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Date Picker In Access 2010

Datepicker not working Access 2010
I am converting an access 2003 db to 2010. I want to use the datepicker option instead of the activeX control from 2003. So in the textbox I want to use for the datepicker, set the properties to Show Date Picker: For Dates. Format: Short Date.

Now when I open the form, I do not see the date picker. What else do I need to do in order to use the date picker, with the small calendar icon next to the textbox?

Date picker
I have 2 applications that link to SQL tables. The only difference is that 1 is local to my PC and the other is accessed via VPN. The application via VPN will not work with the date picker. Fields that are date or datetime will not display the date picker even though Design mode show date picker selected

Date Picker problem
I am new to Access (and this forum) and using Access 2002. I have managed to develop a database for my small business and am feeling very proud of myself. However, on fine tuning I would like to introduce a Date Picker for ease of use.

I have a Check in Date and a Check out Date. At the moment they are working perfectly using the Date/Time field. I want to change that field to a datepicker.

I have found out how to insert the date picker and it works great when inserted on a new record BUT the previous dates in the database change to the current date.

Is there a way I can still display the previous dates in the field and also introduce a date picker?

Date Picker
I've created a database and want to institute the date picker functionality. I set up the fields in my table design and selected Show Date Picker for dates in the table properties. This is also selected in my form. For some reason I cannot get the date picker functionality to appear in the table or in the form. I am using Access

Date Picker Question
I have a textbox and it basically picks up date. I run following code to disply date picker

Private Sub TxtDate_GotFocus()
RunCommand acCmdShowDatePicker
End Sub

when I select date using date picker I get the format in mm/dd/y format, But I need it in dd-m-y

Date Picker not working in subform?
I have a subform that is in Datasheet view. If I open this subform on it's own, the Date Picker works for the Date field. However, if I open the main form with the subform on it, the datepicker doesn't work? Nothing happens when I select a date on the calender.

I am using MS Access 2010.

Date Picker Functionality
I've created a database and want to institute the date picker functionality. I set up the fields in my table design and selected Show Date Picker for dates in the table properties. This is also selected in my form.

For some reason I cannot get the date picker functionality to appear in the table or in the form. I am using Access 2007.

MSCAL.ocx replacement and associated collateral damage
I modified a program that was developed in MS Access 2000 to get rid of a deprecated feature, MSCAL.ocx, and replace with a date picker. I am currently using MS Access 2010 for troubleshooting and to attempt to get this program to have 100% functionality in the latest version of Access.

Problem is now that I replaced the MSCAL.ocx with text boxes, date format, and show picker I get a different error. On the main form I click a button that takes me to where the calendars used to be (begin date and end date) and get the error: "Object doesnt support this property or method.

I click ok to this error, and then enter dates using the picker and when that is executed it is asking me for the Date parameter and then the Format parameter.

Date Picker?
I have an unbound combo box that is set to take a date (default value is defined and the input mask is set) but the system does not automatically recognise the input as a date and so does not offer the date picker.

You used to be able to add the date picker and link it to a field so is this still possible in

MS Access DTM Picker - Query - Reg
I am working on MS Access 2010 and am wondering if there is a way to
cross out the dates from a date picker (*Like in travel agents

For example I have got two text boxes which have a datepicker attached
to them. It works fine but then I want to add this functionality where
it crosses off or deactivates all the dates depending on the other
text box's value.

In my case I have got two textboxes called from & to, I want to cross
off all the dates in the "to" DTM Picker prior to the date of "from".

I hope I have managed to phrase my query properly

Access 2003 MS Date Time Picker on a Tab Control
I have a tab control form, it has 2 pages. The first page contains some text boxes etc and a MS date time picker which lets say controls a "Request Date"

In the second tab I have various text boxes etc and another MS Date time picker.

By default when the form opens the tab control is disabled and you select a record from a combo box which then enables the control box and populates the various fields etc.

As page1 in the tab control is always the one in focus by default, the ms date time picker updates to the correct date for the select record. However, the ms date time picker in page2 of the tab control does not update.

Access 2010 Woes
IT here has started rolling over everybodys office packages from 2007 (32 bit) to 2010 (64 bit). The database we are currently using is a split MDB database. Right now one user has office 2010 and when I open the database theres all kinds of problems I can't seem to pinpoint or fix. I have checked the trusted locations and everything appears as it should. When I open the database the switchboard window does not open, and the code to hide the ribbon and navigation panel appears not to work either. I figured I would try manually opening a form and checking things out, this only leads to more problems. One of my forms has two textboxes for dates and uses the date picker, when I add a date to them from the picker they say I don't match the format of the textbox, even though the box says date and a date has been clearly inputed. I havent looked into anything else at the moment but I'm pretty lost of whats going on right now

Textbox calendar - date picker - event to close after date made
User Interface question:

A Textbox for a Date with the date picker enabled is a required field on a form.
When a new record is created, the user can click on the textbox, choose a date from the calender date picker.
The date fills in the textbox. But, the date picker stays visible.
Problem: None of the events (change, update.) on the textbox with the date execute. In debug mode, the textbox still shows a value of null.

If the user Tabs from the Date Submitted, no problem, the calender datepicker goes away, the textbox updates and vba code can move the focus to the next control, sets the blnEditMode to False and more.

If the user picks a date with the mouse, the date picker remains visible and without vba validating there is a date entered. the user can not click on the next textbox. All textbox are disabled until the required date is validated. That is, until the calendar control is completed. the validation events can not take place

Issue with Access 2010 and date picker
I am using the date picker built in function on an unbound text box. In the text box propertyI set the format to short date and the show picker for dates.

When I enter a string or a non date number, the error "You have entered invalid data blah blah blah" fires. I would like to change this to my own message and remove the offendingdata and allow the user to reenter the requested information.

The problem is, even though I can trap the error on the forms on error event (error 2113) and send my own message and undo the text - the standard error message still fires.


Enter a date or null and leave control all is fine. enter a string and watch the fun.

Access 2010 date functions not working after migrating from Access 2003
I have recently migrated from Office Pro 2003 to Office Pro 2010 and seems to be fine apart from in my database I am now getting #Name? in text boxes that used to display the current date using default value of =Date().

I am able to select a date with the date picker but can not work out why I can not get this, or a new text box to display the current date using this method.

I am also getting error code 3021 when running a macro that uses the SetValue to append Date() into a field.

Date Field in a Search Form with a date picker option
How do I go about implementing a date field with a date picker option in a search form?

I can only manage to get the date picker option if I create a form directly from a table where the date field is in the date/time format.

I am unable to create a search form from scratch and have a date picker option for keying in the date and then running a query from the search form.

Date Picker vs Time Picker
I used the "date picker" and the calender icon appears next to my field, now I want something for time, is there "time picker" that I can use in Access ? I do not want to type in the time. e.g .10:45 .

2007 date picker after update event
I am using an after update event on a text control to run various VBA routines. This particular control is for a date and as such I use the built-in date picker. The issue I am having isthat once the user make their date selection and the date is returned to the control, the event does not fire until the focus moves to another control?!

Every other field works fine, but the date picker is not triggering the event as I need it, as soon as the date is returned. Do I need to use another event (which one), or is there something else I am missing?

Date picker
I have a form that has a text box and the data for the text box is =Date(). When I run the form there is a small date picker next to the text box, I click on it and a calendar appears, I choose a date on the calander that I want however, it always defaults back to the current date. Is there a way to keep any date chosen in the calander picker when running the form

Date picker Onchange NULL?
I use the built-in date picker to allow users to pick a date (wow, talk about obviously!).

I need to trigger some code whenever they change the value, the afterupdate doesn't do the job because it only fires after the move the focus, so I am trying to use the On Change event. For some reason, in the On change event, even though the date picker has returned a value to the control (I can see it), in my code the control stillreturn NULL?!