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Disabling "Unicode Compression" property by SQL Query

Disabling "Unicode Compression" property by SQL Query
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Is it possible to have a SQL statement that can disable the unicode compression property on a column ?

Something in the lines of :

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Shortcut to SQL Query (View)?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to open a new query in SQL view?

I find myself encouraging carpal tunnel by:
> going to "queries"
> "new query"
> "design view"
> closing the "show table" dialog box
> right clicking the new query
> finally selecting "SQL view".

There has GOT to be an easier way that this 6-step process to ~run a query~ in a _database_ . but I haven't run across it yet though

Create Property

Using CreateQueryDef() to create Queries. Using the following code.

With DB
Set qdfNew = .CreateQueryDef("NewQryDef", "SELECT * FROM Categories")

End With

Works Fine.

I am having a problem in creating a Property using the CreateProperty Method to create the property "Description" so I can add remarks in the "Description" property as to what the query is intended to do.

Is there anyone out there that can share information as to how to use the CreateProperty to add the Description property and then fill in a remark?

inserting unicode control characters in CSV file

My Access project includes producing a comma-delimited (CSV) file for later presentation to an email program (LISTSERV Maestro). I'd like to be able to incorporate unicode control characters (e.g., CR/LF, etc) into the file to format the email. How do I do this? Here's the line that produces a record:

Print #1, EmailAddress & "," & sLastName & "," & sFirstName & "," & aCoursePrint(0) & "," & aCoursePrint(1) & "," & aCoursePrint(2) & "," & aCoursePrint(3) & "," & aCoursePrint(4) & "," & aCoursePrint(5)

For example, how could I insert a CR/LF after sFirstName and a Horizontal Tab (HT) before aCoursePrint(0)?

Changing the connection information on a linked QUERY in Access 2007

This is about linked queries, not linked tables. With no linked tables, the Linked Table Manager is disabled.

I know how to see the connection of a linked query, linked to SQL Server: ?CurrentDB.QueryDefs("create").Connect
SERVER=PRODSERVER;DATABASE=proddatabase;Trusted_Co nnection=Yes"
I need to change the server name in the connection.

I tried in the Immediate window
CurrentDB.QueryDefs("create").Connect = ".test server name."
but that did not change the connect property.

How do I change the connect property?

Avoiding duplication in a table.

I have an append query "QryInvoiceGrouped" and I have set its "top value" property to 1.

Therefore when I run this query it will append this 'top value' into the destination table "LedgerTxns".

but I need some setting in the table design grid to ensure this procedure cannot be doubled up by inadvertently running the append query twice.

A relevant unique field in the appended data is "OrderNo" and I need some function to insert into the "OrderNo" field property "ValidationRule"

Update query in access VBA

I m using access 2007. I want to use following update query in access vba but its giving error. Query is:

Docmd.RunSQL ("UPDATE property set property.status="& "'empty'" & " Where property.propertyid="& me.cmbpropertyid.value &"")

It gives the following error:
Missing ),], or item in query expression '(property.propertyid=4'.

Caption Property & Queries

How can I change the name of a Field in a query when the Caption Property has been set for the field in the underlying table? For example, table tblTest has a field named "Company Number". The Caption Property for this field has been set to "CompanyNbr". I want to create a query on this table and change the name of the field to "Co". I've tried "Co: [Company Number]", but the field name in the query is "CompanyNbr". I've tried "Co: [CompanyNbr]", but that results in a "Enter Parameter Value" dialog box for "CompanyNbr".

I realize I could simply delete the Caption. However, this is a database I receive weekly from an external source, and it has many fields in it.

This problem occurs in both Access 2003 &amp

LZW Compression Algorithm in VBScript

This article shows you how to implement the LZW lossless compression algorithm in VBScript. It can also be used in VBA as is or almost as is. The LZW algorithm is a compression technique that results in no loss of data. It builds a dictionary of codes and values used in the compression on the fly. The dictionary is not stored with the compressed file and is discarded after compression. During decompression, the dictionary is rebuilt from the compressed data.

SQL Server Compatiblity "disabled" LIKE Operator

The database I am working on will eventually be connected to SQL server. As an experiment I checked the box, "SQL Server Compatible Syntax (ANSI92)" under "Access Options", "Object Designers", "Query Design". That "disabled" the following line of code:

strCriteria01PVT = "Ucase(Trim(ProjectName)) like ""*" & UCase(Trim(Me.Text4)) & "*"""

Of course, unchecking the box restored the operation of the code.

Is there any benefit to selecting the option: "SQL Server Compatible Syntax (ANSI92)"?

Saving Query result to Table

My code creates and opens a query. The original query was an append query and I need the same from this query or way to save into table "tblMODfnr".

All HOWTOs and helps I've read, do not show a way to do this and when I click "File" + "SaveAs" with the query open, table is not an option.

How do I get this done?

Do I need to change my SQL to "INSERT INTO" and then "DoCMD.RunSQL