Disable autoexec macro access 2003 with VBScript

I need disable "autoexec macro" access 2003 with VBS script.

I try this code, I don't have error but the autoexec macro run with open db access and not run the OutputTo excel file:

Set accDB = CreateObject("Access.Application")
With accDB
.visible = true
.automationsecurity = 1
.DoCmd.SelectObject acMacro, "autoexec"
.DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "db", "xls", "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\db\db.xls"
End With Set accDB = Nothing

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Password Protect Autoexec
Is there a way to password protect the autoexec macro? If not, how would I go about securing that macro? I've noticed that you can import the autoexec macro to a blank database, manipulate the autoexec (i.e. disable shift-key bypass) and export the autoexec back into the database.

Note: the database is already split into FE and BE and both are password protected. The code is already password protected. I thought my system was secure but a friend whom I challenged to break into it was able to get to my code.

He confessed to manipulating the autoexec file so how is a guy supposed to secure his access system now

Database gets Macro errors after being opened and changed in Access 2007

I have a somewhat intresting issue. My organization is still mostly using Office 2003. Recently, I have been upgraded to 2007. I have been coding and designing an access database application. In access 2007, I have saved the format in 2003 mdb, however, when I open the database in 2003 my autoexec macro will not run. I recieve the "halt" error. Can anyone help me understand what access 2007 changed in my database that would cause my autoexec macro not to run in 2003? I have been searching the internet all morning and yesterday for a solution

Create a macro that runs when you open a database
If you want to perform a particular set of actions every time that a database starts, you can create an AutoExec macro. For example, you might want to maximize the database window, lock the Navigation Pane, and then open a particular report.
An AutoExec macro is just a macro that is named AutoExec. When a database starts, Access runs the AutoExec macro before it runs any other macros or VBA code. (Applies to: Microsoft Office Access 2007)

How to stop and autoexec macro
Access 2007. I have set up an autoexec macro to run when the database is opened. The macro runs a task and closes the database. I do not have a back up and I am not able to access the DB.

autoexec MACRO
I have created an autoexec macro to output to. In the "Output File", I would like to define the filename base on the date format when the autoexec macro is run. How can I do that?

Autoexec macro
Does anyone have a simple Autoexec Macro or code with instructions on where to put it to run just like the macro. Just looking for it to close the ribbon and navigation pane and open the switchboard form.

Access 03 Autoexec
I know this has been beaten to death but I still need help. I need an Autoexec macro to turn off warnings for action queries.

I've create the macro, named it Autoexec, chose the SetWarnings action, set it to False. When I run queries I still get the pop up asking if I'm sure I wanna.blah blah I've also set the macro security setting to low.

autoexec as vba?
Please could someone tell me how to perform autoexec in vba? Is there a function name or startup property that needs to be used? I need to run this without using an autoexec macro or running code off the back off a form at startup. I have searched the net and tried the obvious things, (autoexec(), autostart() etc.)

AutoExec Macro in Access 2010
I've created an AutoExec macro in Access 2010. I want it to hide the ribbon bar on open.

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo

However, using the macro builder I use the "ShowToolbar" action but it doesn't recognise the "Ribbon" toolbar name. Is there a different name I should be using here or can I create an AutoExec VBA module?

Edit: Think I might have sorted this actually - I created a function with the above code in a VBA module and just created an AutoExec Macro which calls the function. Is that the best way to do what I'm trying to do?

AutoExec Macro in Microsoft Access
In Microsoft Access you can use startup options to specify, for example, what form to display, whether toolbars can be customized, and whether shortcut menus are available in your Microsoft Access file.
You can also use a special macro named AutoExec to carry out an action or series of actions when your database first opens. When you open a database, Microsoft Access looks for a macro with this name and, if it finds one, runs it automatically.

Make Table on Start up - Autoexec?
I have a 2007 database that on startup needs to replace a table of student attendance as this makes is easier to report on.

I can easily set up an autoexec macro to do this but get the warnings messages. I tried to get around it by converting the Macro to a Module and editing is so:

Function autoexec()
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryAllAttendanceData", acViewNormal, acEdit
End Function

I don't think it's working - can an autoexec function be a module rather than a macro?

AutoExec bypass prompt
I run a report using an Access database that has an AutoExec macro, and, therefore, runs all code upon opening the database. This feature when I am running the report (weekly), but periodically, I need to go into this database and tweak queries, etc. Is there code I can add to the AutoExec macro to prompt me whether or not to run all macros? I am on Access 2007 so holding down shift key does not seem to work

open a message box if a query is null during an autoexec macro
I have a query that runs using an AutoExec macro when the database opens. What I want is for a message box to open instead of the query results window, telling me if the query produced any records. I can do this easily enough through a command button on a form, but can't figure out how to do it through an autoexec macro at startup.

Displaying Form, but not Access itself
I tried to gooogle this, but again, don't ask the right question.

Can a database be run so that Access is not opened? So that it looks like an application?

How is this feature called?

I assume the next needed thing is an autoexec macro to show the default form. That should be easy enough for a newbie like myself. (a macro named autoexec wit OpenForm . I read that somewhere

Access 2007 autoexec macro loading ribbons
I have an Access 2007 adp project that loads custom ribbon from SQL server when starting. I actually created an autoexec macro that runs a public function which loads the ribbon. The project adp and ade files run and load the ribbon without problem but when I copy the ade file to user machine running Access Runtime, he gets an error "Error 430: Class does not support automation or does not support expected interface".

Acutally the problem is not with autoexec macro because if I change the macro to open a form, then there is no problem.How can I solve this problem?

AutoExec Macro Doesn't run
I have created an autoexec macro that runs just fine when I open access directly. However, when the .mdb is accessed by another application (.ldb placed on file and the access program itself isn't run) the macro does not run.

Is there a trick to this? How do I get the macro to run even if the MDB is open by another application?

Autoexec with vba
I question I am currently struggling with.

I have a routine that will make an autoexec into another database. Is there a way to check if one already exists and if it does, do not create a new one but instead, add the macro that runs the function to it.

AutoExec Macro Name
I have been using AutoExec macro to open my database automatically. But if you use the shift button, it doesn't work. How can I prevent others users to use the shift button to see the design of my database

Error 2950 In A2007 in AutoExec Macro From Trusted Location
I'm running Access 2007 on a Win XP box. I have a make table query to create a local table from linked Oracle tables. I have been running this successfully for a couple months in a trusted location from an AutoExec macro via a scheduled overnight job.

I recently started receiving a 2950 error when running the query from the macro, but when I run it manually itcompletes successfully.

AutoExec Mistake
I was attempting to set up an AutoExec Macro that will display a MsgBox which would automatically enable the content of the database when clicking OK. The first line of my macro action is set to SetDisplayedCategories in Tables and Related Views.

I set the second line's action to MsgBox. Then I mistakenly set the third line with a condition of Not[CurrentProject].[IsTrusted] and the action to Quit.

Now whenever I open the database, the message box is displayed. As soon as I click OK in the message box, the database quits since the content has not yet been enabled.

I cannot modify anything in order to remove the AutoExec macro. Is there any way to backdoor the database so I can get back into it to remove my error? If not, my database is lost.