docmd.openform Invalid database object reference

I have a problem and I hope you will agree to help me.

After modifying database links (front end to new backend),
one form does not open and generated reference error 3276.

I open the form by clicking on tree control node.
but It does not open directly from DB window.

but, If I compact & Repair the file it opens correctly.

What should I do in order to ovoid this error ?

Private Sub menuTree_Click()
Dim strcrit As String
stricrit = menuTree.SelectedItem.Key
DoCmd.OpenForm stricrit End Sub

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Invalid database object reference.
I have a function that executes three queries. When I try to execute the queries I receive:

"Run-time error '3276': Invalid database object reference."

Below is my code. I have checked my tables, they are all fine. I haven't run into this error before and don't really know where to start. Thanks in advance.

Dim vQueryName As String
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
vQueryName = "qryAppend_HIST"
DoCmd.OpenQuery vQueryName, acViewNormal

invalid database object reference
I have spit database
Copys of FE on two computers
BE on shared file
Either computer can make changes, however if we try to open front end at same time on both computers the last one to open FE will get message invalid database object reference

I do not have the slightest idea what to do.
Windows XP patch 3
using ACCESS 2010 with file databse in 2007 format

Argument not optional
I am writing some code for a database button but the error message argument not optional appears, saying that my OpenForm is incorrect.

Private Sub Command47_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm.[tbljobs main]
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec
DoCmd.ApplyFilter "jobs form search

set focus specific form
I have a problem with regards with the setfocus of certain form. I have a command button that will open several forms and once open I want to setfocus it in "Purchase Requisition" form. please see code below

Private Sub Login_Click()
Dim Password As Variant
Password = DLookup("Password", "Users", "UserID = '" & Me.txtUserID & "' ")

If Nz(Password, "") = Me.txtpassword Then

DoCmd.OpenForm "Purchase Requisition"
DoCmd.OpenForm "Purchase Order"
DoCmd.OpenForm "Supplier Information"
DoCmd.OpenForm "Archive"
DoCmd.OpenForm "Others"

MsgBox "Incorrect user ID or password"
End If

End Sub

Multi users Access 2010
I have a DB that was in use on one computer. Now, I need to set it to work simultaneously on two computers.

DB is split to one Access file that contains only tables and to another that has forms, reports, queries, macros and modules. One copy of Access file containing forms, reports. is copied on the computer nr.

2 while computer nr. 1 contains one copy of file with tables and one copy of file with form, reports. Both Access files with Forms, Reports. are accessing the same one file containing tables.

It all works fine in case program is active only on one computer, or if it is initiated first on computer nr. 2 and then on computer nr. 1. In case the program has been initiated on computer nr.

1 first, it does not work on computer nr. 2. Messages "Invalid database object reference." followed by "Object invalid or no longer set." then followed by "The visual basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt." then again for 4 times "Object invalid or no longer set." then again "Invalid database objectreference." for 3 times and after that Access allows only blank database to be opened.

What should I do to make computer nr. 2 work unrelated to which machine triggered it first?

Dlookup Question
I'm currently working on a login form.ive got the code I want to validate the id,email adress and password of a user using DLookup.but the trouble is ,after it validates it adds the entered data into the table! so in the end I have 2 of the same records in the database.Is this a common problem?here is my code.Its pretty simple.
Private Sub cmd1_Click()

If (DLookup("Password", "table1", _
"[ID]=" & Me.txtid.Value)) > 0 Then

'Close logon form and open splash screen

DoCmd.Close acForm, "f1"
DoCmd.OpenForm "f2"

MsgBox "Password Invalid. Please Try Again", vbOKOnly, _
"Invalid Entry!"

Using the DoCmd Object in Microsoft Access
The DoCmd object is one of many objects that is offered by the Access environment. Its parent is the Application object. One of the common uses of the DoCmd object is with Macros. The DoCmd object is used to run Microsoft actions. One of the first ones that we will be looking at is running Form operations with the object .

Invalid Reference when starting database
I've been working on a database that is to be installed on a network. The database has been created using Access 2010 but I am the only one with a full version as everyone else is using Access 2010 Runtime. The current/final version of this database is split and the BE is located on a network drive and I am now trying to get it distributed.

This database has been tested in this final configuration and troubleshooted extensively on my computer (which has the same domain and active directories as everyone else) and it works really well, but when attempting to install it on another computer I run into a problem.

"Invalid Database Object Reference" comes up as the login screen opens up.

If one clicks "OK" this error disappears and the login screen becomes accessible, however, the username combo box that is supposed to list the username only brings up an empty list and even when entering a valid username it does not recognize it

DoCmd.OpenForm Expected
I'm attempting to pull a row of data in a table by opening a separate form using the DoCmd.OpenForm command. I have raw data that is copied into a text box and the code pulls out the time, tech and customer.

That all works fine but the OpenForm is failing me! I CAN run the code as follows:

Form SQL or Query Limit? Error 3276, Invalid database object reference
In my database, I'm having an issue where if a user opens too many forms with massive numbers of SQL statements and table references, they'll get error 3276 - Invalid database object reference whenever they try to open another form or if any VBA code executes CurrentDb.OpenRecordset.

This message happens with any table or query that would otherwise open without issues.

Because of the limit, a user can only have 1-2 complex forms open at a time before the error message loop happens and the user has to restart the database to get it to stop.

I tried to find a fix to this bug but to no avail, and for now simply enforce a form limit under the Form_Load() subroutine of each of these big forms. I found this article:
But the only thing I could find in terms of limits I may be reaching was Number of tables in a query = 32.

My question is if there is anything I can do to allow users to have more than 2 of these complex forms open, or if this is simply an MS Access limitation I have to live with?

invalid database reference
I have a newly created ms2007 access database.
contains only data.

I clear data from an external database.
I open the backend data database, and close it to repair and compact
to remove deleted data

I add data from front end calculations,

I open the backend database to review the data,

and then close it to repair and compact, and randomly an error message comes up

Invalid database reference. . .

Is my 1T esata drive which is about 3 years old getting worn out?
or is this another type of error

DoCmd.OpenForm method - go straight to EOF ( recordset ) ?
Can I use the OpenForm method, to open my form based on a query, and go IMMEDIATELY to EOF I.e. Here's my current statement, with just the query name to qualify it.

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmClients", , qry1

What actually happens at docmd.openform

Im relatively new to Access but have some background in VBA programming.

Currently im dealing with a relatively large Database (Access File size currently at 1GB) wich of course makes computations very slow.

Im now trying to speed things up a bit and was wondering what actually happens at the Docmd.openform command. I dont mean "The form is opened" but im wondering what happens in the background.
The problem is that some of my forms take extremely long to execute this single line, so I think there is something else happening besides the simple "form opening" task.

So if anybody knows how to deal with speed issues on docmd.openform or can explain what actually is checked/computed on this command, please answer!

Thanks in advance for all responses and excuse my english, im not a native speaker.

VBA Optimization - Forms in Object Variables
I'm always looking for ways to sharpen the saw when it comes to programming. I recently came across a tutorial that has a section on optimizing VBA, and specifically recommends the following:

assign it to an object variable. Every time you reference an object, Access has to perform some work to figure out which object you are referring to.

This adds overhead to your code each time the object is referenced. But if you assign the object to an object variable, Access "finds" the object once and caches the reference in memory.

So after the first reference, you can refer to the object through the object variable and your code will run faster.

Access 2003: DoCmd.OpenForm is not working for me
It opens up a dialog box.

DoCmd.OpenForm (frmActionUser,acNormal,,,acFormReadOnly,acDialog,)

I know I'm missing something because it generates the following error: "Compile Error: Expected Expression"

For reference, When the button is clicked, a box appears where the user has to input a uniqe Tracking ID. If the Tracking ID does not match any in the background table, it returns an error message.

If it is correct, a dialog box opens for the Tracking ID with pertinent data. The Tracking ID's are always going to be numerical. Here's thefull code (hopefully...

i need a docmd.openform code
I need a fully docmd.openform command with where statement
Form name : repairs
Query name : qCustomers
Field name : customer name (i want to open form with all the records refer to a single customer

Expression has invalid reference
I have a problem, I opened my database, making changes and closing in Access 2007 at home, I have re-opened in its original Access 2003 (XP) version. I did not ask me to convert but when I attempt some VBA now it states the following error;

Run-time error 2455: You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property Form/Report

This is the VBA code in question and it worked before;

JanH = [Forms]![Main]![MainSub1Jan]![TotalHoliday

Access Password check code
I am really stumped here and I am not sure how to make this work.

If my password is correct, it works fine. If the password is incorrect, it shows the MsgBox and then cycles through the loop until the count is 4 and exits.

I can not set it to allow me to re-enter another password.

Thanks in advance for looking!

Here is my code:

Dim Var1 As Integer

If Me.txtPassword.Value <> DLookup("Password", "Analysts", _
"[Employee_ID]=" & Me.cboEmployee.Value) Then
Do While Var1 < 4
MsgBox "Password Invalid. Please Try Again", vbExclamation, _
"Invalid Entry!"
Var1 = Var1 + 1
MsgBox "Password Attempts = " & Var1, vbInformation
If Var1 <= 2 Then
MsgBox "You do not have access to this database.Please contact admin.", _
vbCritical, "Restricted Access!"
End If
lngMyEmpID = Me.cboEmployee.Value
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmLogon", acSaveNo
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmMenu

Code Correction :|
If Me.PASS.Value = Nz(DLookup("Password", "tblEmployees", "[Employee]=" & Chr(34) & Me.EMP.Value & Chr(34)), vbNullString) Then
gstrUserName = Me.EMP.Value
gstrPassword = Me.PASS.Value

'Close logon form and open splash screen

DoCmd.Close acForm, "UserNew", acSaveNo
DoCmd.OpenForm "Data"

Countabc = Countabc + 1
If Countabc > 3 Then
MsgBox "You do not have access to this database. Please contact your system administrator.", vbCritical, "Restricted Access!"

MsgBox "Password Invalid. Please Try Again", vbOKOnly, "Invalid Entry!"
End If
End If

I actually wanna close the appilcation if the passwrod is incorrect for 3 times.
Please advise if the above code is incorrect

Invalid use of Null
with the below code. The code below is suppose to open a form with selected inform on a subform. When I try running it I get 'invalid use of nulll', and when debbuging it highlites the line where I assign ID(which is an autogenerated number) to the variable lngBookmark.
Dim rs As Object
Dim lngBookmark As Long

'set a variable to the current record
lngBookmark = ID

'open the new form
DoCmd.OpenForm "Interview"

'take it to the selected record
Set rs = Forms!Interview.RecordsetClone
'rs.FindFirst "[ID] =" & lngBookmark
rs.FindFirst ID = lngBookmark
Forms!Interview.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark
Set rs = Nothing