates. Also, there is a yes/no checkbox that tells whether or not the unit is active (the current unit).
I want a query that will tell me the last unit the person was in. So I want it to pull the unit with no active checkbox with the most recent end date.

Can anyone tell me the best way to go about this?

Report Fields Visible Based on Checkbox

Another newbie here. I have an Access 07 report, and when viewing the report I'd like to have some checkboxes visible based on their value. In other words, I need the checkbox to be visible if it's checked and not visible if it's not. I have the following in the OnLoad event of the report;

Me.Checkbox.Visible = Me.Checkbox.Value

This works fine in print preview but makes no difference in normal view, the checkboxes are visible regardless of value. I'd like to keep normal view if possible

How to use checkbox when column > 0?

As the title inicates, I would like to know how to make a checkbox indicade when there is something typed in a column.

I have a table containing books with columns such as title, autor, etc. And I also have a column "notes" where I can make comments about the book.
But when I'm printing out the table in a form or report, I would just lite to indicate that there is something written about the book, and not write out the whole comment.

So how do I tell my checkbox (or other indicator sugestions) to indicate when lengt of column > 0?