Hover effect on data in text fields

I need the hover effect on text fields on my main form. I cannot just use the "textcontroltip" because the hovertext must be the data written in the specific textfield.

It is fields on a form showing recipes on specific products (coatings), and at the time i started making the form, I didn't anticipate that some of the individual ingredients would have letters more than 14 letters. there is a simple solution... just extend the fields in width, but its not that easy because of the setup/design (there are approximately 100 fields on 7 different forms that are to be rearranged.. I thought perhaps some sql in the "textkontroltip", is that possible?

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Hover over button - Message
Is there any way to make a small text box appear when you hover over a button with your mouse? For example, I have a button with the "duplicate record" picture on it, but I would like a text box, or anything of the sort, to appear with "Duplicate Record" when I hover over the button.

message appears when hover over Command button
I would like it so when users hover over a command button a message appears.

The command prompts open up reports, but they have to put certain criteria in text boxes for this run. There are that many different reports with different criteria its hard for users to remember everything. So I thought when they hover over the command prompt that opens report a little message appears to tell them which criteria needs to be entered.

Hoover effect, is it possible ?
is it possible to have Hover effect in Access ?
I can use the OnMouseMove event to know when the mouse is over a control but not when the mouse leave.

are there any 3rd. party apps that can be used ?

importing excel text data into access memo fields
I have an excel spreadsheet that contains text data, large text fields that I want to import into access; however, as you know, access limits text fields to 255 characters. Is there vbcoding to do this? I have tried changing the table fields in access to memo but this changes back to text as soon as the data is imported.

Flyoutbox on hover in Access?

Is it possible to create a custom smart tag to be filled with data from another table. I have seen the microsoft smart tag sdk to create custom smart tags, but I don't think I can do that procedure. A good example of what I need is on this forms site if you hover over the thread title a flyout box pops up to show you more information. These are the tables I have that have the information I am dealing with for this issue:

Task_ID (Text) Narrative(Text)

Task_ID (Text) Maint_Funct (Text) MOS_ID (Text) Quantity(Number) Time(Number) DateTime(datetime)

On a form,form1 I have a listbox Listbox1 that sorts the Task_ID's and I have it setup for one selection at a time. Would I on a Got Focus event place a

Select Task_ID, Maint_Funct, MOS_ID, Time FROM Site_Visits
WHERE Task_ID = form!Listbox1 ""

Then have it display in a flyout box.how?

If there is no functionality in Access 2007, then thats cool too, it would be nice to see is all

Imported data not recognizing email address hyperlinks
I have a database that I import Excel data into. After importing, the email addresses do display as hyperlinks (the data type is hyperlink, and the text is blue with an underline), and they appear to act as a hyperlink - when I hover, the little pointing finger appears as I click the text.

The problem is that the text is not an actual hyperlink. After it's clicked, nothinghappens.

When I delete the imported hyperlink, and enter it manually, the hyperlink opens an email message and the address is inserted in the To: field.

Import all Fields as Text
I have about 30 text files with different number of fields. I am importing them with a script and I want to make sure all data is imported without data type errors (all files are comma deliminated without a field header). My solution is to import all fields as text. How can I accomplish this in VB? I created a import specification with a default of 150 fields all set to text but this did not work). I know one file has at least 70 fields, so I chose 150 to be on the safe side. Can this be accomplished?

Importing text data
I have a problem with MS Access. It goes like this

I have a text file in which records are updated say every 3 hours. Fields in this text file are separated by commas. I am importing these fields into MS Access 2007 using the external data text file mode.

I am able to import all the fields for the first time but when the text file is getting updated, the Access file also needs to get updated.

My other question is I have this text file on my C: and this access file takes in the data from the text file using the external data. Now say if I want to achieve portability in other words if I transfer these files to any other computer is there any way that Access can look for this particular file to import data without connecting to it explicitly everytime.

if so, I believe the second one can be taken care of later too.

VBA Type Mismatch for link criteria
I have the code below to open a pop-up form from within a form but whenever the code runs I get Run-time Error 13, Type Mismatch.Both the EnquiryCatergory and TenderRef fields are text fields as are the Descritpion and Tender fields so why would I get a ype Mismatch. Also when I debug the error and hover over each element I get the correct info shown i.e. Me![Description] = "Paving" and Me![Tender] = "11N216".

leading 'Zeros' in data
I have a table having different text field( about 12 fields). The data has been filled through a form. What I need is that export this data in text file for COBOL processing. But it requires fixed width of fields.

For example I entered the following data:

widht3 width10 width5
------- --------- -------
2 452 96

but it should store in table like

002 0000000452 00096

Command Button Hover Issues
I have quite a few of occurrences of this problem and can't figure it out. Last time I asked for help with a transparency issue it was addressed with some serious genius. Hoping for the same with this bug.

Either when I start access or hover over a few of my command buttons I get this. My properties are identical except the top margin. I have tried looking for a glow or shadow, but nothing is popping up. My database is 385mb in size running well within my allotted 6mb of RAM. I'm lost on this one

Multiple fields in text box
I have got a table with 5 fields of notes. Only up to 3 of the fields will have text in and I want to show only the fields with text in in 1 text box on a form.
I am currently using:

[notes1] + vbCrLf + [notes2] + vbCrLf + [notes3] etc.

but this shows the blank fields. Is there any way to exclude the blanks

Can Access 2003 show ControlTip Text without the mouse event
Is it possible to get a controltip text to show without user interaction or the mouse hover?

I am guessing no, but thought I would ask.

I would be willing to do a little Windows API stuff but not huge amounts

ControlTip Text Command
it seems "ControlTip Text" is not working in sub forms (excel like)? What other command can one use to alert or show a message to the user when they click or hover over that field

Importing into Table with Lookup Fields
I am trying to import data from an Excel file into a table that has a numb of lookup fields that are linked to other tables. The incoming data that corresponds to the lookup fields has the text value of the fields (e.g., company name , user name) and not the ID of the record that is stored in the target table. As a result the import process fails since Access is looking for the numeric value that points to the related record and not the text that is looked up.

Importing into Table with Lookup Fields
I am trying to import data from an Excel file into a table that has a numb of lookup fields that are linked to other tables. The incoming data that corresponds to the lookup fields has the text value of the fields (e.g., company name , user name) and not the ID of the record that is stored in the target table.

As a result the import process fails since Access is looking for the numeric value that points to the related record and not the text that is looked up.

Copy and Paste into Access 2007
I have a handheld that downloads data into a CSV file. I was copying the data into an access database. Certain fields and have text and/or numbers. While I was using Office XP this worked great after switching to office 2007 when I copy fields that have text in one row and numbers in the next, only the cells with numbers copy, the text just copies in blank fields. Any ideas or a fix for this

Preventing numbers from rounding up to the nearest whole number
I have several fields with combo box answers each answer being 3 digits long e.g. 3.25 and 2.25. I have the field data type to text for all the fields.

Will this have any effect when I am trying to carry out calculations.

Currently my expressions I am using to total these figures up and find the average isn't working. And along with this, they keep rounding up to whole numbers qwhen entered into the form which I dont want them to do. Even when I did change it to a number data type field and set it to having 2 decimal places, the numbers still remained to round themselves up

how to create unbound text-fields dynamically
How to create text-fields dynamically in a form using a VBA script.

my problem is: I have to create a multi dimensional control array (textfeilds) in a form to collect data and save it to a table, I tried several methods to create text-fields but couldn't make it.

Mouse Hover Feature in Access 2010?
I was wondering if there is a mouse hover feature in access since I don't see it in the list of properties?

what I'm trying to do:

I have a listbox that spits out results of a query. When a user hovers over a row from the listbox, I want it to POP OUT and enlarge so the user can see the whole row.

if not mouse over, how would I achieve this on double click? which in theory would achieve what I need, however when I tried it I got an error message saying zoombox doesn't work with the listbox.

I cannot format or change the listbox into another medium (textbox, subform, etc). it must stay as a listbox but my users need me to enlarge the data that they see in the row.