Error message refers to a form that does not exist

I receive the following error message when I open a database: (see attachment).
The original table name was changed and a new form designed that functions fine. I can find no trace of the form mentioned in the error message. I thought I had deleted any old forms when I made the change. This table is linked to another database and the error form is not located there either.
The macro referred to does not show up anywhere that I can find.
After I acknowledge the error message the database works fine.

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Error2467 The Expression You Entered Refers to an object that is closed
I have an Access 2003 Data Project with SQL Server 2008 Back End. When the user selects a drop down list I am trying to assign the recordsource of a subform and I keep getting the following error:
Error 2467 "The Expression You Entered Refers to an object that is closed or Doesn't Exist"

Error: Record source specificed on this form does not exist.
I have been fighting with this error for a while now and I must come for help.
The exact error message is:

The record source '~sq_CTrainedEmployees subform~sq_cEmployeeInfoID' specified on this form or report does not exist.

The name of the recordsource may be misspelled, the recordsource was deleted or renamed, or the recordsource exists in a different database.

I am unsure of where it's pulling this ~sq_cTrainedEmployees subform~sq_cEmployeeInfoID string from. The recordsource for the form is not set as such yet this is the error that I get. EmployeeInfoID is also a valid field on the linked table.

This happens after adding a combobox to the form. I have quadruple verified that my row source query string is correct.

I figure I am overlooking something somewhere that's throwing up this message

searching for macro that doesn't exist
I am using a Microsoft dbase template called Issues. I have eliminated all the forms, reports and modified it for my use. When I open it I get the following error.

The form name 'IssueList' is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist.
If the invalid name is in a macro, an Action failed dialog box will display the name and the macro's arguments after you click OK.

I have opened everything and searched within the properties for anything with the name IssueList or a macro referencing it. I can't find it. Am I missing another place to lo

Switchboard Removed but still there
I have removed the switchboard form, table and the command in AutoExec as well as the startup program. However I still get a.

"The form name "Switchboard" is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist. If the invalid form name is in a Macro, an action failed dialog box will display the macro name and the macro's arguments after you click ok. Open the Macro window, and enter the correct name."

I have deleted the AutoExec and recreated it to open the MainMenu_frm that I am now working with.

Any help in getting rid of this error message is greatly appreciated.

Error 2103 with open report
I made come changes to a report that I call from a form and now I get this Error 2103 that tells me the report name I entered in either the property sheet or macro is misspelled or refers to a report that does not exist.

It is not a macro or the macro name would be displayed (or so I read) and the report exists and in fact works if I run it directly, outside of the form.

Import Excel Data Macro Error
I have designed a macro in Access 2007 that imports data from 4 excel files. Name of excel files are Form A, B, C and D. I recently installed Access 2010. Now when I click the import button, the macro pops up a message saying that "Form A" doesn't exist in the specified location - this is true. But Form B, C and D are there. I want the macro to import data from those files only that exist in a specified location.

In Access 2007, database would import existing data only. It didn't give me a message if Form A or any other form wouldn't exist in the specified location.

What can I do to make the macro behave similar to what it was doing in previous version

Error handler disregarded
I have got a bizare behaviour that I see exhibited by Access 2003. With error handling in effect, my code attempts to write a record to a table. If the INSERT INTO command of the SQL statement specifies a field that does not exist in the underlying table, execution is suppose to jump to my error handling section without triggering Acess' error message.

Therein, the errant field name is parsed from the error text and a popup form gives the user options on how to proceed.

It used to work when it was first implemented and eventually it stopped working. In practice, Access does trigger an error message despite the use of 'On Error Goto blah', and the error raised is 3127 (Reserved error), so even though execution passes to the error handlersection, the ability to get the field name from the error text is lost because the error text is not what it's suppose to be.

Create an error message from a search button
I am new to MS Access in terms of using the Macro functions. I am trying to create a search button which will return a set of forms related to a particular person which I have created a table for.

At present I have got this to work by linking a query (and its form) to the textboxes in search form and using the open form Macro on the button located on a search form. However, if I enter the details of a person who does not already exist in the person details table, the form still appears but without a related record.

What I would like is an error message to appear telling the user that they have entered their search details incorrectly instead of bring up a blank form

Dialog Box with the following:
I made changes to an existing form - formally known as Attendees.Changed the name to Clients and changed all of the coding that I could find to reflect this change however when loading the database I am getting the following message.

The form name 'Attendees" is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist
If the invalid name is in a macro, an Action Failed dialog box will display the macro name and the macros arguments after you click ok. Open the macro window, and enter the correct form name.

How can I find where this is coming from. I have checked all macro files and there does not seem to be any "Attendees" stated anywhere

Error 2467 .. object ... doesn't exist - how to check?
I'm getting R/T Error 2467 "The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist."
Yes, I know what that means.
But . how do I check for that before it blows up?
The following code shows attempts to do so. None worked; anyone any ideas?
' original code
If (Form_subMyForm.Visible = True) Then
'do something
' attempts to fix by prequalifying that object exists
'If (Form_subBiddersList Is Nothing) Then
'If (Form_subBiddersList = Nothing) Then
'If (Form_subBiddersList Is Null) Then
'If (Form_subBiddersList = Null) Then
'If (IsNull(Form_subBiddersList)) Then
'If (IsEmpty(Form_subBiddersList)) Then
'If (Form_subBiddersList = Empty) Then
'If (Nz(Form_subBiddersList.Visible) = 0) Then
Some way to check for an uninitialised/closed variable/form would be appreciated.
PS BTW This is a very large app that I've been asked to fix up; saying something trite like 'initialise the variable before use' is NOT an option

Create error msg box
How do I create a msg box whenever someone enter a project number that doesnt exist. Currently it just pull up the form or report with empty information.
I would prefer to have it just popup a message that says this project number doesnt exist. Try again.

I'm not sure how to create the macro or where to place it? Need

Check if the user is present in the table
I want to check if the current logging user exist in the tbluser or not. If it doesn't then message should appear that "The user doesn't exist in the database, Please raise request to your team leader to add you in". But if exist then it should check the "status" of the user in tbluser. If status is Admin then all buttons should become visible otherwise just few options should be visible.

But for now in the else section I have just put the message "exist". But this doesn't work. As it displays message "exist" even the current user is not present in the table.

Private Sub Form_Load() If DLookup("user", "tbluser", "User='" & Environ("username") & "'") = 0 Then MsgBox "The user doesn't exist" Else MsgBox "exist" End If End Sub

Weird subform behaviour
As the title suggests it is a strange error that I am getting and may be difficult to explain clearly but here goes nothing.

I have an unbound form with 8 subforms, all of the subforms "Record Source" properties are set to various queries. The problem is that when I open the form in Form view initally all of the subforms (which aren't all visible at the same time but if made visible with the appropriate actions) are blank. Things get weird when I switch to design view, then back to form view the data that was supposed to be in the sub forms appears as it should.

I have subform#.Requery lines and I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with no luck

Also this might help, if I try to change a property of any of the subforms say the BackColor of the Detail section I get an error "The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist"

Access form message box when a duplicate value is entered.
I use the code below to try and prevent the user from scanning in a duplicate serial number into a database. I experienced the error message every time, regardless of what I entered into the field, making sure that the entry did not already exist.

Field Name in the form where I scan in the barcode from the part = SN

Table where I want to check for duplicates, within a column named "Serial Number" = TBL_Assy_Operation

Automation Error encountered in win7.64bit

An .mde created in Access.03 when run in Office.07 Access gets into a Automation Error. No such error exist when the same .mde runs in WinXp.SP3.

Some questions I hope to get some answers.
1 What is the significance of this error?
2 Is win7 or .64bit causing this error to occur?
3 How this error related to OLE Automation reference that exist in the particular .mde

Combo box open reports
I'm using this code for a combo box used to open reports but it does not work. THe error message when I select a report from the combo is " The report name 'Screen.ActiveControl' you entered in eitherthe property sheet or macro is misspelled or refers to a report that doesn't exist".
The code is used for the following situation:
- I created a table with the name of the reports (table=Reports, column=Nume_raport)
- then I created in a form the combo list with the code:

Private Sub Combo0_AfterUpdate()
On Error GoTo Combo0_AfterUpdate_Err
If (IsNull(Screen.ActiveControl)) Then
Exit Sub
End If
TempVars.Add "Nume_raport", "Screen.ActiveControl"
If (CurrentProject.IsTrusted) Then
Screen.ActiveControl = Null
End If
DoCmd.OpenReport TempVars!Nume_raport, acViewReport, "", "", acNormal
TempVars.Remove "Nume_raport"

Exit Sub
MsgBox Error$
Resume Combo0_AfterUpdate_Exit

Error With Hyperlink In Report
I am working on a database to manage contract documents and have posted a link to a sample version below. There are three reports in the navigation pane; each report includes a "ContractID" field which is hyperlinked to open the Contract Detail form ("frmContractDetail") for the particular contract selected.

This works fine if you open the reports directly from the navigationpane and click the links.

Now if you go to the main form ("frmMain") and click the Report Center tab, there are links on the right side of the page that open these reports using the BrowseTo method (DoCmd.BrowseTo).The problem is that when the reports load on the page, the ContractID hyperlinks no longer work: I get an error that the report referenced in the DoCmd.OpenForm statement is not open.

Here is the statement that runs when the Contract ID hyperlink on the report is clicked (this one is from the "Active Contracts" report):

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmContractDetail", acNormal, , "[ContractID]=" & Reports!rptActiveContracts.ContractID, acFormEdit, acWindowNormal

The error message I receive is: "The report name 'rptActiveContracts' you entered is misspelled or refers to a report that isn't open or doesn't exist."

define an action if no records exist
Could you help please?

I have a form which loads on Access startup. If a record exists in the form then an action is performed but how do you define an action if there are no records?

The code I have got is

If Me.UserName <> "" Then DoCmd.Maximize MsgBox "New Support Request" & Chr$(13) & Chr$(13) & "Double-click the username to view", vbOKOnly ElseIf Not exist Then DoCmd.Minimize MsgBox "no requests", vbOKOnly End If

When there are no records in the form I get an error message run time error 2427 You entered an expression that has no value coming from If Me.UserName. I understand why it is happening but what is the method of getting the code to run if there are no records?

3011 error with no object/file name
I have a shared Access 2003 database with multiple users all on Windows XP.

One user gets a 3011 error, but the message does not give an object or file name; it simply gives two single quotes at the end of the "cannot find" message.
None of the other users gets this problem when executing the same procedures.

In searching for a possible solution, on this forum and via Google, it seems that this error mainly occurs where there is a split [front-end/back-end] database or a file or object is being imported/exported. Neither of these is true in my example: it is a monolithic database file and the command that causes the error is: DoCmd.OpenReport . and the Report DOES exist.

Access 2010 script error message
Why there is an error message saying that there is a script error when linking the youtube website home page from the Access 2010 form?

I had established a database using Access 2010 and everything works fine except that there is always an error message pumped up once the website is opened from the Access 2010 form. The detail of the error message is as follows:

"An error occurred in the script on this page. Line 42. Char 346. Error: unknown name. Code: 0. URL: [LINK]

v2_68_02.js. Do you want to continue running script on this page? yes or no"

On the same form of the Access 2010 I have some other websites linked and they all work fine except the website. Please explain and tell how to fix this by sending an email to me.