Email: auto populate "TO"

Auto populate “To” email field with email that’s associated with that reports recorded vendor

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Send email from form based on information on the from
My form is named "NotestoStaff" and it contains the following fields:

ID (an auto field)
Date Opened
Note To
Note From

Once the fields are filled in I want to click send (a command button located on the form) and the Note to field will populate the email address in anew outlook email, the re field will populate the subject line, and the message field will populate the body of the email.

I prefer this than sending an object, but if this is not possible may have to resort to sending the object.

Auto Send Outlook Email
I have some basic code that auto sends an email:

DoCmd.SendObject , , , "", , , "Onboard Notice", msg, 0

But before it sends I get a pop-up from Outlook that reads "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses. do you want to allow this? ."

Access - Outlook
My application is distributed to 15 users and I want the users to be able to email records directly from Access.

My idea is that a set of queries will populate a"e-mail"-form and from there the user should have the option to Send the email, thus also creating a timestamp of this event. The email body is a"template" were"placeholders" should accommodate selected data. The email will accommodate 2 default attachments and one to be selected by each user. Ideally the"From" field should include a generic email address related to our"collective email-box".

Auto Populate a new record from a form with data from the current form
I know this should be easy but being new to Access I am struggling.
I have a form. One of the fields on the form is "NCRnumber" which is auto generated. I have another Field called "CARnumber" which is empty field. I want to put a button next to the "CARnumber" that will call the CARform to add a NEW CARform Record but I want to pass the "NCRnumber" from the NCRform to the "NCRNmuber on the CARform. The CARform will auto generate a "CarNumber" then return back to the NCRform and populate the "CARnumber" from the CARform

Auto Populate form
I have a database I need to create a form that will auto populate based on an entered field.

I have two tables:
- tblMailing
- tblSurvey

tblMailing has the customer information with a unique id field "FI_Code". This database is imported monthly.

tblSurvey has about 25 survey fields that will link to the tblMailing database by an "FI_Code".

I need to create a form where the user types in the "FI_Code" and it will auto populate some fields from the "tblMailing" table, and also show the BLANK survey fields from "tblSurvey"

Need to be able to fill out the survey based on the "FI_Code" and have it saved back to "tblSurvey"

Auto Populate Field Based on other fields
I am a total access newbie when it comes to designing a database. I have managed to create a simple web database for project management but have run into a snag.

I want to have a field (field 3) auto-populate based on what is entered into two other fields (field 1 & field 2).

Field 1 is a date field (when a presentation is due). Field 2 is a yes/no checkbox (if checked, it means no presentation is necessary). Field 3 would be a calculated text field (?) because text cannot be entered into Field 1.

If field 1 is null and field 2 is checked, then I want "NA" to auto populate into field 3. However, if field 1 is null and field 2 is not checked, I want "TBD" to auto populate into field 3. If field 1 is not null, then I want field 3 to be null

Access Form Text Box Entry depending on Combo Box selection
What I would like to do is have a form field (text box) auto populate a value depending on the selection of a combo box within the same form.

Example: Combo Box Selection is "Prospect " and Text Box value would auto populate to "Opportunity"
or: Combo Box Selection is "Client " and Text Box value would auto populate to "Clients"

The Combo Box is named "Contact_Type" and the Text Box is named "Category"

Basically I'm looking for an Expression or VBA Code that can do this..

Auto-populate and Attachment Problem
Firstly I would like to auto populate certain fields base on a ride name but do not know how to go about doing that. Next, whenever I start filling in a form, and when I wan to attached a file it always show "Cannot update. Database or object is read-only". I can only attached a file when I go next and then go back which I think is not really practical.

Email report as body of email (RTF)
Having spent the last hour Googling sites for answers to the issue I'm having, I haven't been able to find a solution so apologies for creating another thread about this (it seems this isquite a popular problem people are having!).

So basically, I want to email a report I'm generating in Access to someone but putting the report into the body of the email, After looking through theseforums, I found the following thread which was really useful on getting the basics done:

This is the code I've skilfully copied and pasted into my Access db:


So the above code correctly creates an email and populates the "To" and "Subject" fields fine. However, when it goes to populate the body of the email, this is what I get:

It's not replicating the layout of the report in the body of the email. It just seems to be giving me a load of rubbish instead!

I've also tried changing the ".body" to ".

VB Code to send an email
This is my very first post after searching and not finding what I need.

I need to send an email from Access 2007. I want to use an HTML file that is located at F:\Orbits Training Doc.html as the template for the email.

The subject line needs to be "Orbits Web Training"

I have a qry that is called myemailaddresses in which I need to use field "email" to populate the email address in outlook. The field will only have 1 result and not multiple.

Someone help!

If it makes it easier I could also use a .txt file as the body of the email but the HTML file is much cleaner as this is a communication that will be going out to customers

Auto Populate from a Search Query
I have 2 tables: 1) tbl - Issue_Codes and 2) tbl - Master Table

Step1 - I created a Search query using the "Loan Number" field in "Master Table". I named this query"qry - Loan Information Search."

Step 2 - I then created a form using this Search query. However, the "Issue_ID" field in this form was unable to give me the drop down box, so I deleted and add the existing fields (Issue_ID and Issue_type) from the Master Table itself. Now, I have a Search form with "Issue_ID" field having the drop down box.

Step 3 - Create an auto populate field (Issue_type) in the form. I want to select the "Issue_ID" in the drop down box and the "Issue_type" field will auto populate based on the references in "Issue_Codes" table.

How can I write a DLookUp in "Issue_type" Control Source?

Access 2010, how to email an open report.....
I'm trying to email a report. I have a button on the report (code below) and it works however I need to modify the code to populate the DoCmd.SendObject "to" with the email address on the form.

This works but obviously the "To" is blank on the Outlook email that it generates.

I've tried to have the code look on the form and pull the email address in by adding the form & field but that gives me the error msg! "Run-time error '2498' An Expression youentered is the wrong data type for one of the arguments"

adding attachments to a vba generated email
I'm after an add on to my current email generating code that will add an attachment (always located at the same file path) to my email.

my current code that is applicable to this part is

DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, "", actext, "email at", "", , "subject", strText

Auto Send report in body of email via Access 2003
I have a very simple report that I need to have in the body of an email. I have a form with a button that should activate outlook, add the simple report to the body of the email and send. The TO: field will be blank due to a distro list. The subject field should also have a standard constant message.

The report is updated in access so it doesn't need to be done in this code. I need this to be very simple. I am having code-writing-block. Please assist with this.

I would also like to have the format be txt not html or snapshot.

thank you all for the assistance.

here is my code

Dim strMsgBody As String
strmsgbody = ?

DoCmd.OpenReport "Daily_Text", acViewPreview, "", "", acNormal
DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "Daily_Text", "SnapshotFormat(*.snp)", "", "", "", "LNP Totals", strMsgBody, True, ""
MsgBox "Text Message report has been processed.", vbInformation

Send email from Access thru Outlook
I have a form with a person's information on it including email address. I need code that will open Outlook and populate the "To" field with the email address on the form automatically

Auto populate fields in a table
I am trying to modify someones existing Access database that has multiple years worth of data. There are no forms in the database as it is built only with tables and queries (and the few reports that I have been able to add). Inputting data into this database has always been done manually through the various existing tables. One of the main uses for the database is tracking product downloads This is done with a 3 field "Pick-up" table (Customer (First and Last Name (appended from a Contacts table)), Product, and Pickup Date) that is linked to multiple other queries and tables. The issue is the downloads are tracked via e-mail address (also in the Contacts table) so all the data is input manually by polling the e-mails from a separate program and manually inputing each download to the corresponding name in the table.

What I want to do is add an email field to the 'Pick-up" table and have the Customer field auto-populate (again all in a table

Auto populate the Issue type using the reference
I have two tables 1) tbl_Master and 2) tbl_Issue_Codes - this table has two fields: Issue_code and Issue_type.

I want to create a form from the Master table where I select the Issue Code it will auto populate the Issue type using the reference in "Issue_Code" table.

Looping through a query
I have a form that is brought up at startup (frmSteve) and I would like to run a query (qryOlder) in the "On Current" for that form. The query captures any record that is over 14 days old.

What I need to do is send an automatic email to myself for each record that came up in the query.
The query works fine. The code I have to auto-email works fine. I am just completely clueless as to how to set up the code to loop through the query and run the auto-email code for each record.

After searching online, I found some code and tried plugging it in with mine just to see what happened. Here's what I came up with:

How can you make a combo list unclickable?
I have description list (desc) where if you chose certain description (mild, medium, severe) the next combo field beside it (level) will auto populate a number (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5). The thing is, some users are getting used of forcedly changing the level if they feel like it.

Let's say if they choose mild from Desc list, the level field should auto-populate to "1" butmost of the time users changed this level to different number from the list because it's clickable.

Is it possible to make it unclickable as soon as it auto-populate the right level from the list?

Email populate TO:
Is it possible to populate the TO: field when sending a Email(SendObject Macro) with a email address you have in one of your tables