Grow text box on form with focus

I have a subform set up in continuous forms.

I usually have only a few words to put in a "notes" field. But sometimes, I need to enter an explanation, and then look back and review it later.

I would like to have the text box expand to view all the text when I click on the field (got focus?) and then return to it's original size when I leave the field.

If I make the height on the text box bigger, it takes up too much real estate on my form. I would like it to pop open or zoom and then return to normal.

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Text box resize horizontally
Is there a way to have a text box that will resize itself horizontally depending on the size of the data? The can grow property allows it to grow vertically which I don't want. If there isnot an easy way to do it I would imagine there would be a way to do it with VBcode.

txtbox moves everything else down
In my report if I have a text box that has 10.1' and the size of the textbox is too short so it appears like this:
The problem is it moves everything else down on the page. I am aware of limiting characters. I have the setting "Can Grow" set to yes, what I want is for the text box to grow horizontally and not vertically

Preventing a control from losing focus
I am currently working on a project where I am using a bar code scanner that enables people to scan their employee ID and another bar code from a piece of paper. The scanner scans the code to a text box that has focus.

However afterwards the text box loses focus and I can't set the focus to the text box in its lostfocus() event.

I am working with Microsoft Access 2003.

Can Grow/Shrink
does this only apply to BOUND textboxes?

I tried adding an unbound text box (for a compamy name and address) - but it didnt grow with the data.

I found the help a little unclear

Gridlines that can grow
I have 10 fields in a report, all with thin solid lines around each field to form a grid (similar to an Excel spreadsheet). Most of the fields will never grow as the data is something simple (date, yes/no etc), however a couple fields are allowed to grow depending on how much text is in them.

The fields are able to "grow" however the "grid" loses it's formating when one fields grows and the others stay the same.I have set all the fields to grow, didn't work. I though maybe by grouping all the field together they would be forced to grow to the largest field but there doesn't seem to be an option for this?

On Focus Open Form????
I have a "Master Form" where I enter models onto a table. I also have a text box on that form that (on focus) it opens another form showing all the "regular wheel boxes" that are available for that model. I would like to set this up so that (on focus) it will open the "regular wheel boxes" form when the "catagory" for the model is set to "regular wheel" if the "catagory" field shows "yesteryear" then I want it to open the "Yesteryear boxes" form. I know this might be a little confusing but to break it down:

Master Form - Catagory = Regular Wheel (text box on focus opens Regular Wheel Box Form)

Master Form - Catagory = Yesteryear (text box on focus opens Yesteryear Box Form)

Master Form - Catagory = Superfast (text box on focus opens Superfast Box Form)

I have a few more catagories but this should get you the gist of what I am trying to do

Moving Focus From Radio Button After Selected
I have a form with two radio buttons in an option group, a combo box, and several text fields. The selected radio button together with the data typed or selected in the combo box drop down are used to create a query to populate some of the text fields elsewhere in the form.

When the form is opened, a default radio button is selected, and focus is on the combo box where the user enters the first data. The problem I'm trying to solve is that, when the user selects the 2nd radio button, focus remains there, and they have to click or tab to the combo box to continue data entry. I would like to programatically move focus back to the combo box when the other radio button is selected so that they can continue from there.

Should be simple, I though, but can't figure out how to do that. Using SetFocus to move focus back to the combo box when either radio button is clicked (OnGotFocus) doesn't work

Finally got my subReport to grow and shrink!
I've been fighting with this thing for a while, searching all over the internet, and I finally stumbled onto the solution with random clicking

I'm using Access 2010 and I needed a report in my navigation form, but I wanted the user to be able to filter from an unbound text box and click a button to open the report in print preview.
I finally went with a form containing a subreport and the text box and buttons. It worked ok, but the subreport wouldn't grow or shrink.

I finally got it to work by changing the Vertical Anchor property for the subreport control to "Both".

Hope this helps someone out there

Set focus on first text box on first tab page and go to next record
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a form with a main tab box (created with a tab control) with multiple tab pages. When the user is on the last text box on the last tab page and presses the tab key, how can I set the focus to the first text box on the first tab page and go to the next record in the form?

Changing focus on a form
I have a search form that has:
1) combo box displaying the different fields that can be searched.
2) a text box used to enter a string to be searched for in the chosen field
3) a command button that executes the search

What I would like to know is how do I change the focus to the text box after making a choice in the combo box, and then be able to hit Enter to activate the command button.

Can grow and white spaces
I have a report that has can grow set to yes, but when it does grow. the other fields in the row don't grow. Instead they leave an empty white space under them

Datepicker set to short date: displays time?
Using Access 2007. Have an unbound text box set up to use the datepicker. Works fine but as soon as I click on the text box and it gets the focus, both the date AND the time are displayed in it until the box loses focus, at which time just the short date is displayed as per the format property setting. Does anyone know of a way for the text box to show the short date all the time, not just when the box does not have the focus

unbound text box filter by form on Split Form
I have a split form, with several unbound text boxes, which I would normally use as a filter by form type function. the query has criteria bound to these text boxes.

My problem is that I cannot seem to get the mouse to focus on the unbound text boxes on this split form. when I click in the unbound filter by form text box, the focus immediately moves to the first text box that is bound to data on the form.

Then I will try recreating my split form in a different way. if it is a problem, If perhaps a split form cannot have any unbound data entry controls on it, then I could create a form with the search criteria on, and keep the forms separate. If I was to do this, though I would like to 'dock' this form at the top of the window, and then have the split form 'dock' underneath, as if there was an application level window splitter control. Another option might be to put the filter by form text boxes in the ribbon, and I have added some stuff here, but I am unsure how I might refer to the control in a query criteria.

Variable width text box
I'm using Access 2010. Is there a property to make the width of a text box grow to whatever the length of the text? I know about the Can Grow property, but that only controls the height of the text box.

I'm trying to make a sub-report to list the contents of a field separated by commas, such as: Abcd, 12345678901234567890, 1234567890.

Basically, I want the contents of that field displayed in a sentence-type fashion, separated by commas.

I've tried a 5 column report that goes Across the page, but the length of our data varies from 4 characters, to about 100 characters. A list of all the data is what I'd like to get.

grow text box horizontally
I have a report where I need to insert a currency value into a sentence. Right now, I have a label that says "Please submit the commission amount of " then a text box that shows the amount, then another label with "to the following address." The problem is, depending on the amount of the commission, there is either not enough room for the entire amount to show, or there is toomuch extra space in the sentence to make it look right.

I know there is the "Can Grow" property, but that only seem to work vertically, not horizontally. Is there another way I could dothis?

Changing the format in a text box
I have an issue that is driving me nuts. I have a report that is printing out what is called a "talker". It prints out in 2 columns and and 2 rows so that is 4 per page. The issue I am having is there is a text box that has information in it. That info is different per "talker" and depending on the length of characters in that text box, I want the font to grow or shrink so that it covers most of that text box. I have tried a few different solutions but nothing is working 100%. If any one has any suggestions, I would be very grateful

Text is cut in memo datatype textbox in Report
Here's another issue with Access 2007. I have a subform that have two group headers; Branch_Name and Commit_ID. The Detail of the subform have four columns; Section (Text), Date Completed(Date), Action Progress (Memo), Action Location (Memo).

The issue that I am having right now is that text that is in the Action Progress field is being cut. I set the Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box and the Detail as YES and it did not solve the problem.

Then, I set Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box as YES and NO, respectively, and the Detail as YES for both cases, and it did not solve the problem either.

Using the keystroke
A requirement of my current db is that when the user reaches the last text box on the form, they need to press the enter key. How do I code it so after they've entered some data, if theypress any key other than the return key, it stops all the other events within this text box and it resets the focus to this text box.

Form Focus?
I have a very simple program. 2 tables and 1 form. The form is used to look up and display data from the tables. I set the form up to be a popup and I minimize the Access database with [DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdAppMinimize].

I also set the focus to the input textbox since it is the only box that can be typed into. Everything works great. The cursor shows up and blinks in the input textbox, but when I try to enter something in the input textbox nothing happens. The form does not have focus so the typing does not show up until I click on the form or the textbox with the mouse and the form regains focus.

I have tried everything I can think of to get the form to have focus when it pops up but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is it just a pipedream on my behalf?

detail.height not to shrink after accommodate a large text box
Have set detail.height in OnOpen event of report. Have set Detail to can grow/can shrink. Have set text boxes in Detail section to can grow/can shrink. Have set detail.height in OnFormat event of detail section.

However, after the first time the detail section needs to grow (which it does OK) it does not shrink back for other records displayed in Detail section. LIne height is changing as it should,but not Detail section height.