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Default values in a form

Default values in a form
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In one of my data bases there is a form based upon a query.How can i make the default values of 4 boxes of that form 0 ?
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acCmdSaveRecord not available?

I've set up several functions to create default values for certain fields in a form when it opens with no underlying records. Sometimes I need to add data to this form, and sometimes the default values are sufficient. I want to be able to save the record on the form in the latter case, but neither 'Save Record' on the Records menu, nor 'Do.Cmd Runcommand acCmdSaveRecord' (from a button created for the task) will work. Its as though the form isn't aware that these new values exist to create a new record from when only default values are present. When the form opens with its default values, both the Next Record and New Record buttons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the form are greyed out. If I edit one of the other fields on the form, then everything returns to normal. I want to use acCmdSaveRecord to automatically save the default values to a new record when the form opens. What must I do so that this will work?

Set default values for fields or controls

This article explains how to set a default value for a table field or for a control on a form in a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database. The default values that you set will appear in the field or control whenever you create a new record in your database.
In this article
* Understand default values
* Set a default value for a table field
* Set a default value for a control
* Set a default row for a list box or combo box
* Examples of default values

Default values in tables

I've created a table which autofills certain default values in fields. I've noticed that the table automatically creates a (new) entry if I do this. This in turn shows up in queries even though there's no matching criterias (just the new field shows up as the default value autofilled with today's date matches the query criteria).

Is there anyway to prevent the table autocreating new entry if I apply default values? Should I apply the default value at form level instead?

About Default Value in yes/No Field

I am working on a project that collects data about the children. I am trying to put yes/no button on the form using table values. So far everything is going on good. I have a table call childgender where the default value needs to be empty but for some reason even though I delete default value access keeps showing the No value.

What I did is I created a field in table called Child1Gender with yes/no button which I changed value to Boy/Girl using ;"Boy";"Girl" as a format with combobox which values are -1 and 0 as access assigns as default value for Yes/No option. On the form I used bound multicheckbox which values are boy=-1 i.e. yes default value and Girl = 0 i.e.

No default value as access assigns. When I run table it fills all the ChildGender fields with no = 0 (Girl) as a default value. I wanted to make my default value as null so that people can select Child gender.

Multiple default values in listbox

I have a listbox in a form that is populated with values from a table. I want to have several of the values selected by default

Unbound Control Mystery

I have a report with a number of unbound controls which show a default value. The report loads fine and displays the correct values as it should. However I need to change the values on some of the controls but for the life of me can't find / remember where I set the the default values. There is no code on the report and within the properties of the unbound controls there is no default value option.

Very confused as I obviously set a default value at some point

Set up a default in Combo Box to show when opening a form

I have a combo box which uses a table with No and Yes. I want the No to be the default whenever I open the form. I have tried several default values suggested in microsoft but none have worked.

Default Values In Form

I have two tables: Stock take Records and Cost of Materials. I have created a form based on the Stock Take Records table which has the below fields:

Part no
Item Description
Material Cost
Sub Con Cost
Labour Cost
(And others fields for stock taking)

(The Cost of Materials table also has the above fields).

I have changed the Part No to be a drop down selection that is looking at the Cost of Materials table. When I select a part number from this list, I would like the default values for the above to be populated with the values held in the cost of materials table. The numbers held in Material Cost, Sub Con Cost and Labour Cost need to be able to be changed for each record depending on how far along assembly is which is why I am trying to set them up as default values.

I have tried setting default values and using a DLookUp but can't seem to get it to work. Wasn't sure if I'm doing something wrong or do I need to do this by using VBA

Setting default property values

I am wondering if there is a way to set default values for specific properties upon instantiating a class.

For example: Suppose I develop a Person class, which has name, address, city, state and zip as properties.

Now when I use the New keyword in my code to instantiate this class, at that time I want to set default values for my properties. I know this can be done in VB.NET. Not sure about in VBA

Main form default value from subform

I have done a search and can't find an answer to this.

I have a main form and when you start to fill in the fields it will fill the default values for the others. If I start filling in the subform before entering in the main form the data is lost. Is there a way in which when entering data in the subform it will pick the default values in the main form