Error 2950 In Access 2007 Runtime From Trusted Location

I am deploying an Access 2003 database in a network environment using the 2007 Runtime to run the DB. The front end runs off of the local computer and the backend off of a network location.

I have both databases in trusted locations that I have added through the registry. I have enabled network locations. I do not get a prompt indicating that they are not trusted, which shows me that they really are in trusted locations.

I have the full version of 2007 on my laptop and get no errors, however, on the client machine I get a 2950 error in the Autoexec macro.

I tried moving the function call in the macro into a form that would launch on startup instead of the macro and still get the runtime error, however, when I get the error in this fashion I do not get the error dialog like with the macro, I just get a runtime msgbox.

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Deploy 2007 as runtime, trusted location
I have been playing with Runtime 2007, and ran into the issue of setting trusted location on the foreign machines.

According to if the lot is packaged using the developer extensions, then the package can "Add the install folder as a trusted location." This, I presume, resolves the trusted location iussue with security warning/question at startup. Is that so? Can I package the lot such that the user does not get issues with trusted location?

Error 2950 In A2007 in AutoExec Macro From Trusted Location
I'm running Access 2007 on a Win XP box. I have a make table query to create a local table from linked Oracle tables. I have been running this successfully for a couple months in a trusted location from an AutoExec macro via a scheduled overnight job.

I recently started receiving a 2950 error when running the query from the macro, but when I run it manually itcompletes successfully.

2950 Error in Access 2007
I am running Access 2007 (SP1) on WinXP

I have created a macro that calls a function from within it. However, whenever you run the macro the 2950 error comes up. I have set my database folder as a trusted location but it still happens.

Assuming this is a bug, can anyone suggest another way to run the code. Incidentally, when I try to run it direct from the Switchboard I get an error returned as well (although it doesn't tell me why). The functions does run fine on its own when done manually.

Access 2950 error
I am getting a 2950 error. I looked it up on MS support but the solution did not work. So let me explain. I have an Access program that is a Macro calling a VBA program via scheduler on a server. The program is run with AC2007 runtime.
It loads data to a back end database. The program is getting this message.
Action failed
Macro Name: ImportCounts
Condition: True
Action Name: RunCode
Arguments: LoadCounts()
Error Number: 2950
I have checked the Trusted locations and added the program location in the program. I was told this is a local setting and can not be set on the server because we are using AC2007 runtime. Anyway changing the settings did not effect the message. Is that true? How do I get the program to run

Add a trusted location with Access 2007 Runtime
How in the world do I add a trusted location with only the Runtime version of Access 2007 installed on the PC?

I am in the process of distributing some new runtime-only applications; how do I stop the irritating "potential security risk" warning from coming up everytime the user logs in? I can't figure out how to get to the "trust center" with only Access Runtime installed. Users don't have any other 2007 applications like Word or Excel either, and are running Windows XP, NOT Vista

Create, remove, or change a trusted location for your files
A trusted location is typically a folder on your hard disk or a network share. Any file that you put in a trusted location can be opened without being checked by the Trust Center security feature. This article explains why trusted locations can be useful and how you create them. It also outlines precautions that you should take before using a trusted location.
In this article
* When should I use a trusted location?
* Which trusted locations are safer?
* Create a trusted location
* Remove a trusted location
* Change a trusted location

Error 2950 with TransferSpreadsheet
So all of my users can run my macro to import data from excel into the access database, however sometimes they will ranomly get the following error

Action Failed
Macro Name: Import
Condition: True
Action Name: TransferSpreadsheet
Arguments: Import, 10,Offline, O:\Access\ImportOff,Yes,
Error Number: 2950

Im not exactly sure why this error is appearing, the MS documentation I read stated that this error occurs when the database is not in a trusted location but I have checked and confirmed that it is, does anybody know anyway to resolve this

Access 7 Macro error 2950
I am using a Microsoft template for an address book (found on the Office templates site). When modifying data or adding data I get an error message which I have attached to this post. The database is in a trusted location so I believe it is a bug in the macro.

I am running Win 7 Ultimate 32bit and Office Pro 2007

Access 2007 Macros & Trust Issue
I converted a database from Access 2003 to 2007 and now the macros do not work. I have made sure that it is in a trusted location. I have selected "enable all macros". The message bar is supposed to pop up, but I have never seen it.

The error on the macros says that steps won't work if the database is not trusted.

Access Error 2950!
I have an access .accb file with one form.
On the sub:
Public Sub Form_Load()
End Sub

When the form loads, it sets focus to combobox1. EASY RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?

It works perfectly fine using Access 2007 on Windows XP.

When I open it on Access 2010 on Windows 7, I get Run-Time Error '2950'! Tried 4 different computers all with the same error!

Problem With SetValue, but Only On Certain Forms
Basically, my database is for HR and uses a series of forms to enter a new hire, and to export this new hire to excel for a data upload. The weird thing is that it worked before, then all of a sudden, it gave me error 2950 while trying to run a macro which had a few SetValue functions.

I went to another form to see if that one worked w/ SetValue (because the database is trusted in my system), and it did. So my problem is that I'm receiving error 2950 (trust issues) inone form, but not receiving the same error, from the same function, on another form.

Form navigation error
I use macros to navigate through menu forms, so that I can close one form as I open another. (im sure most people do this, but I know others that don't close a form when another opens)

I keep getting the 2950 error message (see However, the database is in a trusted location, and I have implemented the autoexec macro suggested in the microsoft support section to check this.

I don't get the error on all forms, only forms which display data. And this error has only occured since I redesigned the GUI to incorporate pop up forms, rather than fit to screen forms.

sharing a database over network
I have made a database in access 2010. and I have put that in a shared folder. split that into fe and be.
and on my network I am using access 2010 runtime on other computer to access it. on that computer in registry settings I have trusted locations as //server/database I.e. in database folder I have the fe and be.

I can open the fe but with potential security warning I.e. of trusted locations I think . and when I click open on it it doesn't open my forms those are linked with tables from navigation form and displays the error that is something concerned with location g:\database which is on my server computer.

How to set macro security on distributed app
I have a small app that I developed for a friend that allows him to track lab procedures. He does not have Access 2007 on his lab computer, so I installed the runtime. I then copied the app to his computer. Everytime I run the app, I get the message about macro security. I accept it and continue. How can I set the directory where the app resides as a trusted location. It is easy to do with a full copy, but I only have the runtime on his machine

How database objects behave when trusted and untrusted
By default, Microsoft Office Access 2007 disables a number of database objects unless you apply a digital signature to them or you place the database in a trusted location. The information in this article lists the components that Office Access 2007 disables.
TOC: * Components that Office Access 2007 disables
* How to enable a disabled database

Access runtime 2003 compatability question
Need urgent help we have to use the Access runtime 2003 software because of an older SQL database we have in use. We are now upgrading computers to Office 2007 only word, excel, outlook and powerpoint. However we are getting errors on the ODBC settings for our database. Can we have Access runtime 2003 installed with Office 2007.

The error we are getting is "Could not load the setup or translator library.

Do older versions of the Access runtime not work with Office 2007. Searched the web and found an article that suggested

Incorrect registry settings for MDAC components.
Incompatible .dll files.

Could this be that Access runtime 2003 does not work with Office 2007. We have had office 2003 for years but its time to upgrade but we cannot change the access runtime yet.

Runtime Error 3075 - Access 2010
We use an access database for our Human Resources department. Recently we updated to Access 2010 on a couple of workstations. In Access 2010 we keep getting Runtime Error 3075 missing operator. I click debug and this is where the error is happening.
While playing with the code I noticed if I take out the "AND" in the bold line above. The error is removed within Access 2010; however, it creates the same error in Access 2007, 2003. We still have a couple users that utilize Access 2007 and need it to function properly in both instances.

This is a program that I have inherited and my programming skills are minimal at best.

I have worked on this for several hours already, or 2007; however, not in both.

mdb save problems with Access 2010
We've got both Access 2007 and 2010 running as front ends for our SQL db on several computers at work. I've got a small Autoexec VBA program toautomatically update the Access database that is loaded on everyone's desktop:


Specific error is that the switchboard form on the db does not load using Access 2010 after the update. Everything else seems to work. Also impossible to manually open or design form after the update, since Access says it now cannot recognize data in that form ?! 2007 Access works perfectly, no problems.
I've already turned off everything obvious in the Trust Center, as well as designated my source location as a trusted location.

Error 2950
I downloaded the Access template for school student database last summer. I had no knowledge of access, but did some research and re-worked this template to make it work for my school. About 5 months ago we started getting problems and errors. One of the most recent is error 2950. What does this mean

Calculate DateDiff Excluding Weekends in SQL or UDF Run on UNTRUSTED Location
I am working on a small database and need to calculate differences between dates excluding weekends. I have found a large number of posts regarding doing this with VBA functions, but I need to do it strictly in SQL (it needs to feed directly into query results on a database whose location cannot be set as trusted due to my company's network requirements/regulations).

If anyone knows of a UDF that will perform this function without the database being stored in a trusted location, I could use that instead, but all of the UDF's I can find in the forum require a trusted location to run.