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Export query to excel

Export query to excel
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I'm using Access 2000.

I've done some searching around and found similar posts online but I'm having a tough time getting my head round this one.

I have a query called "QryMonthlySales" with about 10 fields and 400 rows of data. I want to export the query to excel, saving the excel file to a folder location chosen by the user via a form.

Before exporting the query to excel, I want to give the user the option to specify the time period. I have a form which allows the user to select a start and end date. Before exporting the query, I will need to select the data via a where clause, something like Period >= txtStartDate and Period <= txtEndDate.

Also, when exporting the data, the column headings are given as the actual field names not as the caption. This looks quite ugly and will be annoying for the user to have to rename
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Export To Excel, Access 2010

I need to export a query to excel , the query comes from a big table but it's filter out by a pre selection date I picked but when it export to excel everything will be come in to excel, & I need only a part of it.

IS there a way to export to excel only what is displayed on the Query & not on what is hard coded

Export to Excel

I am trying to export a query out of Access 2007 and into excel. When I run my export, it continues to run for hours without exporting the file.

On average, the query returns 30k-60k records so I am dumbfounded as to why it will not export.

Export to Excel

Have an issue exporting to excel. I am using MS Access 2007. The query to be exported contains over 130 columns. If I try to make a table out of it, I get a message saying "record is too large". The query runs fine when opened directly. I can also export the query using the excel export button (important - I have to choose the option "Export Data with Formatting and Layout"). But when I try to use the TransferSpreadsheet macro action or command, it pops up the "Enter Paramter Value" window (same occurs if I use the excel export button and do not select the option "Export Data with Formating and Layout"). I tried to check the apprently wrong expressions but the queries work fine and I guess it is related to the fact that the records are too large. My question is, how can I still use a macro to automate the export? I do not want to do the export manually as I have over 30 queries to export to different excel worksheets. thx

How to export an unsaved query to a new excel workbook?

I would like to generate the SQL text for data to export to an excel workbook. Further, I would like the workbook to have no saved location - just a new workbook (the default "book1", "book2".).

Lastly, the format of the data (pivot table, datasheet.) should also be optional.

I know access must be capable of this, because pushing the "Export to excel" button does exactly what I'm looking for, with any active query or table. Is there any way to harnessthe automation of the "Export to Excel" button through VB?

Everywhere I look seems only to have ways to export an existing query to an existing workbook.

How to export Access query to specific excel worksheet each month

I have an Access Database with 3 reports that I would like to export to excel each month. I would like for all three reports to export to the same workbook just to different tabs. I used theselect into below but it doesn't work after the first export.

into [excel 8.0;database=C:\Documents and Settings\bconner\Desktop\Access to Excel.xls].[Tri AR By Rej]

When using the above after the first time it says the the table already exists and then bombs.

Is there an alternative way of exporting an Access query to a specific worksheet within an excel workbook?

Syntax error when exporting query to Excel

I have an access database with a few tables and one query. In the query I have one calculated field (the last one). When I run the query everything runs smoothly, I get the desired results in the query. My problem is with the export to Excel. When I press the export to excel button (external data menu) I get an error saying: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression (NamesID

Export to Excel

I've reached this link in helping me to export access data to excel and at the same time you can point where on the excel cells will be exported and also what sheet.

I was wondering if it is possible to export 1 query to excel file in two separate sheet depending on what data on the query. Let say, on the query there's 2 division, one division should go to the first sheet and the next division goes to the next sheet when you run the exportation

Automatic export query to (formatted) Excel

I would like to run a query in Access (2002 & 2010), (button on a form) with the possibility to automatically export the results to a formatted Excel file with functions like 'wrap text', colored headings etc. I also noticed that for example values (columns) with type 'time' are shown as 1-1-1900 in excel after export.

Export query without saving

I need to export the results of query to a excel file. However, the query is connceted to a unbound object in a form that provides the parameter value to run the query. Now I need to export the result without saving the query. Does anyone know how to do this, this shouldn't be that hard for great programmers like all of you. Need help badly.

Docmd.Transferspreadsheet from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 .xlsm

Trying to export a Access query to an Excel file like I've done hundreds of times with previous versions.

Simply put, I want to export a query from Access 2007 to Excel 2007 to a .xlsm file.

When I have a query open and click [External Data]>[export to Excel] the xlsm file format is not even in the list.