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Formatting Report With Main & Subtable Data

Formatting Report With Main & Subtable Data
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Trying to design a report with data from four tables. Fields 1-5 are from the main table. The remaining fields are pulled from related tables and can have multiple records for each value (SystemNumber) from main.

SystemNumber is indexed and unique in main, indexed not unique in the other tables.

I'm trying to produce a report where the data from main is only printed once and all the related records from each of the related tables are printed.

I tried just putting into a post but the formatting was weird.
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Conditional Formatting in a Sub Report

I'm struggling with a problem I'm having with conditional formatting in an access sub report. I have a main report and 9 sub reports (Monday-Sunday + Total + Targets) each linked to a date on the main form. Each value in the sub reports are compared with the values in the targets sub report and conditional formatting applied.

Basically everything works fine in Report View but conditional formatting disappears in print preview. Any ideas? (Back style is set to Normal

Subreport Formatting

I'm very new to using Access reports. I am trying to create a report that contains data from several subreports, but I can't get the formatting correct.
I've attached some pictures. The first shows one problem; It is repeating the subreport for each record on the main report. I just want to line these up side by side.
I had the subreport on the footer and it looked ok in Report View, but in Print Preview it places the subreport at the bottom of the main report which is not desirable.
The second picture shows how I have the reports set up in design view.

I want to be able to list several subreports on one main report so I can avoid e-mailing 10 separate reports with minimal amounts of data

Conditional formatting not displayed on report

I have included some conditional formatting on a report of mine. The only time this formatting appears is if I hover my mouse over the formatetd field. It does not appear when simply viewing the report or especially if I print the report. Does anybody know how to have this formatting shown, particularly when the report is printed?

Conditional formatting not working for subreports

Once the subreport is opened independently, conditional formatting works great. Correct data lights up in green and false in red.However, when the whole report is opened, subreport included, conditional formatting works only for controls in the main report. In subreport controls, the numbers appear in simple non-formatted black.

Hiding an Empty Sub-report

I have a big summery report that is made of 5 queries. one main query for worker details & 4 queries for variable information related to each worker as sub-reports.
I can't merge all queries since I get a lot of duplicates in the report.

My goal is to hide (visible = false) sub-reports that have no results. the problem is that those sub-reports show one line of labels with no data.

I have tried using VBA code on the Sub-report onLoad event & on the parent reports OnOpen event. but it did not work.

I have set the Sub-reports visible control to NO & I tried to check if the text-box of that sub-report contains a value to change visible to True.

If Not IsEmpty(reports![Parant report]![Sub-report].report.text-box) then reports![Parant report]![Sub-report].report.visible = True
End If

I have tried with IsNull(), I have tried to hide & then show & the opposite, I have tried from the parant report & from the sub-report events. but could never get it to showwhen there is data & to hide when there is no data.

Sub Report Layout.

I have a report for a label. It has a Sub Report with one Text Box that displays detail. The Sub Report has its 'Can Grow set to 'Yes'. When there are several rows of data for the Sub Report - the data goes to multiple rows and eventually a second Column appears within the Text Box.

I want to stop the Sub Report growing beyond the Bottom & Right boundaries of the Main Report so that data does not spill over onto another label. But - I also want the Sub Report to be able to fill to the maximum that the Main Report [label] will hold.

I created this label report a year ago and it is only now running into the issue of multiple rows of data in the Sub Report . . . and I'm not even sure if I did anything specific to get the one text box in the Sub Report to show multiple rows . . . and then the second column.

Change the appearance of a control by using conditional formatting

Conditional formatting allows you to selectively highlight certain data on your form or report so that it is easier to understand. For example, you might want to format negative numbers in a red font to make it clear that those records need further attention.
You can set conditional formatting for a text box or a combo box control. You can change the formatting based on the control's own value, or you can use an expression to change the formatting based on the values contained in other fields or controls. On a form, you can use conditional formatting to disable a control, and you can cause the formatting of a control to change when the cursor is positioned in that control.
What do you want to do?:
*Apply conditional formatting to a control based on its own value
*Use an expression to apply conditional formatting to one or more controls
*Change the formatting of a control on a form that has the focus
*Remove conditional formatting from one or more controls
*Create alternating row colors on a report

Conditional Formatting vs. VBA Formatting

I have been researching this for some time now but haven't received any sound advice on whether it is faster to perform formatting on text boxes in a report via VBA or the built in Conditional Formatting.

The reason I ask this is that I have a report with quite a few text boxes that currently all have some sort of Conditional Formatting on them (Not all have the same Conditional Formatting). I know that when you only have a few controls that require Conditional Formatting, the built in solution in Access 2007 should be sufficient, however when the number of controls grows and when the report has multiple records that require each control to be handled on each record, the Conditional Formatting becomes very slow (much like receiving 1000 paper cuts) and renders the report as pointless considering a user must run it for 10's of minutes to an hour to complete.

So, with that said, I am really just looking for anyone's suggestion as to whether I should invest some time in the VBA coding to do what the Conditional Formatting does, or do I just go back to the requestor and let them know that formatting all these fields is too much for the system to handle.

Access 2002 sub report problem

I have a report in MS Access 2002 that contains a sub report. The problem is that the report doesn't open. The status bar indicating the Formatting of the page zips along, but just as the report is about to display data it hangs. If I run the main report without the sub report it runs fine.

I also created the same report (same queries, same ODBC data source) with 2 sub reports in MS Access 97 and it runs without any problem. Is there a known fault with sub reports in access 2002 or is there a property or something I'm not setting.

Appending data from another table

I have a main table which contains 29 fields. I have another table which I import into the database on a daily basis. This table contains 13 fields and I wish to pick and insert data from this subtable and insert it into my main table.

The naming convention is different on the smaller table but basically it contains key information I need in my main table. I have tried to use the Append Query wizard in MS Access 2010 and I've picked the fields I want from the smaller table to be inserted into my main table. The problem is the query creates multiple entries (repetitions) of the same set of information. (It creates 56 new records)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

My main table also has 2 linked tables FYI. Could this be the problem