Force New Page

I have a report with Force New Page, what I don't want to happen is if its the last record in the group report then I do not want to force a new page. Want to try keeping that group together.

I have 3 groups for footers below is the groups which I have set force new page after section


At the moment after the grouping for customers its creating a new page after Order group where I would like the customer total on the same page as it was the last record for that group

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Grouping on a Report
Can someone please help? The attachment shows the format I would like except that when you look at page 4 you will notice Class 183 and the headings Cage and Place are on this page but the actual boxes for these titles are on the next page. I would like to force that class to the next page (or maybe its new column)but cannot manage to. Similarly page 11 Class 366 I would like to force to a new column to be above its respective cage numbers. The print out is set for an A5 page

How to force a new page?
I have a report where each record is on a new page. But the records are different lengths, so sometimes a new record will start on the same page as the previous record.

Force a page break based on the first letter of the LastName field in a report
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a database and I'd like to insert a page break in a report listing names and addresses. For example: page break after all the last names that start with the letter A and so forth.

Always get one extra, blank page
I have a very simple, one-page report (it only contains an image of a grid pattern) with a Report Header and one small sub-report that sits in one corner of the grid and tells me what to plot onto the grid.

Everything is within the margins I've allowed (Narrow Margins.) I've checked the report header, footer, and detail. In each of those cases the "Force New Page"is set to "None."

However, every time I print this, I end up with a printed page and a blank page.

How can I eliminate the blank page, I'm using Access 2007 and Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Force Report Breaks
I have a report that gives a full report by a group number entered. I would like to break that group into 10 reports. I have a calculated field in the header that shows the total # of records divided by 10 but am unable to find a way to force a new report after printing ? # of lines.

I would like to have a new report w/header and page number starting at 1 again.

Forced New Page In Access Report
I have an access report where I need to force a new page after a section is finished. However, after the last record is printed, that section forces a final, blank page. Does anyone know of a way to prevent the last forced page if it has encountered the final record?

Sorting/Grouping in Rpts: Group Headers
I have created a report that I am sorting/grouping by Patient#. I am using a group header (header for each patient). However, it is splitting the page after the group header and before the Detail. I've tried everything. page is not too large, no force new page selected

How to force a new page when sub report exceeds allocated space
I have a sub report (invoice details) inside a report (invoice header and footer). The sub report is limited to a box on the pre-printed form so I set Can Grow to No. If the lines in the sub report exceed the amount of space allocated to it, it just stops formatting details (or at least I can't see them).

I would like it to trigger a new page for the report and then continue printing the sub report on the next page.

Blank pages in reports?
I know the answer to this is probably very simple, but it's driving me nuts! I have a report that I have grouped by process. I have it set to force a new page Before Section. It is inserting a blank page, with just my report header and footer, no data, between each grouping. How can I get rid of the blank pages

Missing data in Access sub-report
I have a report that contains 7 sub-reports. If the last sub-report has no data, and the 6th sub-report does have data, then Access is only printing out the first page of the 6th sub-report. I can force all the 6th sub-report to print if I add data to the 7th sub-report. But, of course, I don't want to see this sub-report since there should be no data using the report criteria I'm providing.

If I run the 6th sub-report on its own then then all the data is displayed properly.

Any ideas on how to force all the data to display without requiring a blank 7th sub-report to display?

I have attached an Access 2003 MDB that shows the bug. If you run PriorityRpt, which is the container for the sub-reports you will see that the report "Closed to Charges Notification Received" will only have one page. However, if you run the sub-report PriorityRptCloseToCharges, you will see that sub-report should be 4 pages long

printing issues
so I have techs that do my programming. We have run in to a snag. My data base prints out several reports I need one set of these reports to print out double sided. The problem is this report goes to various locations. There may be 4 pages going to one place and 5 pages to another place. Is there a code will force a new page to print so that when odd page documents is print, the next set doesn't print on the back of the last odd page but instead starts a brand new set of documents

Printing Two Records Per Page on a Microsoft Access Report
When printing a report in Microsoft Access it is quite simple to specify that we only print one record per page by using the Force New Page options for the Detail Section of the report. It is however, not quite so simple to specify printing a specific number of records per page. In this Microsoft Access Report tutorial, we are going to detail how we can achieve this by setting options to print 2 records per page in the report.

page breaks in report view vs. print preview

Can't figure this out either. I need to have a report open in report view because I have a button that closes it and returns to the form behind it.

However, my "force new page" property AND the page break CONTROL doesn't seem to work in report view. Neither of them work, that is. Anyone know a workaround for this?

I think I can somehow pull off a trick using the "sorting and grouping" interface funcationality for the reports, but there is no grouping needed for the dataset.

What I'm looking for is a scenario where I can have one record on each page of the report, but also having the ability to click the close button. You can't do that in print preview mode.

Anyone help with this please? Google doesn't seem to turn up anything about this scenario

Resize Page Footer only on page 2
I have a flyer (access report) that I want to print an advertisement ONLY on page 1. But there is another graphic in the page footer that needs to print on ALL pages.

I have made the ad image invisible on page footer format and print events, however, I cannot seem to get the page footer to shrink (even with Can Grow/Can Shrink properties set to yes) only on the second page.

So, the page footer graphic AND the ad need to show on page one and only the graphic (no ad) on page two with the page footer resized on page two to allow detail to fill the space where the ad was.

Access 2000 Forced Page Breaks
I am an average user of Access and have been working on a project at work with it. I have everything completed, except one task in the reports.

In the forms, I have a drop down menu with each departments listed. In the report, I have a 2 column report that looks great. Only problem is I want to force a page break for each of the departments listed in the original form (a total of 8 departments), so all of them do not run together on the report. I have been messing with it for a few days now and can't seem to get it to work. I am sure its easier then I think

How do I force a disconnection of linked tables from another DB
Back on Nov. 12th I posted a thread on how to force all users out of a database. That was solved, but there is a new twist.

I've a new problem, how do I force a disconnection of another DB (database B) which has links into tables in my DB (database A) I want to compact upon closing?

Database A is scheduled by Windows scheduler to run several times a day. It runs, takes about 10 minutes to run action queries (and bloats), and then closes. Database B is open most of the 24 hour day, and has links into Database A tables (which is closed most of the time.)

Force users to log off
MS-Access 2003 running security with individual logins. How do I force all users to log off

Report picture
I am very close to making this work. I have 4 images. Page 1 of 1 gets A. Page 1 of 3 gets B. Page N of 3 gets C. Page 4 of 4 gets D. Any idea how I can make this happen?

Msgbox shows that On open and On current the report does not know page numbers yet. On Page does. The image shows on page 2 of 2, but not page 1 of 2.

A little more troubleshooting. I added more data to get 5 pages to get a better understanding of what is happening.

Page 1 shows no image.
Pages 2 shows image B, the image meant for page 1
Pages 3-5 all show image C.
Page 5 SHOULD show image D.

I think there is an error in my codes logic, but I can't see it...

Scroll Bar Issues
I am having an issue with scroll bar behavior in my access database. The database is to manage requests for our unit. I built a navigation form "home page" and in that home page isa navigation button that links to a subform containing our request information.

My issue is scrolling in that subform. At 1680x1050 resolution I can disable the scroll bar on the main home page (it isn't needed) but if the resolution is lowered the scroll bars for the subforms no longer scroll to the bottom of the form, so I am forced to enable a total of two vertical scroll bars.

I'd like it to work like a website and just force them to scroll morevertically if they chose to use a lower screen resolution.

Button to go to Page
Could someone help me out with a problem, I have a form called FrmAuditItemsReview

I have 3 buttons I wish to link to pages, I have 3 pages foe example page 1, page 2 and page 3 all have subforms on there,

I would like so the user clicks on the button 1 and page 1 opens, click on button 2 then page 2 is selected very very new to vba so not sure how to referance it

any advise on how I can achive this