Hiding fields in a subform

I have a form with a category field on it. The value for the category is selected from a list. Depending upon which value is selected for the category I want to hide or make visible various fields on a subform. So for example: only if the category is "Service" do I want the "Qty" field to be visible on the subform. How

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Hiding Record in Report based on checkbox value - Access 2003
I'm new enough at Access 2003 but I have been tasked at work with making a licensing database. I have a main form, and on that form is a subform called "Remarks". I have a report to print off a licence for that particular person. What I want to be able to do is check a checkbox in my "remarks" subform that will hide that record on the report. I've tried hiding the individual fields off the record on the report using the visible tag but it's not ideal as it still leaves an empty white space where everything is hidden

Subform not displaying
I have a form (CourseTaken) that has a subform (UnitTotal). Everything is working except that the subform "detail fields" will not display until three fields have an entry though they do save the information.

The other problem is that the unittotal "footer field" will not display the total until all three fields contain a value.

all three fields are based on different queries (which is why the subform) with the control source as an overriding query UnitTotalAll which contains the three subqueries.

I tried putting the fields on the main form and using DLookup but could never get it to work.


How can I get the subform to display all the time? and the total to display when any one of the three has a value?

Subforms 101
I have just started using my first subform and I cannot seem to apply everything I have learnt up to this time when using the subform and main form

I figure it is the same problem however I am stuck on a number of things such as passing values to other forms, getting combo boxes to work, assigning values and code to the subform, hiding and showing the subform, etc

Previously I have been using code such as


Forms!frmSubForm1.Field1.Visible=True (to other forms or using value from other forms)

however these don't work when using a subform as it cannot find the form any quick advice as I think this may solve many of my subform problems.

I tried making the code public (removing private) but this didn't work

hiding a part of the listbox
here's what I want to do, I have a list box with data in it, what I want to do is, when I click on new, another set of fields would appear and like hide the other half of the list box till the new data is entered and show the other half again.

I think this is doable through subform but can this be done with grouping too?

Subform Issue
To put it very simply, I have created a form with a subform. The only reason I am using a subform is because I have too many fields and I need a "scroll box" within a set of tabs. I have found no other way to do it.

This method works great except for one scenario: adding records.

I have about 15 fields that I need to display, so the 15 fields are on a subform. The form and subform both reference the same table. The form is linked to the subform on its AutoNumber.

the subform doesn't seem to be linking to the newly created record and I am getting errors when adding values.

The form I am concerned with is called "SAMPLE RECORD." You will see that if you open it, it works like I want it to, but if you click the + to add a newrecord, if you start typing data in the subform I quickly get errors when exiting.

Prevent data field movement in subform
I would like to prevent movement of the category, axis, data and filter fields of a Pivot Chart in a subform. I do not want the user to tinker and begin moving data fields (e.g. SumofTotal).

The idea is for the user to view the displayed bar charts in this subform.

While the subform is based on a query, I do not see any property in design view that would stop a user from manipulating these fields.

What subform properties should I be using?

Editing Subform Data
I am trying to edit the fields in a subform, but it is not working. I checked all the property settings, and found out that the fields I want to edit were locked. I unlocked them, and verified the other properties.

I still can't edit the subform values. I can edit the values in the table, and the query.no problems there. I just can't do it in the subform! If I edit thevalues in the source query, I can view the changes in the subform, but can't actually make the changes from the subform.

Many-to-many relationships & webforms
Two of the tables will need to have a many-to-many relationship, and so will need a junction table that will contain just 3 fields (ID and the Primary key of each of the other tables).

I have no idea how to structure data entry forms for these tables, as I need to have Table 1 as the main table, with the other table included as a subform on which data can be added in many fields.

I've read that a subform within this type of relationship should be based on the junction table, but how do I then include the fields of the table it links with (the 3rd table) within the subform? There's little use for a subform that just contains ID fields.

The subform needs to accommodate a combo box, as well as yes/no & text fields, and the user will also need to be able to edit, add & remove data in the subform over time and it must retain links to the main form.

Hide Controls using VBA!
So I have several main forms which contain the same subform. This one subform contains ~4 Controls / Labels that are only necessary for one of the main forms. I'd like to hide them in all instances except when the main form is named "x".

I think hiding them is most efficient.

I've explored several variations of the below code with no effect what so ever. I've tried calling on the subform more specifically. (I.e. [Forms]![Main Form]![Subform]![Control Name].Visible = False)

Also, Should it work in this general format or do I need to specifically "call" on the Sub? For example, OnOpen, etc.

Editing Subform Data
I am trying to edit the fields in a subform, but it is not working. I checked all the property settings, and found out that the fields I want to edit were locked. I unlocked them, and verified the other properties. I still can't edit the subform values. I can edit the values in the table, and the query.no problems there. I just can't do it in the subform! If I edit the values in the source query, I can view the changes in the subform, but can't actually make the changes from the subform

Showing or Hiding Microsoft Access Subforms
You can hide or display a Microsoft Access subform in various ways, by using an event of the form or a form control, using a command button or using a toggle button.
In many cases, your computer monitor's screen estate may be at a real premium, with many elements and form controls vying for position. In this case, the simplest and most convenient solution may be to hide objects or controls until they are required.
This article shows a simple approach of hiding a Microsoft Access Sub Form if the object is not required.

How to reach through subform to underlying table?
With VBA I've learned to pull data from fields on my subform like this: sbfVendorDetail.Form.[Start Date]. However, fields such as the ID may not be on the subform since the user doesn't need to see it and it would take up space. Is there a way to read the ID field of the current record of the subform without putting the field on the form?

Entries not saved in fields
I have a subform with two unbound fields. One calculates expiry date and the other counts down the days to expiry. When I input into the form and subform, the fields work as they should but if I save, close out and come back in, the form fields are blank. How do I ensure the data remains visible in the fields

change recordsource on subform and show all fields
I have a form with a combobox where the user can make selections (select from approx. 40 queries). After making a selection, I want to have the results displayed on a subform. That subform is in Datasheet View, so the user will be able to change the widths of the columns etc.
The problem is that the queries have different number of fields, and the description is also different for every query.

Does someone know how I can create a subform where I can change the Record Source to another query and have al fields from that query displayed

subform not autopopulating
using access 2003; I have a subform that I want to autopopulate based combo box select id. ex. main form has invoice# and other data entry fields. I move to subform; select invoice # from combobox from previous records and I want multiple fields based on that record to autopopulate. I know how to make a field autopoplate on the main form but how do I do the same when I move to the subform. FYI. The subform is linked ( parent child) by the invoice number in the tables. Did I set up the subform wrong

SubForms to Parent
I have a parent form and a subform. When I complete all fields on the parent I go directly to the subform. But when I complete all fields on the subform and choose new record from the navagation bar my focus and cursor stays in the subform. I want it to goto the first field in the parent form. I've tried using the gotocontrol in the event procedures, but have struck out.

Stubbornly White Subform
My subform ,viewed in Design View, has a nice colored background. In Form View, that subform and all of its fields appear white. All the other fields in the main form display the correct background color. So what's wrong with my subform?

Subform field to be not visible if main form field = "No"
I have a main form called frm_MainPage and a subform called frm_CurrentClaims. The 2 are linked by fld_ClaimNumber & fld_SubClaimNumber (Child/Master).

All I want to be able to do is make a field on the subform fld_SubEscalatedTo 'not' visible when main form fld_EscalatedYN = "" or "No"

Some fields on the main form are the same as the subform fields because the subform is linked to excel spreadsheet. The subform sits exactly over the same fields of the main form so that it appears as though it's part of the main form.

The main form fields hide/display perfectly based on the fld_EscalatedYN, but for some reason I cannot get this to do the same thing for the subform field.

I have completed everything else in this database and it's driving me nuts

Referencing fields on a subform
I am trying to pull data in a subform to my report and all I am getting is "#Name?". I have no problems pulling the same fields from a main form.

I have tried it several different way.


Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I just recently moved to Access 2010 from 2003. Is there a different way of doing things

Editing data in a subform generated with a query
I am working with Access 2003 and have created a form with a subform in it. The multiple rows that appear in the subform are determined based upon two fields in the main form. It worksgreat, but I cannot edit the values in the subform.