How Do I Get A Calendar Into A Query Parameter

I wrote a query which prompts entry of a start date and an end date, thus the user has to type into the parameter box. The date field is called When, and the table is called Scrap_Q4. Here is the SQL language

SELECT Scrap_Q4.REJ, Scrap_Q4.When, Count(Scrap_Q4.REJ) AS CountOfREJ
FROM Scrap_Q4
GROUP BY Scrap_Q4.REJ, Scrap_Q4.When
HAVING (((Scrap_Q4.REJ) Between 108 And 132) AND ((Scrap_Q4.When) Between [start date] And [end date]))
ORDER BY Scrap_Q4.REJ, Count(Scrap_Q4.REJ);

I want to replace the parameter box from popping up with a calendar which will alow the user to click on a start date and an end date. This will eliminate typing and potential error

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I need some coding help in setting up a calendar for multiple selections and then placing a continue button on the calendar for an on click event the uses the queries. I have an example of code that has been used in a calendar event before.

I have added in the query names I will be using and the main form to be opened.

Run query from calendar control
I am wondering if it is posible to run a query from the Access Calendar control?

what I am trying to achive is.

when a date is selected from the calendar it will show the query results in a datasheet or some other type in the same form?

can anyone advise what is the best way to approach this?

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I have just about given up on the calendar thing. Can't seem to get them to work.

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calendar in access 2010
I am looking for a way to show the calendar on a form. the calendar i mean is then one when you want to input a date into a box. you have the little calendar icon to the right of the box and by clicking it it opens up a proper calendar. is there a way of skipping the clicking part and just have the proper calendar showing.

Passing Parameters to a Query Without Parameter Prompts
I have a query that requires a parameter to work. I need to pass a form field (entered by the user) to the query as the parameter, but I don't want the parameter box to pop-up asking the user for input when the button is clicked to run the parameter.

I tried using DoCmd.RunSQL, but, if I understand correctly, this can't be used for a select statement. I used it with updating and inserting with no problems.

I'm trying to use qdf.Parameters() now, but I still get the popup. Is there a way to pass parameter without the parameter prompts?

Hide the Pop-up Calendar by pressing the Escape key
In the tutorial A Pop-up Calendar for your Access Forms I showed how you could use the ActiveX calendar control to add a pop-up calendar to a form. The calendar is placed on the form just like any other control but remains hidden until the user clicks a specific field, when the calendar becomes visible. Choosing a date from the calendar hides it again. But what if you didn't mean to open the calendar... how can you hide it without choosing a date?

Parameter Queries in Crosstab Query
I created a parameter query, and then I created a crosstab query based on the first parameter query. I keep getting an error message that says: "The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize '[start date]' as a valid field name or expression."

In more detail:
I created a query where I have a pop up parameter box that asks for the start date and another asking for the end date. The parameter is written in the criteria as follows:

Between [start date mm/dd/y] and [end date mm/dd/y]

When I run the query, the parameter query works beautifully.

So then, I ran a crosstab query based on the (first) parameter query hoping that it would pull the parameter query forward, but it didn't, I got the error message instead.

Refresh Query using Value on Form?
I have a parameter query where it asks the user for an order number which then displays the parts on that order on the form.

Due to a new feature, I would like to refresh that query without having to reenter the query parmeter.

Can I refresh a parameter query using a previously entered value as the parameter value?

This query is the record source for a form so I was not wanting to change this, but pass a value into the parameter required to run the query

Query parameter from 6am-6pm
How do you make a parameter query data from 6:00 AM to 6:00 AM daily? What I meant is How to put it in the parameter query to include date and time?

DatePicker and Parameter Query
I have a query which members of this forum have (very graciously) helped me develop (please see [LINK] for details on my DB and on the parameter query in question).

I would like to add one thing to the "design" of the query; I would like to have a DatePicker pop up to enter the parameter instead of the default parameter-entry dialog box. Everything I have read on the web says I cannot do this directly through the query.

Instead, it seems I must first create an unbound form (frmStart_Schedule) using a TextBox (cboDatePick) with format set for Date/Time to provide the parameter for the query.

What I am having trouble with is having the SQL code "point" toward the value entered in cboDatePick in order to run the query (which contains the user-defined function DoReview,

calendar control on form
me and the team are still working on this project and the admin have now asked that we have a worksplan in the form of a calendar. we have used the activex calendar 12.0 but we now need to use the calendar to present information from other tables, based on the date selected.

Datasheet Subform Query
I have a Datasheet subform for which I have a field name CalendarYear which basically lets me know that fees were received for that Calendar Year. I have entered information for the 2009 Calendar Year and some information for the 2010 Calendar Year. I am trying to get my query to give me all records for which fees have not been received for the 2009 and 2010 Calendar Years. I tried the NULL function but that isn't working or maybe I am not using it correctly. I placed IS NULL in the criteria for Calendar Year. Can this not be done in a datasheet?

Real Calendar with Access calendar control
Anyone ever created a calendar with the calendar control in Access?

Me.CalendarName.Value gives the date that the user is clicking on and is normally used in putting dates into a "meeting" schedule or whatever, opening the Calendar so that a user can click on it.

I'd like to create a real calendar. If I can't figure out how to get text into the Calendar boxes, perhaps I'll simply circle each date with an appointment on it and put all the appointments up into a list box right next to it or something. Anyway, before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone done something like this before

Parameter Report Problem
I am making a parameter report based on a query (probably a parameter query). What I am trying to achieve is that I want to display whatever I entered as parameter (let say Date) willdisplay on the header of my report.

Use parameters in queries and reports
When you want a query to ask for input every time that you run it, you can create a parameter query (parameter query: A query in which a user interactively specifies one or more criteria values. A parameter query is not a separate kind of query; rather, it extends the flexibility of a query.).
You can also create a form to collect parameter values. Using a form, you can:
* Use data-type-specific controls
* Enable the persistence of parameter values
* Provide combo box controls (so that you can pick a value from a list, instead of typing it)
* Use other controls that are available in forms
This article provides an overview of parameters, explains how to use parameters in queries, and how to use forms to enhance your use of parameters.

Parameter prompts twice but exists once
Running on Access 2000. A query has one parameter in it in the supplier criteria row It is the only criteria applied to the whole query.

Parameter was defined as.

Like [Enter Supplier Name or Part of Name or Blank for ALL] & "*"

The parameter is only in the query in one location.
It is NOT part of a calculation
It is NOT defined in the Parameters list (maybe that is part of the cause)

The issue occurred when running the query on its own. The parameter question was requested twice although only referenced once.

If the query was edited and saved the problem went away. But later for no reason it then appeared to return.

The only thing I can think of is that the database had not had a compact and repair for some while. I have now made them do this and will see if the issue still arises.

Parameter Query - if Null show all
Im running a parameter query and I need it to show all records if left blank by the user.
I can achieve this but I cannot achieve it for more than one parameter.
How do I go about this?

Basically, if the user enters a value for the first parameter and enters nothing on the second one, i'd like to see all values for the first parameter

Using Combo Boxes as a Source for Parameter Queries
I often encounter a situation where I want to run a select (parameter) query on a particular table, but instead of having the user type in their own parameter, I'd like for them to be able to choose, from a combo box that auto-completes, the actual item in the underlying table, then use this string as the basis for the parameter query. I want to limit the parameters to already-extant items in the underlying table and so avoid close-but-not-exact matching problems by free-typing the parameter.