How to change http:// to mailto: in hyperlink

I did it! I cant believe it!
I was trying to fix the problem of the hyperlink issue, changing it from http:// to mailto: if you want to send email by outlook do the following:

1. Temporarily change the datatype of your field to TEXT
2. Run the following update statement (changing the table name and field
name appropriately):

UPDATE HyperLinks SET HyperLinks.EmailAddress = "#Mailto:" &

3. Change the datatype of y our field back to Hyperlink.

I did it and worked

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Automatically Creating Hyperlinks
this should be a simple one but I am not finding the right sources through searching.

I have a form that is used to input records. One of the fields of the records is Permit #, which is a text field. Another field is Query Link field which is a hyperlink address that goes to a web based database.

What I want to happen is the hyperlink be automatically created in the AfterUpdate method of the Permit # field.

Right now, this is my general approach.

Get permit number from form.
Create hyperlink address from permit number (e.g. http://blah.blah.blah.blah.asp?Q=" & permitNumber)

set form field value to hyperlink (e.g. Me.QueryLink.Value = hyperlink)

This will change the "value" to the hyperlink but will not set the hyperlink address to the hyperlink so nothing happens when you click on it.

Any suggestions on how to set the HyperlinkAddress of the field

edit hyperlink with programming
All I need to change the drive that table fields that are hyperlink type. I tried find and replace but it does not change the hyperlink only the visible text,

Urgent:hyperlink to text
I had to switch my field type from hyperlink to text (long story)

when I switched it my email addresses changed from regular to:

I have 18000 records.i need to find and delete everything between the #'s.

Reuse same image with different hyperlinks
I have a report that has the same image on each detail line. I need to have that images hyperlink address change based on the website based on url stored in the table that corresponds with that record.


Text Picture
Lesson 1 playImage.Hyperlinkaddress = http:/lesson1.avi
Lesson 2 playImage.Hyperlinkaddress = http:/lesson2.avi
Lesson 3 playImage.Hyperlinkaddress = http:/lesson3.avi
etc etc

My table is set up as follows

Lesson 1 http:/lesson1.avi
Lesson 2 http:/lesson1.avi
Lesson 3 http:/lesson1.avi

Changing text to hyperlink
I have a text field in my table that contains the http address for a hyperlink Example: [LINK]
The address is not a hyperlink but I wish to make it so. Is there some way to do that without modifying each record?

HyperLink error "No Program registered ..."
I added a hyperlink object to my form. I referenced the link in the "edit hyperlink" screen to

When I try to click on it, I get the error "Unable to open No program is registered to open this file." Am I required to reference hyperlinks in a table? Is this a memory problem on my machine?

I was wondering how would access know to use Internet Explorer as the browser?

Odd behaviour in email mailmerge from Word
I have an an Access database which allows the user to select data to be available for mail merging via Word 2007. It selects the required data into a temporary table which word connects to via an ODBC connection.

This works fine for standard mail merge (letters, envelopes, labels) I have been asked by the charity I created it for to also use it for mailmerging into emails. The data in the temporary table contains an email address (as a hyperlink) and when that hyperlink is clicked it opens up the default client as expected.

In the mail merge process, at the end stage when the emails are sent to Outlook it fails because what is sent as the address is (for an actual address of [LINK]) [@email]#mailto:[@email]# which Outlook does not recognise. Iwould have expected the address sent only to be like mailto:[@email]#

Mail Merge: Clickable Hyperlink
I would like clickable hyperlink on mail merge to actually work. In my access 2003 database the field that corresponds to the Hyperlink is named VideoLink1 and I have made it a Hyperlink type field. However, when I insert the field within a MS word Hyperlink field brackets shown like this:


Then merge new document, I am able to see its shown as a hyperlink ie. blue font BUT when the pointer hovers over it, the javascript note as it should says CTRL + Click to follow link and I do that, ctrl and click but the link does not open. Just to make it clear the my links are correct, here is one of them, you can see its:

Hyperlink from Database
I have a sql database where the user input a full web address. I want to display that web address on the web page as a hyperlink. I've done this as a mailto: but for some reason this won't work as just a simple hyperlink.

Write("" & RecordSet.Fields("webadd") & "")

Nothing shows up from the database with this. The data in the database is text.

Change a hyperlink
You can change either the text that is displayed or the address that the hyperlink points to: Modify the hyperlink of a label, picture, or command button, Modify a hyperlink that's stored in a table or displayed in a text box or combo box.

How to display hyperlink in Access form (Datasheet View)
Learn: What is a hyperlink? Parts of a hyperlink address. About the hyperlink control. Image hyperlink control. What is a URL and how does it work? Examples of hyperlink addresses. Some hyperlink subaddress syntax examples in Office.

Change the color of hyperlink text
Follow one of the procedures below to change the color of hyperlink text or match the color of hyperlink text with the existing text on a slide. If hyperlinks appear in both the title and sub-title placeholders, do not change hyperlink text in the theme.

I get duplicate values when I convert a hyperlink field to text
Every time I import a query containing email addresses from Access into Excel, I end up with a "rider" on each email that looks like this: "[@email]#mailto:[@email]#". I tried to overcome the problem by making a new table with the email field changed from hyperlink to text, but the result was the same as above. Does anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it?

Show only filename from hyperlink
Is it possible to browse to a file add it as a hyperlink and then click ok and then using the afterupdate event change the text to display to just the filename rather than doing it manually.

Second question can I take a query with a field which is text and a field which is hyperlink and have a calculated field which displays as the text but is the same hyperlink that the hyperlink field is.

Open up url page hyperlink not working!
I am new to Vb and I am trying to get a field in my table to open up as a hyperlink once it is clicked. I have the following code:

Private Sub lblReference_Click()
Dim strLinkUrl As String
Dim strPath As String
Dim strName As String

strName = lblReference.Text
strPath = ""
strLinkUrl = strPath & strName

Me.lblReference.Hyperlink.Address = strLinkUrl
End Sub

the data lblReference text field is a 5 digit number e.g. 12345 so I want to be able to go to the following address when I click on the lblReference field:

however when I try to I get the following error:

run time error: '7980' the HyperlinkAddress or HyperlinkSubAddress property is read-only for this hyperlink.

can anyone advise me in simple terms what I am doing wrong and what I am supposed to be doing please

changing a hyperlink based on record selected
is it possible to change a hyperlink based on the record selected?
Basically I want to have a hyperlink that I can save both digital files and files scanned in so that I can get rid of 650 files of paper. The idea is when I am on their particular name the hyperlink would change it's address to thier [last name]_[First Name]. lastly, while writing something like this on an error handle for no file folder exist how would I make it create a new folder if the current folder is not there? If someone has something that would work it would save me approximately 1 week in filing digitally all 650 names.

Change field property to hyperlink?
I have a "make-table" query, which includes a field of hyperlinks to documents, in the original source table. But, the query will only set the field to a text type field. In order to my code to open the hyperlink on click event, the table field must be of the "hyperlink" type, which I can manually change in the table properties, but would like to addto the code to first convert the field to a hyperlink field.

How to email a hyperlink using VBA
I have a button on a form that sends an e-mail out. In the "Message Text" section I need to add a hyperlink. I can add the text but it doesn't know to actually make it a hyperlink. Here is what I have:

Dim stMsg As String
Dim Hyp As Hyperlink

Hyp = ""

If Me.Hyperlink.Value = "-1" Then
stMsg = "See attached file and Link Below " & Chr$(13) & _
Chr$(13) & Chr$(13) & _
stMsg = "See attached file"
End If

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "rptBeamCount", acFormatPDF, "Jason Yoho; Jim Gilbride; John Toth; Ryan Lochner", , , _
"NGNN Status Update", stMsg

Go to web page and then exit Access
I want to be able to create a form with a link like "Go to the Upgrade Page" and use as the hyperlink address and then I want the Access application to close.

When I attempt to do this with a macro attached to the OnClick event for the hyperlink, I get an "Access has stopped working" error

Help in Creating a Hyperlink in a table from Text using VBA
I have two MS Access tables with Field1 set as Hyperlink in Table1, and Field2 as Text in Table2.

I am having problems in appending Table2 to Table1 with the Hyperlink working. The text looks like a hyperlink, but when I appended the table2 to Table1, the hyperlink doesn't work.

If I cut and paste the text into the hyperlink field, it does work.

I am trying to use VBA Code to generate a hyperlink for 80 records in Table2 for Table1.

Is there a function or something that converts the text to a hyperlink ? I believe that when I manually cut and paste, it converts to a hyperlink.