Access 2010 Getting Started in Access

In this lesson, you will familiarize yourself with the Access environment, including the Ribbon, the Backstage view, the Navigation Pane, the Document Tabs bar, and the Record Navigation bar. You will also learn how to navigate with a navigation form, if your database includes one.

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Access 2010 User Groups
I have recently started to build a new database using Access 2010 and have now found that the UserGroups have been taken away, and I was wondering if there is a way to set permissions from a table to allow certain users access to certain parts of the database, mostly all form access and then run reports.

Does anyone have an ideas and possible sample they might share to get me going.

Access 2010 adp bugs
I had a working adp that started life in Access 2003, was successfully upgraded to Access 2007, and has now been "upgraded" to Access 2010. A number of issues have arisen, all of which seem like Access 2010 bugs to me.

The Access 2007 version and the Access 2010 version are both connecting to the same SQL Server 2008 database. The issues only exist in Access 2010.

* A form which used Me.OrderBy to sort the recordsource crashed Access 2010 after working fine in Access 2003 and 2007.
* Settings for a form's InputParameters which worked fine in Access 2003 and 2007 now crashed Access 2010.
* Access 2010 incorrectly decided that a foreign key id field in a form "cannot be updated because it is an autonumber". In this particular case, the problem does NOT occur if the record source is "Select P.* From dbo.Payment P", which is the table containing an actorID foreign key.

Access 2010 auto insert from field above issue
I have just upgraded to office 2010 and I have noticed that in my Access Database, that it no longer auto inserts the next value in sequence in a column of records -

I am a basic user - no programming involved.

Basically, prior to Access 2010 if I had a entered information via a query, and one of the columns was a blank field. If I started the 1st record with say 101 and then cursored down to the same field in the next record and entered 102, a further scroll down would automatically add 103 and so forth.

Access 2010 does not perform this natively - and I have been using Access since Version 1 and it is the 1st time I have come across this.

I could not locate anything in the (very limited) Access Help and I cannot explain why this has changed.

Object spacing tools broken in Access 2010
I have recently installed and started using access 2010. So far I like it a great deal better than 2007, however I encountered a pretty nasty problem. When designing my forms, I rely heavily on the Size/Space tools to organize and align my objects. The spacing tools however seem to be broken, particularly the Horizontal once. In access 2007, I could select a number of controls, hit Equal Horizontal, and have the horizontal distance between the objects the same. Then I would use Increase/Decrease Horizontal to further tweak it. In Access 2010, none of this seems to work. Can anybody using Access 2010 confirm that this is indeed a bug, and if so what are some potential workarounds

Saving Access 2010 database to Access 2007
I started database in Access 2007, then I upgrade my Office to 2010. Now my upgraded database doesn't work in Access 2007. And what is worse, there is no option in 2k10 to save "in Access 2k7 mode"

Access 2007 or 2010 Trial Download.
Have tried to find a 2007 or 2010 Microsoft Access download trial edition, but no luck, I have two computers, one with IE and the other has WIN 7 64 Bit. I went to Microsoft links and tried one to get Access 2007, but it sent me to a 2010 Office download link.

I just need a 2007 or 2010 edition so I can try it out and then buy it if it suits my needs. executeable file download and a microsoft product key so I can get started.

Access 2007 reading Access 2010 DB
I started working on a database with Access 2007. My office 2007 got corrupted and my IT department installed office 2010 on my computer. I continued to work on the database in 2010. When I went to use someone else computer whom has 2007 I a database engine error message that " a minimum required version to read the data is 14.0.0000.0000

Access 2010 - runtime error 3170 Could not find installable ISAM
I am running Office 2010 under Windows XP SP3 and I am getting the above error while exporting data from Access to Excel via a VBA routine. It worked fine in Access 2000 but since upgradingto Access 2010, I have started to get the erro "Could not find installable ISAM".

I am using a statement that starts DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel3

If I change it to acSpreadsheetTypeExcel5 (or later) then it works fine but 3 or 4 brings up the installable ISAm error.

Access 2010 stability
We are trying to decide between reworking our FE/BE Access 2002/2003 database in Access 2010 or SQL backend and Access front end. My prior experiences with Access 2002 was when the database bloated to about 100mb, it started having problems corrupting records and became unstable.

I spoke with a gentleman the other day that stated Access 2010 is much more stable at larger sizes than prior versions. We are not running millions of records. Right now our database is fine but we have changed how we analyze data and some of the work previously done outside the database will now be done inside the database increasing the number of records significantly.

My concern is we put in a bundle of time now and in a year or so the database becomes unstable and we then need to migrate to SQL Server

How create query in SQL in Access 2010
I just started using Access 2010 and so far I hate it with a passion. Why did they have to completely change the user interface? How do I create or update a query in SQL mode. I don't see any option to do that.

Access 2010: Write error on subform after upgrade to 2010 from 2007
It's complex--a main form with subforms that are writing to the same record as the main form. This week, two of us upgraded to Access 2010, while the remainder of the team stayed on Access 2007.

Suddenly, what has worked for years is producing a write error--only for the two of us on Access 2010. All others continue to work as they have been.

We are not accessing the same record at the same time. But in one of the subforms (that primarily creates records for a related table), when it attempts to write a new value into a field that is part of the main record, it gives the error: This record has been changed by another user since you started editing it, and forces you to save the record,write it to the clipboard, or drop the changes.

I have read other complaints about this and I've kept trying the things suggested--with either no success or the creation of new problems. The assertions that Access 2010 has not changed anything in this respect is very frustrating to those of us who know for certain that something has changed--even if it's just a setting...

Menu bar issue in Access 2010
We have migrated Access 2003 to Access 2010. After migrated, MenuBar are displaying under Add-Ins Ribbon in Access 2010 which is not available in Access 2003. (Note : MenuBars are created using Macros)
Can anyone provide the possible solution to display only MenuBar in Access 2010?

Installing Access 2003 with Office 2010 already installed
I have all of Office 2010 installed and everything works. But now I need to run an old Access 2003 application that chokes with Access 2010 in place. Can I install my older version of Access (I have Office 2003 on disk but not on my computer) without uninstalling Access 2010 or Office 2010. I want to have both versions of Access on my machine.

Not able to build an ADP in MS Access 2010
I have a ADP project in MS Access 2003,I have migrated this application to MS Access 2010. After doing few code changes it is working fine in MS Access 2010, but we are facing issue in building the MS Access 2010 ADP.

I am able to import the Forms,Modules and On selecting the run macros to Initialise the Database in MS Access 2010(while building ADP),it is giving runtime error'29060'"file not found".

Getting started with Access 2007
There are several ways that you can get started with Microsoft Office Access 2007, depending on whether you are using Access for the first time, moving data from another database or spreadsheet program into Access, or upgrading from a previous version of Access. This article covers questions that are likely to arise in each of these situations.

Access 2010 Startup Form - hide ribbon
In the process of converting Access 2000 to Access 2010. The following did work in Access 2010.
For the developer - opening up Access with the shift key still hides the ribbon. Added a module and code so the menus open for the developer.

Access 2010
Access Options - Current Database - Display Form
In the Display Form's Load Event

Access 2010 to Access 2003
I have been reading for what seems like forever but haven't seen the exact words I need to in order to make a decision. I am trying to decide between Office 2007 and Office 2010. I am wondering if Access 2010 can open, use, and save Access 2003 *.mdb file format.

I have found the following quote and when reading its suggestion it would lead me to believe it would but then there is that little warning that "Because Access 2010 has many similarities with Office Access 2007, such as the same native file format," I'm not totally convinced.

Migration considerations
When you plan a migration to Access 2010, changed, and removed for Access 2010. Because Access 2010 has many similarities with Office Access 2007, such as the samenative file format, you can also review and use the existing migration documentation for Office Access 2007 when you migrate to Access 2010.

So my question is can Access 2010 open, use, and save databases in the Office 2003 file format?

quick access toolbar for Access 2007/2010 runtime
I'm deploying an Access 2003/2007 project to a mixed environment of users -- some have Access 2003 full version, some Access 2007, some Access 2010, some Access 2010 runtime. I there a way to have one project that will display a Quick Access toolbar that has a couple of basic items on it? E.g. a button for Form View, one for Datasheet View, one for Print.

This was easy with Access 2003, and I can customize the toolbar for people with full Access 2007 or 2010. But I'm stumped on Access 2010 runtimes.

I looked into custom ribbons, but they seem to only work with Access databases, not projects.

create a calendar from scratch using vba in access 2010?
I would like to create a similar scheduling system using access vba based on the link below. Is it possible to create such a system on ms access 2010. I know this can be achieved on access 2007, but I'm not sure that if I created it in access 2007 and then migrated it into access 2010 it will appear.

Is this possible to do and transpose it into access 2010? If so, how can thisbe done? Or can it be done programmatically via the date picker?[LINK]

Save a access 2010 db as 2007 db
I have a db in access 2010 (used to be 2007). The invoice report works OK if opened in 2007, but not in 2010.

The 2010 file was password protected and would not let me save as until the password was removed. I have now been able to remove the password, but still can't save it in2007 format.

I just installed Access Professional 2010 and the report works fine. So, no idea why it does not work in access 2010 non professional. Access 2010 is used by the Community Association and I am trying to help them get the Invoice Report to work correctly. In the report the $ amounts are showing as #Type or # error(only in 2010)