How I Exported an Attachment fields data to a folder

I built an Access 2010 database about two years ago for a client. My client wanted to scan customer contracts and save them with the database. I knew there were two methods; save the scanned documents in an Attachment file or save just the path to the file as a Hyperlink.

At the time, (maybe I didn’t do enough research), I probably also underestimated the quantity of scanned documents the customer would have and the impact on the database file size.

From the start, the database was split into a Front End and a Back End.

At inception, the Back End was about 3MB in size. it is over 660MB in size and growing with every scanned document.

I started doing research online to figure out how I could export of the scanned documents from the Attachment field, save them to a folder, and then add their location to a new table and field so the customer could still access them.

It’s important to note that each scanned contract is associated with a customer order and I would need to ensure that whenever my customer went to a customer’s order, they would see only those scanned contracts.

I never found in one place a “How To Export Attachments” article so I decided to summarize here what I did in the hope that it helps others that need to reverse stored documents/pictures/etc.

Maintaining the relationship to thelocation in the database are now being saved was critical.

Before you begin, make sure you back up your Back End data as well as your Front End. Also, please hold the feedback on how I named my fields and/or tables. I’m comfortable with it and it works for me. Yes, I know sometimes I need to use brackets on my field/table names.

One sample code that I used was from the Microsoft Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference manual. I modified the code slightly and it is shown below:

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I maintain a 9 year old database which I recently converted to Access 2007. While doing so, My problem: I recently gathered some data in the attachment fields in the development copy of the database and wanted to transfer the additions to the production table. The update querycame back with a message to the effect that you can't use an attachment field in an update query.
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We made changes to the single excel spreadsheet (but no new or changed names of columns/fields - only typing errors of data).

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All I need to do is to export my table data [GOODS IN] every evening (by pressing a command button).
This exports the table to a specified folder.
However I need it to auto name the exported file by date and time (at the point at which the command is started

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