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How Do I Get A Calendar Into A Query Parameter

How Do I Get A Calendar Into A Query Parameter
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I wrote a query which prompts entry of a start date and an end date, thus the user has to type into the parameter box. The date field is called When, and the table is called Scrap_Q4. Here is the SQL language

SELECT Scrap_Q4.REJ, Scrap_Q4.When, Count(Scrap_Q4.REJ) AS CountOfREJ
FROM Scrap_Q4
GROUP BY Scrap_Q4.REJ, Scrap_Q4.When
HAVING (((Scrap_Q4.REJ) Between 108 And 132) AND ((Scrap_Q4.When) Between [start date] And [end date]))
ORDER BY Scrap_Q4.REJ, Count(Scrap_Q4.REJ);

I want to replace the parameter box from popping up with a calendar which will alow the user to click on a start date and an end date. This will eliminate typing and potential error
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I need some coding help in setting up a calendar for multiple selections and then placing a continue button on the calendar for an on click event the uses the queries. I have an example of code that has been used in a calendar event before.

I have added in the query names I will be using and the main form to be opened.

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I am wondering if it is posible to run a query from the Access Calendar control?

what I am trying to achive is.

when a date is selected from the calendar it will show the query results in a datasheet or some other type in the same form?

can anyone advise what is the best way to approach this?

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I tried using DoCmd.RunSQL, but, if I understand correctly, this can't be used for a select statement. I used it with updating and inserting with no problems.

I'm trying to use qdf.Parameters() now, but I still get the popup. Is there a way to pass parameter without the parameter prompts?

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I have just about given up on the calendar thing. Can't seem to get them to work.

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I created a parameter query, and then I created a crosstab query based on the first parameter query. I keep getting an error message that says: "The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize '[start date]' as a valid field name or expression."

In more detail:
I created a query where I have a pop up parameter box that asks for the start date and another asking for the end date. The parameter is written in the criteria as follows:

Between [start date mm/dd/y] and [end date mm/dd/y]

When I run the query, the parameter query works beautifully.

So then, I ran a crosstab query based on the (first) parameter query hoping that it would pull the parameter query forward, but it didn't, I got the error message instead.

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This query is the record source for a form so I was not wanting to change this, but pass a value into the parameter required to run the query

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I am looking for a way to show the calendar on a form. the calendar i mean is then one when you want to input a date into a box. you have the little calendar icon to the right of the box and by clicking it it opens up a proper calendar. is there a way of skipping the clicking part and just have the proper calendar showing.

Hide the Pop-up Calendar by pressing the Escape key

In the tutorial A Pop-up Calendar for your Access Forms I showed how you could use the ActiveX calendar control to add a pop-up calendar to a form. The calendar is placed on the form just like any other control but remains hidden until the user clicks a specific field, when the calendar becomes visible. Choosing a date from the calendar hides it again. But what if you didn't mean to open the calendar... how can you hide it without choosing a date?