How do I create a stand alone application with Access

I want to create a stand alone application with Access, but do not know how to go about doing that. I have the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer version along with the MSDN files associated with it.

It will be used by any number of people so it needs to be able to be open with multi user in mind.

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"Stand alone" application
How can I make an acccess file look like "stand alone" application, without access menus, options, etc., just the Switchboard

Accessing my inventory remotely
I have a simple Inventory application (developed using Access 2000) which is stand alone. That is the changes to the inventory can be done only on a single PC.
Now, I need to make it available from different geographical locations i.e. via internet. However, it will be accessed from one location/one user at a time. My inventory application requires Access 2000 to run.
Is there any way that I can upload Access 2000, my inventory application and associated folders to a remote 24/7 Server and access it at will. What is the simplest way to do this

Producing a stand-alone Access Program
Is it possible to compile an Access 2010 program into a stand-alone which could be run on a computer without Access?

How to display JPG images
I have an application which uses many thousands of part numbers. I also have a folder with many thousands of photos of those parts, all in JPG format. How can I display those from my application? It need not be on a form, just stand-alone images would be fine. In the past I have used BMP images in Access, but it is not practical to convert all the images to BMP.

Ms Access database application
Can I create database application using only MS Access.
If yes please tell me tutorial how can I achieve this.
I like my application to have buttons,password fields for entering in the application etc .

If this is not possible creating application using only MS Access please tell me tutorial for achieving this using C++.

Please tutorials to have 20 pages

your network access was interrupted. Stand alone DB.
Getting error message: your network access was interrupted. It is a stand alone DB. We are on a network, but this database does not go out and retrieve any information

Data Access Objects
The core of Microsoft Access and an important part of Visual Basic (the stand-alone application development environment) is the Microsoft Jet database engine. The relational DBMS functionality of Access comes from the Jet engine; Access itself merely provides a convenient interface to the database engine. stand alone login
I'm still new in I want to develop a stand alone program using login with microsoft access database.?

Query through multiple tables
My project is set up so that I have several tables with different TV sizes (ie 20 inch, 22 inch, . 60 inch) Each contain roughly the same types of info - like each have a TV Model no. and aproduct number with few containing specific info that only that TV would have, like a special part to the TV.

So what I want to do is relate these many TV TABLEs to the STAND TABLE that they would be using. I have like 10 different tables of TV sizes and 1 stand list. The TV TABLEs are related to the stand list by TV model. Sounds easy enough right?

But my problem is this- how do I make a query where I am able to just put in TV Model and it will search throught the tables and put out the necessary info - lets say I want TV Model, related Stand, and Product Number outputed.

Basics for Building Access 2007 Runtime-Based Solutions
Find out how to prepare your application for use with the Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime. If you are creating an application that runs in an Access Runtime environment, you must carefully consider how to provide an interface for the user. You must also consider the fact that some users may own the correct version of Access and run the application in a full Access environment. Take care to test your application under both environments to make sure it properly balances usability in the Access Runtime environment with code security in a full Access environment.
After you create and test your application, you can use the Package Solution Wizard that is included in the Access 2007 Developer Extensions to create a final version that you can deploy to end users.

Access 2007 Error 3197
Firstly I apologise if this is a stupid or repeated question, but I cannot find the same question or a solution anywhere.

I have been running Access 2007 on a stand alone internet connected pc running XP. All was well until a couple of days ago.

I cannot open any databases or create new ones. I get the same error saying another user is also accessing the DB, and the error code is 3197. Even when trying to create a new one.

There is no other user !

I have un-installed and reinstalled Office 2007 and it makes no difference.

I have used the same office disk and installed office onto a stand alone laptop running Vista.
I copied all my database files to cd and loaded on to the lap top. They are all fine !

So, the db's are not corrupted. Office is not corrupted.

The pc's are not networked at all.

Any ideas PLEASE ?

Thank you all very much for reading and hopefully solving

Stored Procedure in MS Access 2007
I am using MS Access 2007 and VS 2010. I want to develop an application with back end as MS Access. But I want to create stored procedures in MS Access.

Is it possible to create in MS Access or I have to hard-code the necessary queries in my application. If possible please send how to create and maintain it in MS Access.

Consolidate MDBs
Over a period of time I developed several stand alone applications
I would now like to combine them into one overall application.

Can I set up the main form to select the application you need to work with.
Set the relationships to all the tables in all applications .

For instance in app A request a report from app B with out going back to the main form and running app B.

If this can be done is there a limit on the number of tables that an app can have

Can I make my application portable?
I have created several successful Access applications. I now want to create an application which can be maintained on more than one computer, some which may not have MS Office with Access installed. Can I put the entire application and data files on a CD which could then be maintained on different computers. I guess that means all would be in a .exe file and maybe use CD-RW discs

Find tables
I was asked to improve an existing old Access application. I was given no documentation at all. All I have is the icon which starts the application which runs with lots of flaws. Now, once in the application I don't have the options neither the menus to see and modify tables, queries,forms etc. How can anyone get access to all this on a running application

Switch to Another Application that is running in the background.
This was not as simple as I had hoped!
Does anyone know how to bring an application to the foreground from within Access?
For example - Access is the foreground application (full screen) and Excel is running in the background (or minimized). What is desired is a button on a form that will make the background application (Excel in this case) come to the foreground. The application in the background has built in functions to activate any other application that is running in the background.
Sure hope I haven't missed it but a search of Access help, forums etc has not shown me the answer so far!

windows forms and console application together?
Could I Create a windows forms application that would have a console application form I'll use an example: say I was creating an application that would need some text written in the command line.

I create the windows forms application because I want a GUI for the start page. then when I click a button, it should open a console program that is inside the windows forms application (not a separate project).

Creating a Microsoft Access Application
Once you have worked through the stages of Planning a Microsoft Access Application, you will then move onto creating the application in Microsoft Access. If you have correctly structured the database design, the application design will be much easier to implement. Having spoke to your database user's, they will have given you ideas for what is required in the database application and you can begin work on the interface that will be used.

Create and customize a web app in Access 2013
Access 2013 features a new application model that enables subject matter experts to quickly create web-based applications. Included with Access are a set of templates that you can use to jump start creating your application.

Is Access the right application for this?
I'm looking for an application that will allow me to create a database which allows my users to make selections and based on those selections, it could spit out a Word document. The selections are tied to various pieces of text and possibly tables that would populate the Word document. It sounds simple, but the document I'm trying to generate can get complicated. Can Access accomplish this and if so, do I need Access 2010 or could I do this with Access 2007? If not, is there another application which could do this