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Excel like checkbox filter

Excel like checkbox filter
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Is it possible to have an Excel like filter in Access
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Checkbox filter on a form

I have a table and a Checkbox field called FFA_Status.

I would like to filter in my form only Checked items:

I don't know how to use Filter options and what does Filter On Load means.

I've tried: [FFA_Status]="Yes". Not working

Export bool Data to Excel as a checkBox

you experts!

I have an App. that prints out a list from witch people can select (or unselect) list items, using a pen or pencil. The user then types in this selection.

I would like to automate this process using an Excel sheet, but don't know how to implement the bool value in an excel cell. I think a checkBox would be good.
1) Am I right? there are about 200-700 items in the list.
2) How do I format a cell as a checkBox using acc 2003 VBA

Convert Checkbox to text

Can you assist me in converting a checkbox to text? I need to do it two ways: 1. Checkbox on = X; Checkbox off = (null)
2. Checkbox on = Yes; Checkbox off = No

Display When Checkbox in Another Form is True

On both of these forms I have the following fields: P and Country. KAF also has a checkbox (called KAF).

The Main form is a continuous form, so I can't use a subform to show whether or not the checkbox for the corresponding record in KAF is checked.

My idea was to display a label in the Main Form ONLY when the corresponding record in KAF has the checkbox checked. The thing is, BOTH of the fields (P and Country) need to match the record in the KAF form.

I thought that what I could do is to make KAF open as a hidden form when the Main Form opens and then filter KAF so that it displays the record corresponding to the record on the Main Form that has the focus.

Then I would need to run code like this to filter the hidden KAF form to match the current record in the Main Form:


1. I have not been able to filter KAF based on the record that has focus - how would I do that?
2. This feels like a very round-about way to do this - is there an easier way?

Checkbox filter on Datasheet

Done a pile of searching and I can't seem to figure out what should be a simple problem.

I have a Datasheet form that has a checkbox in the header. When the checkbox is checked, I want the datasheet to update and show only records with the field value = 6. The field is called [Category]. If the box is unchecked, I want all records to display.

I should also mention that this form is based on a query.

Report Filter

I'm trying to create a macro in my report that will filter records when a checkbox is checked in a form.

My form has a checkbox that when not checked the value is "0" When checked the value is "-1"
the checkbox name is "CheckFabric"

In my report, I have an event in the header that starts when printing. The event is an embedded macro as follows:

Budget Report is my table, Extra1 is a value 1 or 0.

When "CheckFabric" = -1 (is checked), I want to filter the table so only the Records that Extra1 = 0 show.

Checkbox in mainform to control subform

I have a checkbox:chkISO and set default Value: YES this checkbox is place is in my mainform

I need that since it set to YES it will filter only a record in my subform:Subform_ProjectList that contains ISOMETRICS under Title field name.

My subform has many field name like Doc Nos, Rev, Title, Status and etc.

how to export the value of checkbox on a report in to excel

I have used check box datatype in my database, also created a report, it is all looking fine, but when I export the report in to excel or word or html, the checkbox values are not exported, only the numeric and text data is exported,

Create ComboBox Filter

I have a form with a combo box that I am trying to add a filter to. I would like to filter the data by type and date (To and From) and then export those results to excel. I know there is a way to do it with combo box filters and requery methods but am not sure of how exactly.

The first is a combo list box called request type which contains let's say A,B,C,all. I also have a (date from) and (date to) [LINK] which I am also trying to use as the second filter to filter the dates entered by the user and the request type.

I have created a macro button to export the report query to excel but I am trying to add the appropriate filters to the querybefore exporting to excel.

Also, when (all) is selected, I do not want the filter to apply to (request type).

Help with checkbox!

Working on a program( ASP + SQL). I want to get the value of the checkbox to update the database. When you the checkbox is checked, the field in the database will be set to true. But if it is not checked, the value will be false or null. The problem is, everytime when I checked the checkbox and click update, upon reloading the form, the checked checkbox will be..