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Display only the last four digits of identification numbers

Display only the last four digits of identification numbers
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I know how to get excel to show only the last four digits of ID numbers. At first I thought I can just import the excel file with the last four digits and hide the column with the full ID numbers but all got imported to Access. If I am stuck with this, how do I get Access field to display only the last 4 digits? I do not want to show "***-**-****", just the last 4 digits only.

In excel I would use the RIGHT function, "=RIGHT(A1,4)." Can I do this type of function, "=RIGHT([field name],4)?
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Access 2007: Can't Display 17 Digit Number

I can't display a 17 digit number in my table without losing the last couple of digits to 'rounding'. I've tried 'doubling' the field size but to no avail..whatever I attempt loses the last couple of digits to a 'nice round figure'..sigh.

The numbers had initially been imported as text..which is really what they ought to be as they're identification numbers, but I had some issues using the find 'duplicate values' query and conjectured that was because the ID numbers had been defined as text---->though I could be wrong.

The VAL function works (to convert the text to numbers) but again - - I lose the detail of the last couple of digits.

I've been beating my head against this wall the entire day and at the very least, would like to know if what I'm attempting is viable. I've stumbled through function queries (with some success) and react like a deer in the headlights when it comes to VBA...

Query that splits digits into 2 seperate fields

I use access 2007 and need to run query that extracts data from a field which has 10 digits(numbers) in it but the first digits(numbers) mean something different from the next 2 digits(numbers). Does anyone how to run a query that would extract those 4 digits(numbers) from the that field and put them into 2 seperate fields which for now I will call field "A" and field "B

If field is < 4 digits add 0's

I have a field in my Access query that is called RequisitionNbr. The numeric data in this field is not consistent as far as the digits. There are some cells with 1 digit number, 2 digit numbers 3 digit numbers, 4 digit numbers etc. I want to add zeros in front of all cells in that field with < 4 digits. Example if this field has 1 digit number like 3, I want the result to be 0003. If it has 2 digits like 24, I want the result to be 0024. If it has a 3 digit number like 424, I want the result to be 0424. Anything 4 digit and above should just be left alone.

Integer-Based Data Types

A number is a digit (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9), a combination of digits, or a combination of one or more digits, a separator, and one or more digits. Microsoft Access supports three categories of numbers and there are various ways you can apply one to a field. You can work in either the Datasheet View or the Design View of a Table.

How to restrict a randomly assigned autonumber to 4 digits?

I am using an autonumber set to random but do not like the length of the numbers it chooses. It also chooses negative numbers sometimes (-23827439) I would like to restrict the autonumber to display 4 digit positive numbers. Is there any way to do this

Validation rule for account number field

I have a salary table with the one of the field as the Account number. I need to enter the account number in the following format

First four digits are numbers
then a special character | -
then six digits are numbers
then a special character -
and the last three digits can be either 101 or 102

example 1234-567890-101

I have set the data type as text for the account number fields.

Creating Part Numbers

I've been wading through the online help and tutorials but haven't yet got to where I need to be.

I have been trying to create part numbers using a predetermined format. The format has three distinct categories:

division (denoted by 2 digits at the front of the part number)

category (denoted by 3 digits after the division number)

sequential number (5 digits after the category)

The completed part number will look like xx y z (the spaces are intentional). However, I would like to have the sequential number be unique for each combination of category and division. For example, the part numbers under 01 001 start at 00001 (01 001 00001) as do the part numbers for 01 002 (01 002 00001).

Simple Format Question

I am just into MS Access 2010.
I live in South Korea.
I have a question about the field format.

Some old cell phone numbers here have 10 digits like this;
011-123-4567 or 017-123-4567 or 018-123-4567 or 019-123-4567.
Some numbers have 11 digits like this;
011-1234-5678 or 017-1234-5678 or 018-1234-5678
Most of the numbers are 11 digit numbers like this;

If I put 10 digit numbers, I want it to be showed like 011-123-4567.
If I put 11 digits, I want it to be like 010-1234-5678 or 011-1234-5678.

How can I do this?

I was thinking about this for an hour.
Still can't find out the answer.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Import value from one form to another

I have three forms.

One is for a piece of equipment with all of its information, eg. location, frequency, type, id number etc.

The second is for tests on that piece of equipment.

The third is for calculating whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

The second and third form have a relationship to the first form via an equipment identification code. eg. Display One's id code is D1.

The first form will have two buttons linking to the test form and battery form. Is it possible to automatically import the value of the identification code field from the first form into the identification code field of one of the other forms once you click one of the buttons

Sequential Numbering Auto "Bar-Code"

of Implementing Sequential Numbering Auto "Bar-Code"

I need that Bar-code automatically assigned to a new record when registering.
Here is the Standard Example: 5555-01-001
1. Barcode Must be only in Numbers (Minimum 9 digits)
2. First 4 digits are fixed numbers (Must not be changed)
3. Second Digits are the category of the product (01 - Office Appliances, 02 - Furniture, 03 - Motor - Vehicle, 04 - Consumables)
4. And the last is Sequential numbering (001, 002, 003 etc