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Form Controls On Navigation Form

Form Controls On Navigation Form
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I am working on a database
I have created a form with some controls on it
I use these controls (Buttons) to open report with specific record , and it is working fine on the form
but when I put this form on Navigation form , the Button is not opening the report and giving me ENTER PARAMETER VALUE to open the report.
I am using the following code on Navigation form:
[Forms]![Navigation Form]![NavigationSubform]![Main Query1]![Job No]=[INVOICE]![JOB] And [INVOICE]![AMOUNT]>0

and and before on the regular form my code was:
[Forms]![Main Query1]![Job No]=[INVOICE]![JOB] And [INVOICE]![AMOUNT]>0
and it was working fine
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Multiple Navigation Forms using a Single Form

I have a DB where I'm using multiple variations of a navigation form based on user roles, in this case I am tracking rooms where employees are located. These navigation forms point back to the same form (used for looking up room information and creating reports), which has controls that are referenced by a query (which supply data for reports).

I would like to be able to use the same query with every navigation form.

Currently, I am able to get the query to function using or statements using paths to the control on the form passing through each of the Navigation forms.

but I get prompted for data in the same field on the other navigation form before I can get to the report that is intended to be retrieved.

For example:

Navigation Form (Vertical Tabs, Left)

I've created a Navigation Form (Vertical Tabs, Left) and I need to add another set of controls to the right of the NavigationSubform, but when the form is loaded the controls are not shown. Why is that happening?

I can see the navigation buttons and the NavigationSubform but nothing else.

Navigation subform not loading underlying form

I have a form called frmDataEntry that is used for entering data. I also have a navigation form called frmNavigation that has a series of navigation buttons (using the new Access 2010 nagivation controls) and a navigation subform control.

When you click on one of the navigation buttons (which are setup as a row of tabs at the top of frmNavigation), a form will be loaded into the navigation subform control.
I have a navigation button called btnDataEntry and when clicked, loads frmDataEntry into the navigation subform control.

This part all works as expected. The problem I am having is that when frmDataEntry is loaded into the navigation subform control, the .IsLoaded property of frmDataEntry remains False, whereas if I open frmDataEntry independently of the navigation form, the .IsLoaded property becomes True...

Opening a Form and locking all controls

I like to create a form for managing client data with the following behaviour:
When the form opens all controls are displayed, without any data in it and locked.
When clicking on a button to enter a new client, all controls must be unlocked, and after entering the new client and hitting the button "Save",
all controls must be locked again, the new record displayed and the appropriate navigation buttons activated.
The same behaviour must be realised when hitting the button to "edit" a record . If for some reason the editing a record or the entering a new record must be canceled, all controls must be locked again and the appropriate navigation buttons activated. .
Is that a possible goal and are these requirements realistic for such a form

Looking for something besides switchboard or navigation form

I am used to using buttons or the switchboard for access operations which seemed clunky. Now they have a navigation form for reports. I am looking for something different that controls everything.

I have seen an example for one at that seems fairly simple and has some nice features I like:
It has everything for navigation controlled by one form.
It can be used to open/execute everything like – Reports, Forms, Queries, Macros, Code etc.
Once a selection has been made it has an area that explains in greater detail of what the Report, Form, Query, Macro, Code etc. is about.
Documentation can be easily accessed for the selection.
Due dates can be also viewed and edited quickly for the selection.

My question is has anybody used this before or know or other navigation systems for Access that may similar or better that they have used?

Condition navigating between Controls

I have a form in access 2007, with several controls. I used the On Exit Event Procedure for navigating among controls.

And so on for all controls. Form functioned well for months, however today went wild. Navigation order does not execute Event Procedure it follows exactly the order of TAB ORDER DIALOG BOX.

Navigation form

I have created forms with subforms which have some objects that have VB, such as:

Private Sub Command10_Click()
'On Error GoTo Err_Calculate_Click
'MsgBox (Forms(Me.Parent.Name).Controls("RcptCRDistrict Subform1").Form!RcptNumber)
If IsNull(Forms(Me.Parent.Name).Controls("RcptCRDistr ict Subform1").Form!RcptNumber) = True Then
MsgBox ("Enter Last Name") 'Me.Text8 = 0
Exit Sub
End If
Me.Text8 = DSum("Charge", "RcptCRDistrict", "[RcptNumber] = " & Forms(Me.Parent.Name).Controls("RcptCRDistrict Subform1").Form!RcptNumber)
'MsgBox Err.Description
'Resume Exit_Calculate_Click
End Sub

They work great, until I created a navigation form, and now none of the VB works. I assume that now the navigation form is the parent, the former parent is now the subform, and the subform is what? Should I create the forms on the navigation form first from now on to avoid having to change VB based objects

Hide Navigation buttons of Main Form

Is there any way to replace the navigation buttons of main form (frmMain) with the navigation buttons of the continuously sub form (fsubStudents).
I tried to hide the navigation buttons of main form which contains continuous sub form but it hides for that sub form too.
So, I tried to make my sub form as Single form & then it does show the navigation buttons of sub form but I want to show right on the main form.
Alternatively, can I replace the default navigation buttons with custom navigation buttons?

Please guide me, I really need

Adding controls to a form fails because they disappear.

I have an add-in that creates a form, adds controls to it, then tries to add some more. But on the second attempt to add controls, they disappear. If I have an error in my code that gets displayed in a message box I can see the new controls behind it.

When I click OK they disappear. they are there according to properties, although I can't see them because the form will not display while in debug mode.

When the program finishes, the controls that were created are gone. Too bad there isn't any documentation (or any than can be found) that describes how to do this.

Here is the code to create a form and controls (it works):


Then I try to add controls to the form with this (they disappear):

current record count and total record count on form

I currently have a form with a tab control on it, I have disabled the navigation bar on the bottom of the form to force compliance with specific controls and data flow on the form and tabs and didn't want the user to circumvent that security by using the navigation buttons of first record, previous record, next record, last record, or new record that come on the navigation baron forms unless disabled via the form properties.

I have placed my own command buttons on a specific tab in the form that I want the users to use to navigate through the records.

However, the problem with the above method is that I really would like the current record out of total records information label/box that comes standard on the navigation form!

Is there anyway that I can easily slap a label or textbox onto the specific tab in question that would display the current record count out of the total records in the database?