Drag n Drop BETWEEN textbox and web browser

So I've read numerous questions about doing drag and drop between two text boxes and understand that concept.

but what about dragging text from a text box. into an embedded web browser? Would similar concepts apply? Is there a way to transfer information from access into the web html code?

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Drag and Drop into Textbox
I have 2 forms in my Access 2007 database. On one form I have textboxes that allow me to drag and drop text into them (filenames actually). On the new form, it will not allow me to do this same drop. If I create a new textbox on the original form it works. If I create a new textbox on the new form it won't. I've even tried copying the textbox from the working form to the new form and it still won't accept a "drop".

Is there a form setting that prevents it from working on the new form?

Saving form between drag / drop hyper linking?
I have a form I created that has several fields to drag/drop files from explorer to create hyperlink extensions. The problem is it does not work unless the form has been saved prior to the drag/drop.

This is not a big deal most of the time but if I’m dragging 2 or more files I have to save the form between each attempt which takes away the whole convince of drag/drop. Is there a way around this with some VBA?

Adding unbound textbox in Report
I would like to add an unbound textbox on a report.

The problem is.when I drag the textbox onto the form, Access doesn't automatically separate the title and the content. (it's in one place)

So if you drag a textbox onto the report in Design view, both the field title AND the content are in either the Page Header, or the Page Detail section.

It seems if the textbox title and the text detail are in Page Detail, for example, then for every other field there is on the report, this texbox is going to show, which is not wanted at all.

How to tell Access that I would just like to include another column in there

bypass the Outlook security message
It is for Sending Mail. I've tried it for drag and drop an email from Outlook to a memo field from the following link but it does not work for me.

The routine for drag and drop works for me but I would like to get rid of the security message "a program is trying to access e-mail addresses etc

Bypass the Outlook security message
It is for Sending Mail.

I've tried it for drag and drop an email from Outlook to a memo field from the following link but it does not work for me.

The routine for drag and drop works for me but I would like to get rid of the security message "a program is trying to access e-mail addresses etc."

Drag and Drop Re Order List Box
I need to set up a list box so that I can drag and drop options to re order them within the list box.

the code on that thread I am told woks well for excel spread sheets. Any body offer any suggestions for doing something similar in Access (as I am pretty sure there is no BeforeDragandDrop event in access)

Save files through form into a folder (drag and drop)
I currently have buttons that create folders in windows in my forms. User creates folder then opens from form and puts file inside (pdf/word doc/whatever)

I was just thinking whether it is possible to be able to drag a file into a particular text box/field in the access form and for the file to be saved at the backend folder.

I basically wanted to see if I could limit the users navigating around the backend windows folders, and for everything to be able to be opened and saved from within access form itself?

Note I dont want the files as attachments in the forms (DB would get too big).

I guess this is a simple drag and drop operation?

Acess Web browser Controler Help
I have open the excel file on ms access form by using web browser control, I need to set the data into one cell in excel sheet-1.

bypass the Outlook security message
There is a thred on the following link to bypass the Outlook security message.

It is for Sending Mail.

I've tried it for drag and drop an email from Outlook to a memo field from the following link but it does not work for me.

The routine for drag and drop works for me but I would like to get rid of the security message "a program is trying to access e-mail addresses etc

Microsoft Web Browser - Error handling
I have a quick question which I'm sure a lot of you will know the answer to straight away.

A database I am developing displays PDF files in a web browser that is on a form. If the PDF file exists, all well and good - users can print, email it etc. If the PDF file doesn't exist then it obviously displays "Page cannot be found" or similar error message.

Is there a way to make the web browser not visible when this happens

Web Browser navigation to local html file
and have researched multiple threads on multiple sites and still cannot get this to work.

I have 1 form with two controls on it (a text box named path, and a web browser control). I am trying to use use vba code in the forms oncurrent event and the [path] control afterupdate event to get the web browser to navigate to text located in the [path] control ( which is the UNC path of the file). Not having any luck and have been working with webbrowser.navigate ? Can someone

Using the Web Browser Control
See how to Use the Web Browser Control in MS-Access forms. (video tutorial)

Access 2007: Resizing one textbox resizes all
All textboxes were auto-created from the Data Source | table. Now, I want to resize some of the textboxes to smaller and larger.

When I give focus to one textbox and drag to resize, all textboxes automatically get focus and resize as well. Or, when I change the textbox width in the Properties for one text box, all of them change. Never saw this behavior in Access 2003.

Access 2010 Web-compatible - update textbox field value with combobox selection
Working with Access 2010 web database which will be published to sharepoint. I wish to make a combox selection which will display a number in a separate textbox.
in the textbox's control source :


or perhaps

Me!textbox.Text = Me!combobox.Column(1)

But it is not working at all. At best I receive an error message telling me my form is not web-compatible.

I attempted the macro route, thinking I could use the "settempvar" option but it seems that there are a lot of functions missing when in the web compatible mode. furthermore whenI go in the expression builder, where my loaded form is located, then select my combobox name, I only have columncount, columnheads, columnwidth ; nowhere to select my combox selectionvalue.

Drag n drop into unbound object
I have a database for monitoring the assets for diferend sites. When I load the form, in left side display the listbox which show the all assets in selected site. in right hand of the form display the site (factory) layout (pdf). I need to drag asset from list box and place them into the layout(unbound control).

Is it possible to drag item from the listbox and sametime automatically generate the text box for seleced item and place it in the layout. Do you have any idea to solve this? Please

open a web browser with code
I am trying to find a way to set an event to open a web browser (google)and search using a specified field.

I have a contact database and I want to double click the company name and auto search google for company

how to paste a hyper link on a form
and my knowlege are limited and I am facing a probleme.
I have an access DB for a small company. I have an order table and an order form. I receive my orders by FAX on my PC as an image and I want to link each image with each order on the table.
I create a field in my table as a hyper link called FAXlink and also an text box caill FAXlink on my order form thinking that I could drag and drop the image on that text box as I do on a cell at excell. But I can't just Drag and drop an image on that text box is there other way to do it.
Please be as specific such I am not a programmer

Web Browser ActiveX Control
I am trying to use the Web Browser ActiveX Control to preview PDF files within my application. I did this a long time ago without problems (Access 97) and the examples I have found online are all straightforward:


Unfortunately, Access 2010 does not appear to realize that the Web Control has a navigate method. I keep getting the following run-time error: Object doesn't support this property or method.

Has the way you interact with this particular ActiveX control changed or is there something I am doing wrong?

Field order in tables
I am revamping my db. Is there an easier way to re-arrange the fields in a table beside drag and drop?

Can't get photos into Access records
I have an existing Access 2007 application, upgraded from a previous MDB database to accdb formats. In that database, I have a number of records, each of which has a couple of fields allocated for photos (OLE Object fields).

I'm sure that in the past I was able to drag-and-drop the desired photos into the appropriate records, but not longer can I do that. WHen I drag-and-drop, I get text in the field saying "Package", but when I preview the report that is supposed to print the photos (along with some other text), the photo fields are blankon the report.

Photos inserted when the database was in MDB form are still there, and they print on the reports!

I only have a few records in the database, so I'm not bumping against the 2GB limit.