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Email Addresses Changed From "mailto:" To "http://"

I get duplicate values when I convert a hyperlink field to text
Every time I import a query containing email addresses from Access into Excel, I end up with a "rider" on each email that looks like this: "[@email]#mailto:[@email]#". I tried to overcome the problem by making a new table with the email field changed from hyperlink to text, but the result was the same as above. Does anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it?

How to change http:// to mailto: in hyperlink
I did it! I cant believe it!
I was trying to fix the problem of the hyperlink issue, changing it from http:// to mailto: if you want to send email by outlook do the following:

1. Temporarily change the datatype of your field to TEXT
2. Run the following update statement (changing the table name and field
name appropriately):

UPDATE HyperLinks SET HyperLinks.EmailAddress = "#Mailto:" &

3. Change the datatype of y our field back to Hyperlink.

I did it and worked

Email individuals Info
I have a quick question.

I am using the following code to send the contents of a record set row to email addresses in the contents of a different row.

Set rstAM = New ADODB.Recordset
rstAM.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rstAM.Open "Select * From tblTest", _
CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

Dim r1, r2, r3 As String

Do While Not rstAM.EOF
r1 = rstAM![EmpName]
r2 = rstAM![Email Address]
r3 = rstAM![Prim Bucket]

DoCmd.SendObject , "", "", _
r2, "", "", Hello, _
Chr(13) & r1 & Chr(13) & " You are selecting " & r3 & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "Than You," & Chr(13) & "Management" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf, True, ""

The below is what appears in the "To:" section xxx.xxxx.xx#

It doubles up the recipient.
Any reason or fixes for this

Email with CC/ and Subject Line
I only use basic/easy codes to make my databases run more efficiently, I depend mostly on Macros. Can anyone help with a basic code to add a "CC" and "Subject" line to an outlook email populated from a command button?

but I want to add a CC email address and an automatic subject.

1) Private Sub SELECT_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
2) FollowHyperlink "mailto: EMAIL ADDRESS"
3) End Sub

Multiple Reports in cmd.SendObject
This code works great to create an email with my report, but I have another report I would like to send, and possibly a third. How can I put in a record seperator, much like ; for email addresses, so that it looks for the second report as well. ; , - '*' none of these work.

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "reportname", "PDF", strTo, ";", , "subject", "Text Body", , 0

send email to email addresses in database?
I have a table that keeps track of different managers for different departments. Each department has their own row of the table where we keep track of first/last names and email addresses of all the managers of each department (each departement has multiple managers). So, each row will have multiple email addresses.

How can I make a button that will automatically insert all the email addresses into the "To" field of a new Outlook message

Validation rule for email address
I am trying to put a validation rule into my table for an email address, to dictate that the last part of the email MUST be

I have reviewed this forum, as well as others and have tried various ways.

Is null or (Like "*?*")
Is null or ((Like "*?*") And (Not Like "*[ ,;]*"))
Is Null OR ((Like "*?@?*.?*.?*") AND (Not Like "*[ ,;]*"))

The problem is that when I either try to test the rule on exisiting data or import new data, I receive an error that my data does not match the rule. I have verified that my email addresses are all

Auto Send Outlook Email
I have some basic code that auto sends an email:

DoCmd.SendObject , , , "", , , "Onboard Notice", msg, 0

But before it sends I get a pop-up from Outlook that reads "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses. do you want to allow this? ."

Sendobject to addresses in a query
I'm designing a database for a computer shop and one of the features is a report showing all the customer information. I put a button up the top of the report labelled 'Mass Mailout' and want it to send an email to every address listed. I created a query of just email addresses with the criteria


to remove any blank fields, and earlier in my project I used a sendobject to one address in this fashion:

DoCmd.SendObject _
Me.Text1, _
Me.Text3, _
Me.Text5, _
False MsgBox ("Message Sent")

My question is how do I get the 'to' field in outlook to list all the email addresses in the query

address table with two foreign keys
My addresses table used to have a single foreign key - customers. Now that "buildings" entity is introduced, I also need to store addresses of buildings of interest.

If I were at the design stages of the database, I would have created a master "address owners" table, with one-to-one relationships to "customers" and "buildings" and a one to many relationship to addresses. However, the database is in use.

In order to relate "buildings" to "addresses" with referential integrity, I added another FK column to "addresses" to hold "buildings" PK. This works as intended, however now the addresses table have two FK columns that are both destined to be half null forever.

My fear is that would this structure cause problems down the road? Is itworth it to spend some hours to merge the PK's of my master tables (customers and buildings) into an "address owners" table whose sole purpose is to generate autonumber PK's forthose tables?

adding attachments to a vba generated email
I'm after an add on to my current email generating code that will add an attachment (always located at the same file path) to my email.

my current code that is applicable to this part is

DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, "", actext, "email at", "", , "subject", strText

Access - Outlook
My application is distributed to 15 users and I want the users to be able to email records directly from Access.

My idea is that a set of queries will populate a"e-mail"-form and from there the user should have the option to Send the email, thus also creating a timestamp of this event. The email body is a"template" were"placeholders" should accommodate selected data. The email will accommodate 2 default attachments and one to be selected by each user. Ideally the"From" field should include a generic email address related to our"collective email-box".

Why am i getting Null fields with this query?
Like "*1083*" Or Like "*4048*" Or Like "*1083*" Or Like "*4049*" Or Like "*4050*" Or Like "*4052*" Or Like "*6001*" Or Like "*6464*" Or Like "*8602*" Or Like "*8603*" Or Like "*8609*" Or Like "*8627*" Or Like "*8628*" Or Like "*8629*" Or Like "870*" Or Like "871*" Or Like "872*" Or Like "873*" Or Like "874*" Or Like "876*" Or Like "*,870*" Or Like "*,871*" Or Like "*,872*" Or Like "*,873*" Or Like "*,874*" Or Like "*,876*" Or Like "*8751*" Or Like "*8752*" Or Like "*8753*" Or Like "*8757*" Or Like "*8758*" Or Like "*8759*" Or Like "*8770*" Or Like "*8776*" Or Like "*8800*" Or Like "*8805*" Or Like "*8806*" Or Like

Automatic email
I have a form that users log product concerns on. When a new concern is logged, I want the manager of that product to be informed, automatically by email.
In "Team" table I have all the products, managers and email addresses stored.
In "ConcernInputForm" when the user inputs the project name I have a lookup command entering the manager name and email address automatically. How do I get the email address into my macro automatically? It needs to look at the field Email_Address I think?

Also, the form generates a concern log number, which I would like to include in the email

Email Validation
I was testing this email validation rule.
Is Null Or ((Like ") Or (Like ") Or (Like ")
Or (Like ") Or (Like ") And (Not Like "*[ ,;]*" And Not
Like "*.@*"))

e.g. I was trying to prevent user typing a .@ [that is a dot@] using the . And Not Like "*.@*")) . but it must be getting cancelled out by something previous in the validation string.

One character in an image control is not correct.
I had an image control name somethign like


The "i" at the beginning changed itself to a strange looking thing. The dot turned into a hat.

In the VBEditor it also changed the "i" so my compiler did not pick it up. It also worked fine when running.

Then I suppose a computer (in china) tried to open the DB. The form would not even open. The "img" was changed to nonrecognisable chinese characters but made no sense.

I am assuming that whatever the character was it was just not recognised by the foreign computer, but worked fine on mine.

Any ideas how an "i" could become something else?

I think it was this.

U+020B (code)

Latin Small Letter I with inverted breve

Did I type this? How

Outlook error message using SendObject method
I use the SendObject method to perform a periodic email to several email recipients. The email addresses are compiled through a loop statement,

The odd thing is, for one particular batch of recipients, I get the following error message from MS Outlook. But with all other batches of recipients, the email works great. I'm not sureif this is a Access problem or an Outlook problem.

Dim strReport As String
Dim strEmail As String
Dim strSubject As String
Dim strMessage As String

strReport = "RptScheduleMain_Project" 'name of report
strEmail = ProjectEmail(Me.ProjectID) 'function to compile a string of email addresses
strSubject = "Schedule"

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, strReport, acFormatPDF, strEmail, , , strSubject, strMessage, False

The snotty gram I get from Outlook is:
"Unknown message recipient; the message was not sent"

I can leave the strEmail string blank and input the email addresses manually without any problems.

combo box question
How do you prevent a combobox from being entered? For instance, I have a combobox that contains two values; a "1" & "2". Additions are turned off, so if I were to enter a "3",

But I don't even want the user to be able to enter the combobox. I just want them to be able to select the down arrow to pick either "1" or "2".

Additionally, I have an after update event for the combobox. Depending on if a "1" or "2" is selected, a different message box pops up. However, If the value is already "1" and the user selects the combobox and accidentally selects "1", I don't want anything to pop up since nothing has changed.

Only when the value is changed from "1" to "2" or from "2" to "1" do I want the message box to show.

I tried setting a variable to the value before the change happens, but that didn't do anything..

Email causing Crash
I am trying to send reports via email using VB code

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "MOEmailOrderList", "RichTextFormat(*.rtf)", Eaddress, "", "", subj, msg, False, ""

However its is intermittently crashing, will work 5 times then fall over for no apparent reason the next 4 times.

Running Access 97 (yes I know but they wont let us upgrade) in Windows XP with Office 2003

Email Sending Automatically Using DoCmd.SendObject
My access database sends an email using the following:

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "rptProviderLineRequestUK", acFormatRTF, strEmails, , , "Provider Line Request", , True

This all worked fine, until the customer changed their email client from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. The email used to be editable, but since the change the email is sent directly.

The [EditMessage] option is set to true, so why are the emails now being sent directly rather than being editable?