Delete records from table?

how to delete a subset of records within a table ? For example, if I have a particular set of records (table B) that I know they are a subset within a big table A. Both have exactly number of fields, etc. HOW do I delete the same records of table B from big table A.

I wish I can select the result directly from table A. In other words, I can NOT query out to get the result table B from table A, because the criteria is NOT simple. My result of table B had to get from joining different ways to get the result.

My question is HOW do I delete records from a bigger table A for the same EXACT # of records in another smaller table B?

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This should be so simple, I don't get it.
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I want to delete the records in a much larger table. but I only want to delete the records found in my To Delete table.
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Im currently using MS Access 2003.

I'm experiencing this error: Specify the Table containing the records you want to delete when deleting a records.

I have 2 tables. Table A is my reference IDs to delete from Table B.
When I link now this 2 tables, then run the query, it prompts me Specify the Table containing the records you want to delete, yet I have already link the Table A which is my reference IDs to delete in Table B.

How to resolve this?
Here's the syntax from MS Access (SQL View)


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I have two tables in access 2000 linked together to isolate the records I want to delete. I have them linked by 3 key elements that would leave no doubt they are the records in question. When I change my view from a select query to a delete query, I get a message that states "Specify table containing records to delete"

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Single-row update/delete affected more than onen row ofa l inked table. Unique index contains duplicate values

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I've got a situation where I need to append data to an empty table that will autonum the records for me, delete the first record of that table, run a series of queries using the table's data without that first record, then delete all the records from that table again to set it up for the next time that event needs to fire.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to delete just the first record from that table automatically as part of the sequence of events.

Error 3086 Simple Access Delete Query
Having problems getting simple access delete query to work. Select works fine but get Error 3086 when I try to delete. I want to delete all records in 1 table if they have matching Date records in table 2. This is my Sql:

DELETE [Daily DB].*
FROM Max_Date LEFT JOIN [Daily DB] ON Max_Date.X_DATE = [Daily DB].X_DATE;

Using Access 2007, DB + Tables are not read only, I am the creator and I can delete records manually from the table.

The DELETE Operand in SQL for MS ACCESS
DELETE is one of the simpler SQL commands, and can be used to delete rows (or records) permanently from a table. It's very useful if you're trying to purge old data from your records. If you want to archive your records, however, you're better off SELECTing records and saving them to a new table first (which you'll archive), and then DELETEing the same records.

Delete records from a table: Use Find Dups Query & Delete or not?
I have a new database that contains a table called Table_PartNumbers. It contains a list of all the part numbers with all of our customers. In my initial data entry I accidentally duplicated 4 part numbers.

Can I just delete the records from the table (select then delete) or should I get rid of them by creating a Find Duplicates Query, convert it to a Delete Query and take care of them that way?

At this point nothing bad will happen to my database if I just click and delete the 4 extra records. All the part numbers have a unique ID and the database is so fresh that there aren't any records in any other tables that reference the duplicates.

But, since I'm trying to learn 'proper' technique this go around, I was wondering what proper steps should be followed?

I found this link below but I just don't quite understand if this something you always want to do or it is okay to just delete records if there is no chance of database corruption?

Use queries to delete one or more records from a database
This article explains how to delete data from an Microsoft Office Access 2007 database by using update and delete queries. You use an update query to delete individual fields from the records in a database, and you use a delete query when you need to remove entire records from a database, including the key value that makes the record unique. As you proceed, remember that Access also provides a number of ways to delete part or all of a record manually.
For more information about deleting records manually, see the article Delete one or more records from a database.
In this article
* Understand using queries to delete data
* Plan the deletion
* Stop Disabled Mode from blocking a query
* Delete partial records (one or more fields)
* Delete entire records
* Sample criteria for select queries

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I am trying to match table 1 (EMP ID) to table 2 (ID) and delete all records from table 1 that do not match. I did get it to delete but it deleted all the records but the one that I wanted to delete.

Creating a Delete Query in Microsoft Access
A Microsoft Access delete query deletes records from a single database table or database tables. Of all of the different action queries available in Microsoft Access (Append Queries, Update Queries, Make-Table Queries and Delete Queries) the delete query is one of the most dangerous. Unlike the others mentioned, the Microsoft Access delete query will remove records from your tables permanently and forever.
As with the other types of action queries, the delete query will work with a group of records that meet a specified criteria that you apply. You can use the delete query to remove all records or only records that meet the defined criteria.

Creating a table of deleted records in access?
I want to create a table of removed records. I know the easy way to do it. But I want a really simple way of doing it. Either for when you click delete in a table or when you run a query that deletes the record you enter.

I've played around with SQL but I don't really understand it so only managed to either delete or append records.

Create a Delete Action Query in Microsoft Access
By creating a Delete action query in Microsoft Access, you can automatically delete a group of records from one or several tables. For example, in your CD database, you could use a delete query to delete all records pertaining to a CD that you have thrown out. A Delete action query is one of the four types of action queries that Microsoft Access allows (Delete, Update, Append, and Make-Table). These instructions are for Access 97.

Delete Records
For vba cod, how to delete all records from a table tbltest, except the last 6 records where field 1 = "xpto

Delete Action Query
By creating a Delete Action Query in Microsoft Access 2003, you can automatically delete a group of records from one or several tables. For example, in your CD database, you could delete all records pertaining to a CD that you have thrown out. A Delete Action Query is one of the four types of action queries that Microsoft Access allows (Delete, Update, Append and Make-Table). Here's how to create a Delete Action Query in Access 2003.

delete duplicate records more than 10000 records
By mistake today's data(18may2012 table) was updated twice into a month table. I'm wondering how I can delete the duplicates using any query.

I know one of the ways to delete all transactions for that particular date I.e 18 may and then again insert all 18th data into the month table.

But I would like to know if there any query which can simply delete duplicate records for 18th?

It has 10 fields, but duplicates can be deleted on the basis of two fields. If field7 and field8 same in two rows, it is duplicate. Both at the same time cannot be same for any day.

Delete Query Not Working - already set unique records to "Yes"
When I try to run a delete query, I get the "Could not delete from specified tables" error. The query compares a table ("Pending Memberships") to a union query ("Current Members.") and aims to delete records from the table, not the union query.

I imagine it's the union query that's screwing things up since the delete query used to compare one table to another, and since I threw the union query into the mix it's stopped working.

Can a delete query not involve a union query at all? If no, is there a workaround? If so, cananyone figure out what's wrong with my current delete query?

Can't delete records
I have my subforms joined in to tabbed form. Can I somehow make that 'delete' button will delete all records in the database related with the same ID? Other problem is - when I press delete record it doesn't allow me to delete, cause there're relationships between different tables.