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Extracting All Files From Attachment Field To Disk

Extracting All Files From Attachment Field To Disk
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My issue seems straight-forward enough, What I would like to do is simply export files found in an attachment field in a given table and save them to disk as: [recID]_[fileNameWithExt].

My experience with Access is quite limited, and the goal of this project is to get all these files out and all data migrated to SQL Server.

The SQL migration is complete minus the darn attachment files.
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Exporting Attachments per record

I've started migrating it to a custom backend that stores files externally (not using the attachment field so virtually removing the DB limitation concerns I had).

It's a split back end database that has around 1800 records.

Is there any way whatsoever to extract those attachment files from the Attachment field to an external source? I'd rather not have to go through an individually back up 2 - 3 files per record for 1800 records.

Optimistically, this is how it would work:

There is a field called NUMBERONE that is the main entry for the DB (all of it hinges on that; it will never be duplicated).

Each NUMBERONE has an attachment field (2007) that contains anywhere from 0 to 4 attachments.

I would like to be able to run something that will make a folder NUMBERONE and put all the attachments in it.

attachment in field from VBA

I like to fill a recordfield with type attachment from vba.
should be something like

With table
!field1 = something
!field2 = somethingelse
!field3 = [here I want to point to a file on disk

how to use select * from where tblFileImport.bulletin_imp.FileData Like

I don't know how to do this search. I have bellow this query based on 2 tables where the second table has an attachment field. The searching should be based on the content of the attachment,for ex: if the files(that are stored in the attachment field) contain a word like "tracking" then I want to pull the attachments and their data.

Attached Files

I created a database with an attachment field that is working fine. But for future use, we will be using a SQL database so the attachment field, which is not supported in Microsoft SQL 2005 will become useless for our ASP.Net application. I would like to keep using the attachment filed in access, but I would like to add the actual file name to the table as well without having the user add it.

I can see the attachment FileData, FileName and Filetype when I go into query view, but when I attempt to create an update query that will take the FileName and populate the new field, I get an error that states
Enter Parameter Value with the ReportAttach.FileName below.

Does anyone know how I can get the Filename into a new field

Importing files into Access 2007

Access Community,

Is there a function within Access which allows me to batch import a number of files?

I have a text file which contains some UNC network paths which include file names. Each file has an onwer defined. I then import the text file into Access which inserts all the file paths on one field and the owner in the other. The third field is the attachment field which will hold all the files.

I would like Access to read the file path and upload the file onto the attachment field based on this information

Add multiple records with one field

Please find attached my form, the "Slide" field is of type attachment. This field usually has min 5 attachments, is there a way that a record can be made for each attachment added, the Start and End Date will be the same for every attachment.

Can someone please help, it takes a long time to add each attachment seperately.

How do I make an attachment name appear while working in a form (Access 2007)?

i have created a form to describe digital photographs (JPGs) attached to my database. Along with the attachment image, I've also added a field that displays attachment name.

However, this field is not populated until I close and reopen the database.

How can I have the form display the attachment name as soon as the attachment is added?

open atachment with one click

beloved members

I have a form based on a table containing two fields 'ID' and 'files' (an attachment field).Ihave build a form based on the table and each record contains one attachment (wmv. file) . can some one please help me with the coding To open the attachment file by clicking on the ID field of the form
say "Private Sub ID_Click

Remove specific type of attachment from all records in table

I have table call "empTable" and it has an Attachment field called "Attachment". Some of the records has empty Attachment field and some record has one attachment and some has two and the attachment types are jpeg and pdf.

I want to remove all the pdf from all the records in this table automatically with VBA or something,

Attachment control in form

I have inserted an attachment control in a form and I would like to set by code the record where I want to save/read my attachment. I mean, I'm able to manage files only on the firstrecord of my table (using Add existing Filed).