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Export to Excel 2007

Export to Excel 2007
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I'm using the code below to export a large data set from Access 2007 to Excel 2007. My code works fine exporting to Excel 2003 but I need it to be in 2007 due to the file's size. Everytime I try to export to an xlsx extension I get an error saying the extension is invalid or the file is corrupt.

Sub ExportSuppliersAllExcel()
Dim oXLApp As Object
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "dm_DBTR", "C:\Users\aoconnell.RAUC\Documents\dm_DBTR.xls", True
Set oXLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
oXLApp.workbooks.Open "C:\Users\aoconnell.RAUCH\Documents\dm_DBTR.xls" oXLApp.Visible = True
Exit Sub
End Sub
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Access to Excel 2007 export annoyance

I've globally disabled the "Always create backup" general option for Excel 2007, but this only works when I start up from Excel. When I export to Excel 2007 within Access 2007, which I do very frequently, the resulting spreadsheet has this (quite annoying and unnecessary feature for me, anyway) turned back on. I can export to .xls without this issue, but prefer the more compact .xlsx format.

Anyone have a fix for this

Access 2007 report to Excel 2007. Keeps forcing me to choose Excel 2003?

I am having trouble export and Access 2007 report to Excel 2007. When I click export to excel it is only allowing me to export to excel 2003 or lower. The reason this is an issue is my report is over 64K of data.

Docmd.Transferspreadsheet from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 .xlsm

Trying to export a Access query to an Excel file like I've done hundreds of times with previous versions.

Simply put, I want to export a query from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 to a .xlsm file.

When I have a query open and click [External Data]>[export to Excel] the xlsm file format is not even in the list.

Export a report to Excel .... issue

I can export the report to excel on other machines. But when I try it on mine the export, excel icon is not highlighted. There is something that is not check on my machine. Have any clues?

The db is split and running 2007. I am the admin so I should have full rights

No Option to Export to .xlsx

I'm trying to export a report to excel and I don't get an option to use Excel 2007 (Excel 2003 and 95 are the only choices in the drop-down menu). I have the entire Office 2007 suite installed. If I want to export a table, the .xlsx option is available. Am I missing a feature or is a program setting out of whack?

Export to Excel button is always disabled (Access 2007)

I notice that, no matter the context, the shortcut menu button to export to Excel is always disabled. The Export drop down button is enabled, but it only shows PDF and XPS as target formats. However there is no problem in exporting to Excel from tables, queries or even reports using the ribbon tools. I want users to be able to export selected reports to Excel but I don't want to give them full access to the ribbon. Is there a way of doing this? I'm using Access 2007 SP3.

Update: a further curiousity. If the database is in accdb format, I can use print preview, right-click on the preview, then select Export.>Excel and that works. But the Export option isn''t available after conversion to accde format. Rats

Export to Excel

I am trying to export a query out of Access 2007 and into excel. When I run my export, it continues to run for hours without exporting the file.

On average, the query returns 30k-60k records so I am dumbfounded as to why it will not export.

How to export an Access 2007 report to Excel via VBA

And it's unclear if they're for 2003 or 2007.

I've got a report in Access 2007 that I would like to be able to export to Excel using VBA.
The ribbon already has an option to export to Excel, which does everything I want, but the ribbon gets disabled as one of my security protocols, so the users are blocked from using the export options here.

Is there a way to call this feature from VBA/Allow this on a custom built ribbon/do something similar via VBA?

I've looked into using the TransferSpreadsheet method, but the query for my report is a rather big union query, based on a filter form, and is too complex for the TransferSpreadsheet method to use.

Export to Excel

Have an issue exporting to excel. I am using MS Access 2007. The query to be exported contains over 130 columns. If I try to make a table out of it, I get a message saying "record is too large". The query runs fine when opened directly. I can also export the query using the excel export button (important - I have to choose the option "Export Data with Formatting and Layout"). But when I try to use the TransferSpreadsheet macro action or command, it pops up the "Enter Paramter Value" window (same occurs if I use the excel export button and do not select the option "Export Data with Formating and Layout"). I tried to check the apprently wrong expressions but the queries work fine and I guess it is related to the fact that the records are too large. My question is, how can I still use a macro to automate the export? I do not want to do the export manually as I have over 30 queries to export to different excel worksheets. thx

Exporting more than 65000 Access rows to Excel

I have Office 2007 and am trying to export a table with 500,000 rows of data into an Excel worksheet. However it is not letting me do this.

Since Excel 2007 has capacity for upwards of 1 million rows why can't I export a huge Access table