How to create an auto-populate blank txt field from a calendar on a form?

I have a calender on my form. What I would like to create is a diary system were the user clicks on a date on the calendar and it autopopulates in a blank date text field to schedule an appointment. Can this be done, if so how?

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Auto Populate Field Based on other fields
I am a total access newbie when it comes to designing a database. I have managed to create a simple web database for project management but have run into a snag.

I want to have a field (field 3) auto-populate based on what is entered into two other fields (field 1 & field 2).

Field 1 is a date field (when a presentation is due). Field 2 is a yes/no checkbox (if checked, it means no presentation is necessary). Field 3 would be a calculated text field (?) because text cannot be entered into Field 1.

If field 1 is null and field 2 is checked, then I want "NA" to auto populate into field 3. However, if field 1 is null and field 2 is not checked, I want "TBD" to auto populate into field 3. If field 1 is not null, then I want field 3 to be null

Help with ActiveX Calendar, SQL and List box
These are the problems:
1. ActiveX Calendar. Calendar Form opens when you click in control on another form. Need date selected on calendar form to populate [CourseDate] field in other form - doesn't work anymore.

2. List Box - this is more complicated.I need one field to populate based on another - used to work, but now it doesn't.

3. SQL - Using a QBF search. Set up search using SQL statements found on another forum/help site, all but two work like they should.

I have a MAJOR presentation tomorrow so I need serious help. I can send the db to anyone who thinks they can help me.

Auto Populate form
I have a database I need to create a form that will auto populate based on an entered field.

I have two tables:
- tblMailing
- tblSurvey

tblMailing has the customer information with a unique id field "FI_Code". This database is imported monthly.

tblSurvey has about 25 survey fields that will link to the tblMailing database by an "FI_Code".

I need to create a form where the user types in the "FI_Code" and it will auto populate some fields from the "tblMailing" table, and also show the BLANK survey fields from "tblSurvey"

Need to be able to fill out the survey based on the "FI_Code" and have it saved back to "tblSurvey"

Auto Populate fields
I have a form (see attached) which has a field called PropertyID. Originally I had Indexed set to yes(duplicates OK). When I would enter an ID the manufacturer, model, and serial # fields would auto populate.

I then realized that with that setting users can enter duplicate data. When I changed Indexed to Yes(No Duplicates) I lost the auto populate function.

I would like to have the best of both worlds. I need the field to stay Unique as well as populate those 3 fields.

How do I populate blank fields based on a named field in a combo box on a using vba?
I'm trying to auto-populate blank fields on a form based on a combo box with customer names. In other words when the user clicks on a name from the combo box the customer's details will populate the blank boxes with all there details.

The customer details are stored on a table and I'm using access 2007. It'sbeen a while since I'

Auto Populated Field not Saving to Table
I have a form that we are going to use to track outages to our terminals. On the form, the user selects the terminal # and the rest of the information for the terminal auto populates from a query of the terminals table (Terminal name, address, etc). What I am using to auto populate fields is =[Term #].Column(1) for the first field and so on. They then enter the rest of the info (date of outage,etc). The issue I have is that when I look at the table for the outages, the auto populated fields are blank. Is there a way to save this data to the table

Auto populate based on similar entry
Is it possible to auto populate an Access text field in a form when one begins typing the letters, based upon similar entries made from previous file entries in this same field in the database?

This would be similar to how Office or Word does an auto type based upon the initial letters typed.

I've searched the forums and found a number of inquiries regarding auto population, but they're usually tied to another field or table, not the same field in the same database

Auto populate form fields based on another field
I have a field on a form where I want to enter a date, I would then like another field to auto populate with that date plus say 90 days.

I tried having a column in the query that the form is based on to have a default value of date field + 90 but it doesn't work

Updating text box with information from auto populated field.
and looking for some help. I have a database that tracks productivity and a form where the team puts the data.

In order to make it easier for them I would like to automate the process. On the form I have an unbound text box that pulls in the computer name automatically using =GetMachineName(). The computer name is also part of a separate table that includes there name and ID.

I want the form to auto populate the Name and ID field when they open it based on this unbound field called "compname"

This may be simple but I am drawing a blank

Using access calendar to populate textbox
I have a calendar (calendar1) from which I want to populate a textbox (appt1) when I select the date on the calendar but I'm having problem with the code; I tried putting it against the on updated event of the calendar as below, but not sure how far off I am:
Private Sub calendar1_Updated()
Dim myDate As NewDate
myDate = calendar1.SelectedDate
appt1.Text = myDate
End Sub

Calendars >_<
a friend of mine is having a problem, not sure which category it should be in so just chose general.

He'set up a calendar with "calendar control 12.0" and used the control source to link to "JobStartDate"
1ST PROBLEM: The"JobStartDate" field linked to the calendar wont auto update when you select on a day on the calendar.

2ND PROBLEM: How does he show data ON the calendar?

I would like to know whether it would be worth suggesting using a calendar in outlook and linking it to access? That's personally what I would do

Hide the Pop-up Calendar by pressing the Escape key
In the tutorial A Pop-up Calendar for your Access Forms I showed how you could use the ActiveX calendar control to add a pop-up calendar to a form. The calendar is placed on the form just like any other control but remains hidden until the user clicks a specific field, when the calendar becomes visible. Choosing a date from the calendar hides it again. But what if you didn't mean to open the calendar... how can you hide it without choosing a date?

Auto-Fill names
I am trying to create a form with several auto-fill options. I know it can be done, I just do not understand how. My goal is to be able to input a name and their managers automatically populate. Also, I would to be able to put in (for example) and number and its coorisponding meaning would populate. Is this possible all in one form? And if so, how can it be done

Auto populating a field based on another fields choice
I have a form used to input Help desk tickets. On the form there is a choice to select a customer- what I would like to do it auto populate another field on the form based on the customer.The "Customer Field is pulled from a separate table and I would like it to populate an account Number field on the form which also comes from the Customer table.

Auto Populate
Could someone please explain in very basic terms of how to auto populate a field in a table. I would like to enter a user ID and the address, name ect comes up...

Understanding relationships and auto populate...
It may help to understand what kind of tables I currently have in Access 2010.

I have an employee table that shows employees and some basic information about each of them. This table has an employee ID field that is not an autonumber but it is unique to each employee (10004928).

I have other tables that also use that same field and I want the first and last names to auto populate based on the main employee table. These other tables are tracking OT and Vacation time used.

How do I make the later tables auto populate the name fields when you key the employee ID?

Auto populate a field from two field within the same form.
Greatings, I'm utilizing Access 2007.

I have three fields in my form; Full_Name, Last_Name, First_Name. I want to auto populate the Full_Name field when I manually fill in the Last_Name and First_Name fields.

Example when I fill in Last_Name and First_Name fields with Smith and John I want the Full_Name field to auto populate with Smith, John.

I am a novice in Access and have no experience in MACRO

Is there a way to auto-populate one field with the same data for each record?
I have an Access 2010 database I am building and I would like to have the same value auto-populate into the one particular field for each new each record, so the users do not have to always type it in or use a drop-down menu via a combo box to bring it up. Is there a way to do that?

Txt File Importing Question...
I use a madule to import multiple txt files. Is there a way to import a file and at the same time extract part of the file name to populate a column?

All the files I'm working with have the following format:

When importing them is there a way to extract the date portion and have it populate a date column within the table? Unfortunately the file lacks the date in the data itself

auto populate mutiple fields
I need some input regarding the following:

I am trying to populate multiple fields on a form by selecting a single item from a look-up list. But it's really not a simple as this.

In my table I have a maintenance code that is tied to multiple equipment codes. Each equipment code needs to be recorded as a single piece of data. What I am trying to do is create a form where the user can select from a look-up list the maintenance code to populate the maintenance code field and then the associated equipment code fields will auto populate with only one equipment code per field.

I do not all. I've included a diagram to help demonstrate what I am trying to do.

PS I apologize in advance for any breech of "forum protocol"