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export table to text file

export table to text file
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I am trying to export a table to a text file from Access. The numeric fields have data with 5 decimal places; however, when I export I am only getting a text file with 2 decimal places. I checked properties of tables, and the numeric fields were set to "Double", Decimal places as "Auto". I changed decimal places to b "5" and tried to reexport, but am still getting the numbers cut off. I cannot find anything in the export criteria to allow me to choose number of decimal places.

How can I export table to text file which has more than 2 decimal places? I will appreciate your
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Export data to a text file

This topic explains how to export text files by using the Export Wizard in Microsoft Office Access 2007. This topic also explains how to save the export details as a specification for future use.
What do you want to do?
* Understand exporting text files
* Export data to a text file
* Troubleshoot missing and incorrect values in a text file

Export to Text File Using DoCmd Access 2007

I have created an export specification "Export-T_GRS_Section_1_Part_B_Upload" that will export an Access table to a text file as a fixed width file.

I am trying to put the code to do this in a module, and I found the following code, but it returns the run time error 3625 "The text file specification "Export-T_GRS_Section_1_Part_B_Upload" does not exist. You cannot import, export or link using the specification".

Thank you in advance for reviewing this!

Function Send2TextFile()
DoCmd.TransferText transfertype:=acExportFixed, _
specificationname:="Export-T_GRS_Section_1_Part_B_Upload", _
tablename:="T_GRS_Section_II_Part_B_Upload", _
FileName:="W:\Instres\IPEDS\2009-10\T_GRS_Section_I_Part_B_Upload.txt", _

Export Table->Txtfile + add custom Text in the resulting txt file

I have a question

Id like to export a MS Acc 2007 Table into a txt file
To have the right formatting, I created a certain custom Export Specification.

But now I'd like to insert a custom text in the first line of my text file, followed by a blank space and then the name of the table.
In my case it's


One line below there should be the normal text specified by Export Specification

But, into the LAST line, I would like to add custom text again, in my case:


Can you help me with some VBA Code or another solution to realize this

Exporting table to fixed width text file

I need to export a table to a fixed width text file. I am using the advanced option in 'export to text' and opening an existing specs file that has been saved. Preview of the file looks perfect but the finished file has 19 blanks inserted between two of the fields. I can't figure out why. Process worked perfectely with ACCESS 2002 but I have just upgraded to ACCESS 2007 and now have this problem. Any suggestions, other than opening the resulting text file in an editor and deleting the blank columns

Macro to export query info to Text Delimited File

I am having trouble creating a macro that exports query info to a text delimited file. I am using the Transfer Text option, type-export delimited, spec name - Web Site Category Data File Export, table name - Products Query, file name -c:\data\Products.csv. I am assuming this is the file name it will save the result as

Export table to txt file with a variable filename

I tried doing some searching on this but wasn't finding much. I am very comfortable with Excel and so-so at creating macros in Excel with VBA but when it comes to Access I am much more of a rookie.

My current setup - Access 2007-2010, win7 64bit
I have a macro that does the following
- runs saved import to import excel file to table ("Table_Import")
- runs a make table query ("Query 1") to make new table ("Table 1")
- runs a make table query ("Query 2") to make new table ("Table 2")
- runs saved export to export "Table 2" as text file ("Export File").

My dilemma: Query 2 gives the user a prompt [Enter date] where users will enter the date of the records they want to include (ex: 7/10 or 7/10/12) in the final output. What I would like todo is have the name of the text "Export File" include the variable the user entered (ex: Export File_07.10.12).

How do you suppress exporting if there are no records in the table?

and am using Access 2003 to export tables via a macro using the Transfer Text Action and a Transfer Type of Export Delimited. I am not using a specification file. Currently, I get a resulting csv file whether or not there are records in the source table. I would like to perform the export only when records are present in the table. Can anyone describe a way to do this

trying to export data to a text file

I am trying to run a simply text dlimited export in Access vba:
My code:

Private Sub Command16_Click()
DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "LBTxt Export Specification", "temp", "C:\Test", True </SPAN>
End Sub </SPAN>

and when I run it I get the following:

I get Run- time error '3027'
cannot update. Database or object is read-only.
I also get this on any table that I try. and I get it if I try maken a macro as well.
Now I should point out that the text file does not exist, but this should create it right?
if I manualy do an export I have no problem.
Neither the database or the table is not set to read only so I do not know.
Actually I cannot tell about the table but I did not set anything

How to export Access table to a text file ?

I have an Access file. When I open it up, and click on a Table, data shows up in field columns, where some field columns may have 1 word in it, some fields may have 2, 3 words in each field column, and so forth. I would like to output this Access table to a text document.

Is it possible to output an Access table to have a certain character, let's say | as a field separator?

so if I were to view the text file after the output, it would look something like this:

John | Doe | 123 Main Street | Bank of America
Jane | Doe A. | 456 First Ave. West | Wamu
Tom | Smith | 50 South First St. | Citibank

If it's possible to export an Access table to a text file, with field separators, please post instructions

Exporting Table via macro W/Out Format

need a little help here. I'm trying to create a macro that will run a series of queries and export the table it generates without formatting the text file. right now the export keeps the rows and columns with borders around the text and headers. what I need is data to be delimited with the text running without borders and field headers. Is this possible to run as a macro? I can do this via a TXT export and not selecting the export option of formatting and layout, then assign my delimiters and adjust the columns. Is there any way to automate this with a macro