Google Maps

I have a DB for our Church Hamper Service and I need to be able to check addresses using Google maps or something similar, I have searched the Forum but can't find what I need. Using MS Access 2010

I want to be able to lookup the addresses of a client but find a route, we just need to confirm the address as we are a fixed point i.e. everything is sent from us.

Also want to keep as simple as possible as some of the volunteers are not computer literate.

The DB will be used by up to 8 people per month and I have checks in place to stop any deletions etc

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google maps hyperlink for access
I am attempting to create a formula with the data setup in the field below to view in Google maps. I have thousands of addresses that I need to reference with google maps.

Downing Street 107 Buffalo New York
Cell A Downing (Street Name)
Cell B Street (Street Type)
Cell C 107 (Address Number)
Cell D Buffalo (City)
Cell E New York (State)

Hyperlinking is for the birds :)
I have been using hyperlinks like this

="" & [FIRST NAME] & " " & [BUSINESS NAME] & " " & [CITY] & " " & [STATE]

However, I have realized this is not my best method. With some of my detailed searches I run into the problem that the url does not display the fields.

If I open google maps and try a search for "Texas" the url remains instead of I believe this is called a static page.

How can I learn how to command Access to input fields into a search box and press enter. I know it doesn't actually do all of that, but you get the point.

I have tried using the search feature and google, but I don't even know the technical terms

Extracting and Combining data from different Fields
In Field1 I have a Web Browser Control link:, 27.111767&num=1&vpsrc=0&t=k&z=15&output=embed

In Field2 I have a GPS co-ordinate:
-24.396769, 26.111767

In Field3 I want to combine the link in Field1 and the data in Field2 replacing co-ordinates in BOLD.

In other words the data in Field3 should look like this:, 26.111767&num=1&vpsrc=0&t=k&z=15&output=embed

15 tabbed subforms / google maps Access 2007
I am modifying an Access 2007 database "Transport company".this database built by someone else, there is a Truck schedule form with 15 tabs, corresponding to 15 trucks. I have imported a google maps module, so when I click on the command button "Map" it takes the address of the customer selected and inputs these values into the google map form, up comes the map.

However, this works fine for the subform selected, but, I need to pass the information independently to the form from all 15 subforms, right now it is tied to the "1st" subform, keeps these values when bringing the map up

Macro or formula for google map hyperlink
I am attempting to create a formula (macro) with the data setup in the fields below to view in Google maps. I wrote a simple one that works in excel, but will not copy to access. I have thousands of addresses that I need to reference with google map. I would appreciate any help to get me through this project. Thanks in advance. Tom

Cell A Downing (Street Name)
Cell B Street (Street Type)
Cell C 107 (Address Number)
Cell D Buffalo (City)
Cell E New York (State)

embedded image from Web
I'm trying to create a report that would use a static map image from Google Maps on each page of the report. I use some GPS coordinates from the database to help generate a URL to show the image from Google in a Web Browser ActiveX control.

Is there a way I can use this ActiveX control on a Report? It works fine in a form.

Or any other solutions to this?

Access Google Maps?
I have this database. how can I create more adresses in the form. to display 100 adresses

How to plot entire column's data not just first record.
I have to following code which works well for the first record in subform "By_Date_To_Award_Form" column "meetloc".

strSearch = Me!By_Date_To_Award_Form.Form.meetloc
Application.FollowHyperlink "" & strSearch & "&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr"

How do I get it to plot all the records in the column "meetloc"? There may be up to 10 records

Using Google Earth in Access
I would like to enter GPS coordinates into a form / table and by pushing a command button, open a screen that displays a google map or opens google earth at that coordinate. Can someone

Microsoft web browser ole class object : form vs report
What the difference is between 'microsoft web browser' ole class object embedded in a microsoft access form and 'microsoft web browser' ole class object embedded in a report.

this code works fine :

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
gmap.Navigate URL:="" & latitude & "," & longitude & "&zoom=14&size=512x512"
End Sub

this one does not at all :

Private Sub Report_Activate()
gmap.Navigate URL:="" & latitude & "," & longitude & "&zoom=14&size=512x

Travelling with Malta and fuel consumed?
Within Report named Distance By Locality, I would like to add a field, which calculates estimate fuel consumed according to table DistanceByLocality and prices updated within table FuelPrice.

I would also like to find a way of refreshing the distances through Google Maps, Sharepoint etc,

Database is available at [LINK]

Complex query system for map database
Here goes. I have an access database full of maps, and in the table system they are categorized by Country, Edition, Type, Scale, Grid, Date, Quantity, etc. I'm doing this under orders from a superior, and what he wants is a system set up so that any user can visit a web page and type information into set fields, and pull up all applicaple results. I.e., if a user were to type in "India" into the country field, then it would present them with a list of all maps of any location in India. If they typed in "Australia" into country and "<100" into the quantity field, it would show all maps of which there are less than 100 in our inventory. I don't really know where to get started on this, and I don't want to begin adding hundreds upon hundreds of maps to my database before I figure this thing out

Changing what is displayed on main form when subform is closed
I am working on an Access database that contains a table called "Maps" and another called "Products".

The main form lists the "maps" from a selected "product".

I have built another form that opens as a dialog box from the main form, that allows the user the duplicate "maps" from an existing product into a brand new product. When the user closes this form I'd like the main form to automatically open the new "product" that was just created.

Floor Maps
At my company we track all rooms of all offices in our database. I have 2 tables for this, tblOffices and tblLocations. tblOffices is the 10 offices in our company and tblLocations is, more or less, the rooms in each office. We also have floor maps for each of these locations. It's not uncommon for rooms to be repurposed but we give them names descriptive of what the room is used for. As a result, whenever a room gets repurposed I need to update both the floor maps and the database. Is there anyway to combine these steps? Say by having a report that takes the names of all the locations in an office and lays it over a jpeg of the floor map?

Hyperlink created in Access does not function when printed to pdf
I have a database in Access 2007 in which I created a field that hyperlinks to Google Maps for an office location. In Access database, the hyperlink works perfectly. When I print the report to Adobe PDF, the link cannot be accessed. I have a similar field that opens our e-mail program and generates an e-mail. THAT works, but the hyperlink does not.

show mileage from google map
I want to add a field to my access form which is linked to Google Map with our office location set as default location and the field will shows mileage to the client address.I know I can use a code to link to google map, but all I am interested in is the mileage # from our location to the client location.

hyperlinks from excel to access
I am trying to import hyperlinks. Apparently it is not possible to import hyperlinks from excel to access with just the normal wizard. I have tried different techniques such as saving the excel file as a tab delimited file or adding # signs to the fields prior to import to access. The problem is that the links are behind a word. For example the field could have the word "google" and that would direct you to I think in order for the # signs to work, in excel it would have to be, except for me it imports as #google#. That is just an example to illustrate my issue. In reality there will be a number such as 00010122009 and that number will link to a website.

Is there any way that I could get the hyperlinks that are behind those words to transfer as hyperlinks instead of text?

TextBox to show display text for a hyperlink
My problem is that I am making a form that takes data from one table where the field is a hyperlink and I'm putting that hyperlink as a string in a textbox on a form. The problem is that the string displays the value as display name#URL. for example: I only want it to display the display name (google). This is the code I'm using

Access-to-Google Earth .. converting to KML
Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to export coordinates from Access to Google Earth?

Restrict use
Can someone tell me, I have a human resourse data base that I have created. I have certain reports that only management needs to view. is there any way to make just those reports accessible by a login without affecting the main user access?

I have tried looking it up in google, but I have not found an answer. I have never had any formal triaining, everything I have learned about access I have done by trail, error, and google.