How do I open access in runtime without security warnings?

I am in the process of upgrading from Access 2003 to 2010 the current databases are split and users run the application in runtime.
I have been able to upgrade successfully except for the Security Warning I get when opening the database in runtime.
Have tried changing settings in the Trust Centre, this has fixed the Full Access security but seems to have no effect on Runtime.

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You do not have exclusive access warning
I am running Access 2010. The datablase is split with front end running on my machine and the back end on the server. I have 4 other users using Access Runtime. My settings are set to "Shared" with "No Locks".

The users on runtime can use the database with no warnings however if they have the database open and then I open it I get the warning "you do not have exclusive access." It may have something to do with the fact that today I was making some changes and someone popped it open on me through the runtime.

Microsoft Access 2007 - Managing Macro Security
Learn why signing your own macros will reduce the number of security warnings you see while still maintaining a high security level, and find out how to sign a macro by using self-certification.

Compact and Repair an Access Runtime Application
I'm building a Runtime app in Access 2007 that will be run by many people who are quite INexperienced with computers, and will have even less experience with Access. Is there a SAFE way tocompact and repair an Access 2007 Runtime program?

I keep seeing warnings about using the automatic compact and repair in the Access Options of 2007. However, I'm worried about data bloat if this is never done.

Does anyone out there have experience with Access 2007 Runtime using the automatic compact and repair?

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Function to replace FollowHyperlink() in VBA. Handles security warnings, special characters in file name, return value.

Access Runtime
Access 2007 & 2010 runtime. Has anyone used the runtime versions? I have an access report that uses a csv file for data. It works fine under the full version but the runtime does not open it

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled"
How can I change the security settings of Access RunTime 2010? We have an access database that users had successfully used when they had the full version of the Access program. They arenow using Access 2010 RunTime, and when they click on a specific button (which runs a few different macros) in the database, they receive a message that says "The RunCommand action wascanceled." Are there any settings in Access 2010 RunTime that I can change (possibly in the registry) that will allow the RunCommand action to work and not be canceled?

vba & macros in access 2010 runtime
I have completed my database application and now I need to implement in my network . I want to know how to achieve this ?
method 1: access 2010 runtime
method 2: user log in system with multiple security levels .

I want to know if there is any issue with the vba & macros in access 2010 runtime ?
and how to implement multiple users with multiple user security levels . ?

Docmd.SendObject and bypassing Outlooks Security Warnings
I have found solutions online to bypass the outlook security message whenever you try to send a email with an attachment using outlook in access but, I do not understand how they work. I was wondering if someone could help me in find a solution to my problem.


I need to create a form that opens which automatically runs a report and sends an email without a user. Meaning that some how I need to bypass the Outlook security message. This is the code I am currently using to send the email out

Access 2007 runtime not visible in Access 2007
I installed Office Enterprise 2007. Then I installed DEveloper Exrtensions, then Access Runtime 2007. All appear to have installed OK - they appear in Program and Features.
Instructions on runtime packaging tell me that a Developer option should appear in the resulting drop-down when I click the Office button (top-left round thing) when I have a d/b open in Access. It's not there! I have un-installed and re-installed the extensions and the runtime - still nothing!
I do have Runtime 2002 (XP) on the same PC, is that relevant?

Basics for Building Microsoft Office Access 2003 Runtime-Based Solutions
How to use the Microsoft Office Access 2003 Runtime with the Microsoft Access 2003 Developer Extensions so users without Microsoft Access 2003 installed can still use Access-based applications.
If you are creating an application that runs in an Access Runtime environment, you must carefully consider how to provide an interface for the user. You must also consider the fact that some users may own the correct version of Access and run the application in a full Access environment. Take care to test your application under both environments to make sure it properly balances usability in the Access Runtime environment with code security in a full Access environment.

Auto Open Security Notice
I made a button to import 2 tables from a selected file, but when the files are open to import the table, it asks if I want to open or not. That security notice thing. It only imports the tables after you click on the open of the two security notices. I attached a zipped picture.

Is there a way I could make it open automaticly?

I thought about a sort of macro that would imitate < LeftArrow, Enter, LeftArrow, Enter >, but I don't know how and if it's possible.


I know that for Access 2007 the extensions are *.accdb and *.accde. I just want to know what they are for Access

How to set macro security on distributed app
I have a small app that I developed for a friend that allows him to track lab procedures. He does not have Access 2007 on his lab computer, so I installed the runtime. I then copied the app to his computer. Everytime I run the app, I get the message about macro security. I accept it and continue. How can I set the directory where the app resides as a trusted location. It is easy to do with a full copy, but I only have the runtime on his machine

Add a trusted location with Access 2007 Runtime
How in the world do I add a trusted location with only the Runtime version of Access 2007 installed on the PC?

I am in the process of distributing some new runtime-only applications; how do I stop the irritating "potential security risk" warning from coming up everytime the user logs in? I can't figure out how to get to the "trust center" with only Access Runtime installed. Users don't have any other 2007 applications like Word or Excel either, and are running Windows XP, NOT Vista

Set Warnings Off
Just upgraded to Access 2007. There used to be a feature in Macros to Set Warnings to off - so when your macro was running update or append queries you didn't get a message.

How to you turn those off in Access

Basics for Building Access 2007 Runtime-Based Solutions
Find out how to prepare your application for use with the Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime. If you are creating an application that runs in an Access Runtime environment, you must carefully consider how to provide an interface for the user. You must also consider the fact that some users may own the correct version of Access and run the application in a full Access environment. Take care to test your application under both environments to make sure it properly balances usability in the Access Runtime environment with code security in a full Access environment.
After you create and test your application, you can use the Package Solution Wizard that is included in the Access 2007 Developer Extensions to create a final version that you can deploy to end users.

Runtime error when i open a form
I have a main form with a button that opens a simple form of 2 columns. this all works fine as an .mdb file but when I create an installer package to use with access runtime I have a problem - when I open the second form it shows on the screen but has a runtime error and when the error box is clicked the program shuts down

Runtime Environment
I have a runtime version of Access that I install. I create the runtime by changing the .accde file to .accdr. This works on most machines. However on two machines I receive a message that Access can't open the file because it was created by changing the extention.

Of three cases, all of the machines had a previous Access Runtime version installed. In one of these cases I removed the runtime and installed the latest version.

After that I repaired Office Web Components and it worked. This fix did not work on the other two machines. Why?

WHY isn't setwarnings *working*!?
I normally set the warnings equal to false, run some recordset loops that throw down some maketables, and then set my warnings to true. For some reason it isn't working in this particular database and it is driving me crazy. Under what circumstances would setting warnings to false NOT suppress the "you're about to delete this table / run a maketable / etc" warnings?

Access Runtime issue
I created an access runtime from a access .mdb database. I installed this on my laptop and it worked fine. However it is intended for my collegue, I installed it on his desktop computer. Problem is it did not work here..!
Both laptop and desktop run Windows XP and I uninstalled the Office package. Problem on the desktop is that it starts up and closes. At some moment after I installed MS Office standard (without access) I started the runtime again and then I get a message "a VBA module should be closed etc." I only can hit OK, and then I get a security message. If I hit continue here the application opens and works fine.

What can cause the above problems? Is there some guide that will lead to a successfull implementation of the runtime solution? I need to install it on another 5 computers as well.

Access Security
When trying to open my database, Access has started requiring a "Logon". I didn't activate security but it sure looks like it is there. The "User" field is populated with my windows login. I've tried every password I can think of. And since I don't know the log in, I can't open my db.

Any way to turn off security