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First step to design Database?

First step to design Database?
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We currently have corporate level Oracle DB server in corporate headquarter. And corporate level decided us (Business Analysts) to limit our accessing DB, because of the burden of data transaction.

Therefore, we decided to make a small MS Access DB into network drive, download monthly some parts of Oracle DB, and all business analysts can share the small sized Access DB.

Now, my concerning is how to design the small DB which all department analyst can share with. Because all analysts from different department usually select different column in different tables from the huge Oracle DB, the success of my Access DB design comes from everybody’s satisfaction.

I wonder if DB specialist in this group can provide me the guide line/ steps/ awareness before design the DB. What is the first step to design DB? Are there any tools to help DB design?
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It is a sort of wizard form, as you click next the list changes to a different row source this is all working fine.

I made a few changes to it for the next step of the wizard closed the form and then opened using the button from the other form that activates it and it is locking the database up and I have to use task manager to crash out.

Not too dissuaded by this I re-opened the database put a stop on code to step through and code steps through fine until same thing happens.


So I reopen and try opening the wizard form in design view. Works fine in design view. Switch to form view works fine.


Switch to layout view, and then to form view. Works fine.

Close wizard form.

Try and open direct from the list and the database stops responding

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chaps I have a database which was not designed by me but I have passwords etc (the designer left it to me to manage). I wish to remove all security so that I may trnsfer the database between computers. if I simply copy the database from the computer it was started on (as was the security) I cannot open it on my own laptop.

please help with step by step info alt is there a security file which I can bring across with the database. the confusion may have something to do with the workgroup the creator made. I dunno

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