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Editing Business Templates In Access 2007

Editing Business Templates In Access 2007
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What I'm trying to do is edit one of the business templates in Access 2007 that can be downloaded off of Microsoft's site. This is the template named Asset List.

I load up the template, then I want to change the names of some of the fields in the template, so I close the main form, and open the table in design view.

Proceed to start editing, and some of the fields I can change the name on. Open the database back up, and the new field name is reflected correctly on the form now.

However some just will not change, I tried to change the field listed as location, to be VIN Number. I changed the field type, from being a drop down list to a text field.

Set the character length to 100. Changed the caption. Changed the name of the field to match the caption. Closed and saved.

Then when I re-open the database up in it's normal form view, the field is not changed at all. It's still location, and it's still a drop down list...
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Make design changes to templates in Access 2007

Client records. Product sales. Personnel files. Inventory reports. Vendor information. And contacts, contacts, contacts. These different items are probably just a small portion of the types of data you collect in your business transactions. Each event, each phone call, each search adds to the information you need to collect, organize, and report. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of the major enhancements included in Microsoft Office Access 2007 that let you make design changes to templates so they meet your business needs.

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Create a Template Table in Access 2007

A table template is a method of quickly creating a table and is a new feature for Access 2007. It is an empty table of a particular type that you may use as-is or modify. The Access 2007 table templates are compatible with SharePoint Services 3.0 and consist of the following templates: assets, contacts, events, issues and tasks. Here's how to create a template table in Access 2007.

Use a Database Template in Access 2007

Some database templates are included in Access 2007 and are frequently used by beginners to create applications without knowing anything about database design. Advanced users may also find that templates save time in setting up an application. The following steps will show how to create a database in Access 2007 using a template.

Database in Excel 2007 or Access 2007?

I am looking for advice on creating a database in Access 2007 or Excel 2007.

Database features
- Type of data: client project information which includes logos (images), text, date, number fields. The data will be updated weekly. Will increase in size.
- Use of database: queries such as client name, revenue, type of industry, year. No reports for the time being.
- Number of people accessing database: many a time
- Number of people editing database: two
- Location of database: may possibly upload it to MS SharePoint
- Number of computers in business with Access: few
- Number of computers in business with Excel: all

I have some experience with Access and Excel. Currently, Excel is used frequently in the company, there is no Access database in use.

I would happy to receive some insight from experienced users of Excel and Access. In case you suggest Excel or Access 2007, do you know any useful free tutorials or websites that teach howto create a database with these programs?

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Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a powerful set of tools that help you to quickly start tracking, reporting, and sharing information. You can rapidly create attractive and functional tracking applications by customizing one of several predefined templates, converting an existing database, or creating a new database, and you can do so without deep database knowledge. By using Office Access 2007, it is easy to adapt database applications and reports to changing business needs. The enhanced support for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in Office Access 2007 helps you to share, manage, audit, and back up your data.

Full screen text editing in Forms with Access 2007

Is there any way (probably through a key combi9nation) that I can invoke a larger editing window to edit memo text fields in an Access form? I know that, to get the full rich textcapability I need to set theText Format property appropriately, but I feel sure that there must be a way to expand the editing box to give me a bigger editing window.

Create a custom field template for the Field Templates pane

Sometimes it is easier to choose from a predefined list of fields than to manually create a field. You can use the Field Templates pane to choose from a list of predefined fields. You can also create your own custom defined field templates and then add them to the Field Templates pane. Microsoft Office Access 2007 comes with a set of built-in field templates that can save you considerable time when you create fields. To create a new field by using a field template, you display the Field Templates pane and then drag one or more templates to a table that is open in Datasheet view.
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Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a powerful set of tools that help you to quickly start tracking, reporting, and sharing information in a manageable environment. With its new, interactive design capabilities, prebuilt library of tracking application templates, and the ability to work with many data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, Office Access 2007 allows you to rapidly create attractive and functional tracking applications without requiring deep database knowledge. You can quickly create and adapt applications and reports to fit your changing business needs, and with its enhanced deep integration with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Office Access 2007 helps you share, manage, audit, and back up information.
* Migrating from Microsoft Office Access 2003, Access 2002, or Access 2000
* Migrating from Access 97
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* Migrating from Access 2.0

Restricted Templates

Can someone please explain why I can download Access 2010 templates, but they are not accessible for modifications? I can open them but cannot use any design functions to modify them to my needs. I see nowhere where there are any permission settings or user access restrictions, and Microsoft does not say that these templates are restricted in any way