Expiration Date criteria

I have tried a few different expressions I've found on this site, but nothing is working.
I'm working on a query with an expiration date field [ExpDt]. I need it to display all records that are a month away from expiration, or have been expired for any amount of time so renewal notifications can be sent out. So far I'm still getting expiration dates from 2008 through 2014.
What expression should I enter in the criteria area?

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Date of expiration change color
I've created a data base to keep track of my users. My users have to do a yearly training about keeping the network safe and if its not done they loose their access.

The table I have keeps track of the date of their current training and when it expires. What I want is in a report that I generate, which has the users listed with the date of their IA expiration to have the users who are a month from expiration to be in yellow or some other color and the users who are past expiration to be red.

Query for expiring items
I have created a database that lists employee first name, employee last name, BLS expiration date, TNCC expiration date and several other credential expiration dates. Each is unique to theemployee listed on the form and the expiration dates are in short date/time format.

I need a query that will show me every employee who has credentials (regardless of type I.e. BLS, TNCC, etc) that will expire sometime in the next 6 months.

Query for expiring items
I am a bit confused about what I'm sure is a very basic question.

I have created a database that lists employee first name, employee last name, BLS expiration date, TNCC expiration date and several other credential expiration dates. Each is unique to the employee listed on the form and the expiration dates are in short date/time format.

I need a query that will show me every employee who has credentials (regardless of type i.e. BLS, TNCC, etc) that will expire sometime in the next 6 months

IIF statement not working properly
I currently have a field in a table called expiration date in which a dates are stored. In a form I added a text box that has an IIF statement

=IIf([Expiration Date]<Date(),"Expired",IIf([Expiration Date]=Date(),"Expires today","No"))

When in form view the box always says Expired no matter what the date is in [Expiration Date]

I don't see anything wrong with my IIF statement. plz

Date Formula - AM I EXPIRED!
I have been trying to figure out a formula to determine if an item is expired.

I would like to compare the "maindate" to an "expiration date"

I would like this to show up 60 days before the expiration date expires. for example if the expiration is 11-30-2010 I I would like a warning to appear on 08-30-2010 stating that the item is about to expire

Expiration date not working
My expiration date query is not working for some reason. It brings back nothing which I know is untrue. Basically I"m trying to create a query that will tell me when patient's prescriptions expire. 30 days from the date of the script but when I run it. it gives me nothing. : (

A Date Question
to you all.
I have a question that I am hoping to get a hint on.
I have a field that is an expiration date. At any one time, only one row should have a blank expiration date field, all other rows(for the same product let's say) should have this column populated.

I now want to pull only those records, which are not expired (blank column) but I keep receiving an error on my query, whenever I use "", " ", '', or ' ' in the criteria.

My question is, how can I retrive only non-expired rows

Calculate Due Date based on fields from another table
I have a form for entering safety training which includes Training Date and Expiration Date, this form is called "Scheduled Training".

The table containing training courses with their requirements and frequency is called "Course Requirements". Within this table I have a "Frequency" field (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and another field "FrequencyPeriod" (Year, Month, Initial, As Needed).

What I'd like for the Expiration Date on the form to do: Use [ScheduledTraining].[Training Date] and look at both the [CourseRequirements].[Frequency] & [CourseRequirements].[FrequencyPeriod] to populate the Expiration Date

If Statements help....
I am working on the order status formula for my Quote/order database. However I am not sure where I can use the If statement to do what I want. I have several yes/no boxes which depending on the status of the order will have different checked and unchecked boxes.

The first IF statement is for my “IsPending” box which is for quotes that have been sent the customer but have not yet been confirmed. I want this box to be checked as long as the quote is both not active and before the expiration date.

The “Expiration Date” is determined by the date the record was made plus 30 days and is already calculated. If a quote accepted before theexpiration date then it will have a button to check the “IsActive” yes/no box unchecking “IsPending” box.

I think this IF statement is right, however I am not sure where to put it.

IIf( [Expiration Date] >= Now() and [IsActive] = -1,1,-1)

Field content based on date calculation
I have a field in a table that contains the expiration date of my contractors' insurance certificates. I would like to have a field that returns a "Current" or "Expired" value based on whether the current date is before or after the expiration date. How would I do this

Calculating number of days from input.
How do you calculate the number of days from the original date the the record was recorded.

for example

You have a text box the has three options 90 day, 180 days, and 360 days. And a date and time box to true to show the expiration date.

How do I get the database to show the to calculate the expiration date depending on the number of days that was selected.

Web Database Access from Desktop Applications
This tutorial demonstrates how your desktop applications can read from and update server-side databases that are otherwise inaccessible. Yet there is more that you can do along these lines: For instance, we did not address the issue of security. Obtaining the expiration date of a registration record is of little value to the malicious user. In contrast, if such a user were to somehow detect the URL that your desktop application is calling in order to update the program's expiration date, then he could set his own registration record to have an expiration date far off in the future, and thus effectively avoid having to pay to renew his license for your program. For any such sensitive data access or modification, you should encrypt the values being passed back and forth between your desktop application and the PHP scripts on your server, so hackers cannot exploit your system.

Expiration date computation
My database keeps track of employee training. A few procedures have a limit on how long the training is good for, ie 24 or 36 months. There is a field include in the database for the date the employee completed the training ie 2/14/2010.

I need to create a report showing who need to retake the training because it has expired for that person. I have a query that results with all of the employees that have taken the procedures with an expiration.

registration codes-license expiration date
I have put together a form for the user to enter a registration code and a subroutine to check for the expiration date to control access to a program. The correct data is kept in two .txt files. Works fine, but now I realize that the .txt files can be compromised and my "security" wont be that effective. I can hide the files for some protection, also work with the permissions on the files.

IIf Query with dates
This forum saved my life once before. Here goes one more time.

I have a date field in table. Some entries are blank, others have a date entered. That date is either expired or not. My expiration date is 10/10/2012.

I want a query with a column that returns “no” if the field is either blank OR if the field is before 10/10/2012, and “yes” if it’s 10/10/2012 or after.

I’m having trouble writing an IIf expression for that, I think it's because of the "or" in my criteria.

Date and Time Filter
I've tried searching for a solution to my problem but to no avail.

I have a query with a field name Date

Field: Date
Criteria: Between Date() and Date()-1

The criteria above works just for filtering between those two dates, but what I would like to do is to filter with date and time I would like to filter between todays date starting at 8:00 AM and Yesterdays date at 8:00 AM how would I go about doing something like this? I've tried many different combination but none seems to work

I tried putting something like this in the criteria:
Criteria: Between Date()<#08:00:00AM# and Date()-1>#08:00:00AM#
that does not work either I'm pretty much out of ideas

Expression Assistance...
need some help. I know it's probably a simple answer, but I can't figure this out. I have a date field for a policy expiration date. I need to set up a query so that it will use todays' date to run a report that shows which policies have (or will) expire. Can anyone

send automatic email
I'm new in this forum and I'm trying to solve since some days a problem. After exploring several forum, I think I can here found the better experts.
I have a table which contains several fields with "user names" and other anagraphic data, included the fields "email" and "medical certificate expiration date". I need that 15 days (or "x" days) before the expiration date, the relevant user name can receive an alert email informing him to provide to renew his certificate.
I'm not so practice abt VBAm but I really appreciate your help and also your patience (sorry if some grammatical mistaken are present, I'm from italy)

Date Expiration
Anyone can help me with this.
I have this fields
-Promo Name
-Start Date
-End Date

I want to show on the status if the Promo is already INACTIVE or ACTIVE

date format
I have a VB code that checks the date in an *.mdb file, comparing system date with expiration date contained in the same *.mdb.
Indeed the current data, got from system, is written in this *.mdb. All is working fine when the system date format *.mdb format for date are the same. All is not working when the two formats are different. (ex: US format and European format).

The software expires since it finds a different date that the one set.

Has any of you ever encountered a similar situation ? Ideal solution would be putting the two dates in the same format.