Hide Navigation Pane in Access 2010

In Access 2010, pressing F11 will either maximise / minimise the navigation pane.
Is there a method to hide it completly?

I use this to show / hide the toolbar:

If pubShowRibbonBar = False Then
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes
End If

pubShowRibbonBar is set when the user logs in.

I need somthing like this to completly hide the navigation pane

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Navigation Pane won't hide
I have been trying to hide the navigation pane in my FE. I have unchecked the "Display Navigation Pane" in the Access Options but Alas, it is still there. It is an annoyance to myusers who don't need it how do I keep it from appearing?

Hide Navigation Page using VBA
I would like to expose the Navigation Pane when I run an MS Access 2007 database but hide it when other users run it.

I was hoping for

Application.SetOption "Hide Navigation Pane", true/false

But Access doesn't like this. What is the code I should use?

password for navigation pane
I have created a database being used by around 50 people. for security of forms and queries, I can hide the navigation pane through the office button > access options > current database > uncheck Display Navigation Pane. however, I need 3 people to have access to the navigation pane to be able to edit tables and create/edit queries. is there a way to set-up a password to activate the navigation pane?

Navigation pane wont hide when form is loaded
Everytime my form loads the navigation pane is visible. I have unchecked the Display Navigation Pane in .

Access Options>Current Database>Navigation>

Closed and re-started Access and its still there! Anyone had the same issues and know how to fix it ? Is there a VBA fix ?

Show or hide the Navigation Pane
By default, the Navigation Pane appears when you open a database in Microsoft Office Access 2007, even if the database was created in an earlier version of Access. In an open database, you can hide or show the Navigation Pane at any time. You can also set the default option in an open database so that the Navigation Pane does not appear the next time the database is opened.

F11 shows navigation pane. What key hides it?
If the navigation pane is hidden by default (File, Options, Current Database, Navigation, Display Navigation Pane is selected) users can still access it by pressing the F11 key.
What key will hide it again?

keep navigation pane locked after link table
I don't want users to have access to the navigation pane in a 2007 app. I have the option to show the navigation pane unchecked, but that doesn't hide it. So, I'm locking the navigation pane when the main form opens with this code:

DoCmd.LockNavigationPane True

From time to time, the app will create a new table in a remote mdb and then link to that table with:

DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink, "Microsoft Access", DbPath, acTable, strTblName, strTblName

When that occurs, the navigation pane becomes visible. How can I permanently lock the navigation pane as I could in previous versions of Access

Access 2010: How to keep Nav Pane hidden
Q. In Access 2010, how do you stop a hidden Navigation Pane from being unhidden?

These things I know:
- In MS Access you can hide the Navigation Pane to prevent users from getting to the form objects etc.
- This setting can be bypassed by holding SHIFT while opening the database.
- There is code that can disable the bypass key (the SHIFT key).

In MS Access 2007 this works fine. You can't get to the Options to turn the Nav Pane back on.

But now comes my problem: In Access 2010, the File menu is still visible, which has the 'Privacy Options' available. This lets the user go in and switch the Nav Pane back on again.

How do I stop this in Access 2010? I either need to remove the File menu, or remove the Privacy Options item from it

Navigation Pane
I am trying to control the Navigation Pane to hide or minimise it. How is this done in VBA?

The only Navigation Pane Objects I can find are for Outlo

Hide the Navigation Pane in Access 2007
Starting in Access 2007, the traditional database window has been replaced with a window on the left-hand-side called a Navigation Pane.
There are different ways that the Navigation Pane can be hidden in Access 2007. We'll go through the options from the easily method to the most difficult.

Take charge of your database with the Navigation Pane
Learn how to use the Navigation Pane, a powerful tool that helps you make sense of and run your database.
After completing this course you will be able to:
1)Open and close the Navigation Pane, and open objects for use.
2)Sort the tables, forms and other database objects in the Navigation Pane.
3)Change viewing options.
4)Use the categories and groups that organize the objects in the Navigation Pane.
5)Hide objects and groups.
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7)Use Search to find objects in a large database.

Toggle Main Access 2010 Navigation Pane Off/On [Hotkey]
Since main navigation bar containing your database elements takes much space on screen, Access 2010 lets user quickly hide/unhide it through a simple hotkey combination.

Why can't I permanently hide the navigation pane?
I have split my database.
On the front end I have gone in (using the windows Icon>>Access options>>>current database) and taken out the ribbons and the navigation pane and then converted it to an accde.
I thought that this was supposed to lock down any design changes, but I have found that you can simply go back in through the windows Icon and reset the navigation pane to show again.
I do not want my users being able to double click on any tables and work from the table itself. How can I permanently lock down the navigation pane in my front end, so that the users will never be able to access it?

Banish the Access 2010 Navigation Pane!
I've been writing and developing Access applications starting with Access 97. I was recently "upgraded" from Access 2003 to Access 2010, and I've got a nagging, persistent issue with the user interface:

I depend on forms, menus, etc. to hide the underlying tables, queries, reports, etc. from the end user. Up until A2010 I could set things so that these things were not shown. With A2010 it seems to be different.

While the application starts up "normally", showing my startup form, when the application imports a table -- either from another Access MDB file or a dBase file --the @)!*(%$ Navigation Pane pops up on the left-hand side of the screen, showing the stuff end-users should not be exposed to!

How can the Navigation Pane be taught to behave itself, and NOT crash the party like an uninvited guest?

Make a database easier to use by customizing and controlling the Navigation Pane
You can improve the usability of a database by customizing and controlling the contents and organization of the Navigation Pane. Custom navigation can help improve efficiency by grouping, highlighting, or hiding objects. This article documents ways that you can customize and control the Navigation Pane to improve usability by making it easier for users to find just the database objects they need to use.
This article does not document database security features, such as encrypting a database with a password. For more information, refer to the See Also section.
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* Overview
* Before you begin
* Customize the Navigation Pane
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Banish the Access 2010 Navigation Pane
Pure and simple: How do I PERMANENTLY stop the Navigation Pane from popping up when a table is imported from another Access file?

I'd really rather not have this visible to the end-users of my applications

Macros disabled by hiding shutterbar
I use VBA in User Login to set access level and to hide the left side "shutterbar" and ribbon bars too - so that some users are limited to only do what won't confuse them or allow them to do dammage. When I place this line: DoCmd.SelectObject acTable,, True in the login I see the shutterbar (navigation pane) which is great. but when I comment it out so that the shutterbar (navigation pane) disappears (like I want) THEN a macro inside the app throws an error that the macro is not available, of something to that effect. What do I need to do to hide nagivation pane yet still be able to use macros in my app

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Starting in Access 2007, the traditional database window has been replaced with a window on the left-hand-side called a Navigation Pane.
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Navigation Pane Question
I recently upgraded to Access 2010 from 2003.

In 2003, my navigation pane to displayed the details of each object horizontially like below.

In 2010 the detail view looks like this.

Is there any way to switch the view back to the older layout where everything was layed out horizontal instead of vertical

Can't See The Navigation Pane
here and new to MS Access.

I've inherited a 2007 Access file which opens with a switchboard by default with no visible Navigation Pane.

I've tried going to File -> Options -> Current Database -> and the 'Display Navigation Pane' is checked. After clicking the 'Navigation Options.' button I've made sure the 'Show Hidden Objects' is checked and still nothing.

I want to view the tables so I can export the data and start fresh in a Access 2010 file