Getting a #size error

I'm making a form. There are three subforms in it, all with unbound text boxes that calculate the sum of one of the columns. In the main form, there's then an unbound text box which sums those three subtotals.

It works fine as long as none of the values are null. If one's null I get a #type error, so I changed the formula to

=Nz([Labor_WIP subform].[Form]![LaborWIPSubtotal],0) Nz([Vehicle_WIP subform].[Form]![KMWIPSubtotal],0) Nz([EquipmentWIP subform].[Form]![EquipmentWIPSubotal],0)

But now I'm getting a #size error instead. Again, it works fine, as long as there are no null's in there, but a null throws it off.

Or what even causes a #size error?

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Access 2003 Run time error 2465
I'm on a Naval ship that still uses access 2003. I was trying to fit more lines on one page, so I set the margins at the lowest size then tried to changed the font size past the lowest given font size by manually entering 6.

when I tried to print again, I was given this run time error 2465.

After error database have less size
I'm using Access 2007. I was using the database and an error occurred. Not a programming error, but access error, the one that tells you to Send a Report.
"Backup and Send a Report".

So, after that I have in my folder database_backup.mdb with 9,75 Mb and database.mdb with 3,9 Mb. Seems to be the same exact database. Same number of records, etc, so why the size is so different

The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the
I am getting an error message: "The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the maximum size of a database (2GB) or there is not enough temporarystorage space on the disk to store the query result"
There are a total of four querys in the file but the forth one is the only query that gives me the error message. I have been using this query for about two years and this is the first time this has happened.

No changes have been made to the query and I have plenty of room on my Tb hardrive.

Subform Foot Sum Resulting in #Error
I had a working form but then my client asked for the form to be changed and with those changes my subform is not summing the totals in the footer properly. It is giving me a #Error message. My line total is working fine with the formula =([Size]*[Price])*[Qty] but when I enter =Sum(([Size]*[Price])*[Qty]) it is giving me the error.

I have included a Access 07 demo database to better view the issue.

Database Size
We are using Access 2003 with a FE/BE application. FE size is 94M backend size is 384M. We import nightly from excel to the BE db which then increases the BE db size alot, so we compact/repair right after the import.

We have read that each db can be up to 2G. So we're not in trouble yet but would like to know:

1) Is there a way to stop the db inflation during the import?
2) What size of db should we start getting concerned over? 1G? 1.6G? other?
3) Will archiving data from the tables (then deleting it) help significantly to reduce the db size?
4) If yes to #3 - is there a way to find the tables causing the biggest useage

Set Excel Page Size to A3
I'm creating Excel File Dashboard from MS Access VBA and trying to setup the page size to A3 using below code:


While setting up the page size to A4 I'm getting error if printer is not installed. I want to set the page size to A3 whether printer is not installed because Excel Dashboard is generatedin Network drive and from there user will print the dashboard.

Any idea how to set the page size to A3 without installing the printer.

Serious Access Error, How to Recover?
How do I recover my database with the following error message?

"Microsoft office access has detected that this database is in an inconsistent state"
I cannot open the database what so ever and the size is now 2GB, size compacted is 400mb.

I am using Access 2007, but the database I created is in 2003 format

Nutty error
I've got a db in Access97 running on XP. It's 90Mb in size, with 100K records. Most of the data is in one table, with a few ancilliary lookup tables.

When I try and change the field size on any text fields, I get an odd error message on saving. It doesn't matter whether I'm increasing or decreasing the size.

"Microsoft Access can't change the data type.

There isn't enough Disk Space or Memory"

Disk space isn't a problem, there's 15gb free on a 27Gb network partition. And my PC is fine, it's a dual core with 2Gb.

If I reduce the size of the text field I get the message that data may be truncated as you would expect, and then the message. There's no way that reducing the size of a field should give that message.

The field isn't linked via a relationship to anything, it's a free text comment field.

I've tried backing up the Db and compacting, as that usually sorts weird errors out, but not this time

Make combo box update a field no matter which order you enter it?
I have found a little trip-up in my otherwise terrific database. When you go on a form to enter order details, you first choose a CLASS and then you choose a SIZE. When doing this in that order, a third combo box automatically populates with the item number (COMMODITY_NUM).

If you make an error and change the SIZE, the COMMODITY_NUM will update itself. However, if you made an error to the CLASS and go back to change it after you have already entered a size, the COMMODITY_NUM will not update, and it ends up storing the wrong information. Can someone tell mewhat to do to my code to fix it?

list box size restraints
Win 7 32 bit pro, Access 2003. I have a list box with 404 rows, total size of the value list I am using for the rowsource is 42,059 characters. I get Error 2176, The setting for this property is too long. What are themaximum for the number of rows and length of the value list used to populate the list box? Google tells me max rows is about 65K, no mention of value list size.

Minimum and maximum qbe query
Extracting data in a report by size. Using the query grid, not writing SQL statements.

Don't need to list every size, just the smallest size and the largest size - I'm using Min/Max in two separate columns to show the smallest size and the largest.

The database has a numeric sort code ("size"), they want the label("sizecode"). it produces the ever so intuitive Microsoft sorting where 10 comes before 2.

So using the sort code and min/max is successful. 1st column has the smallest size code, and the 2nd column has the largest size code.

Specify Report Size Before Printing
By default, Access 2010 report size is set to Letter, however, before printing the report you can verify the size and adjust it to required size.

"Not enough space on temporary disk" error
I am running a make table query. my access dB size is around 450 Mb. I am always getting the following error:"Not enough space on temporary disk"

My C drive has like 30GB free. My temp folder reaches 1.95GB when I run this query (before that it is like 50mb). So I am thinking is it because of the Access 2GB limit (Access 2000) or is it because of some size restriction on the temp folder

getting #size error in print preview
I have a daily report of appointments that I want to print regardless if there are appointments or not.

I set the control source on the [Appointment Date] field to say: IIf([Appointment Date] isNull,[Appointment Date])

This displays great in Report View, but in Print Preview I get a #size! error in that field.

Reserved Error -1517
My FrontEnd/BackEnd application has been working for 3 years, however, today it became stubborn. A FE query appends records to a BE table - simple enough - except today I am getting this error and the query will not append the records.


I don't know. I tried re-linking the tables, rebuilting the queries - still get the error. Size of the BE db (data side) is only .3G

autofill box is always updated as 0.
Like many here, and I have set up a form that auto-populates two fields.

the "part number" combo box shows three things, Part number, Stack size, and Cut size.

upon choosing the part number, stack size and cut size should be automatically filled.

Stack size works great, although, cut size always has the value 0, regardless of what should be there.

Private Sub txtpart_number_afterupdate()
Me.txtStack_Size = Me.txtPart_Number.Column(1) + 2
Me.txtCut_Size = Me.txtPart_Number.Column(2)
End Sub

autofill box is always updated as 0.
like many here, im new to access, and I have set up a form that auto-populates two fields.

the "part number" combo box shows three things, Part number, Stack size, and Cut size.

upon choosing the part number, stack size and cut size should be automatically filled.

Stack size works great, although, cut size always has the value 0, regardless of what should be there.

below is the code im using:

Private Sub txtpart_number_afterupdate()
Me.txtStack_Size = Me.txtPart_Number.Column(1) + 2
Me.txtCut_Size = Me.txtPart_Number.Column(2)

Access DB Size
I have a 2007 Access Database with 14 tables, 3 queries, 21 forms, 2 reports, 7 macros, and 3 modules.

I know that there is no row/record limit but there is an overall file size limit of 2 GB.

What I need to know is the average size of a record in my DB so I can estimate how many records it can hold. I attempted this by making a copy of the existing DB with all of it's 200+ records and then deleting all the records, leaving only the structure (tables, forms, etc.).

However, when I compared the size in the properties of the "empty" DB to the functional DB, the size was exactly the same (20,744 KB).

Is there a way I can find out the average record size so I can estimate how many I can fit in the DB with the 2 GBlimitation?

accdb to accde size
I have 2 databases which I have both converted to accde (MS Access 2010)

The 1st database was imported from a AC2003 db. The accde size is around 30mb and once I publish as accde it is around 27mb. Both DB are split to FE/BE.

The 2nd database was created from AC2010. The accde size is 29mb and once I publish to accde it is around 9mb(!)

The thing is the 2nd DB has more reports, forms and queries and yet once I publish it to accde the size is much smaller compared to the 1st.

I am stumped at this and there doesn't seem to be a way to check component filesizes. Can anyone explain why? I do have 2 image files I use as form background in db1 but they are shared an only around 150kb in size each. even with their original size (2MB) I still shouldnt get such a big file after publishing as accde

Set the field size
You can adjust the amount of space that each record in a table uses by changing the field size property of number fields in the table. You can also change the field size of a field that stores text data, although this action has a smaller effect on the amount of space that is used.
In this article
* What happens when I change the field size?
* Change the field size of a number field
* Change the field size of a text field