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Custom Database Properties

Custom Database Properties
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Often you get the situation where you want to store a single item of data in the database, eg an Author Name, a version, a language selection. The most usual way to do this is to define a global const in a module. This has two problems, it is not updatable, and it is not easily accessible from outside the database. A better solution is to make use of database properties. Learn how to create custom properties on the objects in a Microsoft Access database.
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How to read Database Properties

in the MS Access 2007, under menu File -> Database Properties -> Custom tab, I added some custom properties (say 'Source')

How can I read these custom property values via Macro?
The following didn't work:
MsgBox (db.Properties("Source").Value)

It says "Property not found"

I am trying to create custom property for data source and out, so I use these to dynamically change when file path changes too

View or change the properties for an Office document

This article explains what document properties are, how you can view or change the properties for a Microsoft Office document, and how you can create custom properties for a document.
What do you want to do?
* Learn more about the document properties
* View the properties for the current document
* View the document properties when you open or save a file
* Change the properties for the current document
* Create custom properties for a document

Accessing database properties

I have an archiving function on a database and want to detect the current size of the database each time it is opened so the user can be prompted at a custom selected level (I have added acustom property for this - ArchiveAt) to consider or request an archive operation be carried out.
Initially this archiving was done on a record age basis (every 2 months or so) but the database is now used so much that 1.5GB | of data can be added in as little as 6 weeks. I am unable to retrieve the database Size property with VBA, although I am sure it must be available as it can be seen manually by looking at File>>Database Properties>>General.

Form Properties

All of a sudden, I can not in design view open the form properties or properties on any database. These are database that I have created and one in particular I havent put any code in yet to lock that stuff down.

Seriously confused. Anybody run into this before and if so how do I fix it?

Also I can not open the properties on a Brand new DB I just started. now really confused

A2007 .accdb file way to store the DB's icon pathless?

I am having a painfully slow day as the server drive is being unresponsive.

Trying to work locally, I was puzzled why even local access to my databases was poor. Then I remembered I set a custom DB icon which is stored on the network drive. (Access Properties \Current Database \ Application Options \ Application Icon)

Is there anyway to still specify a custom database icon, but have the icon end up inside the DB so the DB does not need to access the network share in order to load the icon?

Database Design Help

I am in the process of creating a database for my small business. The business has 142 properties and I am wanting to create a database that contains the properties and the service orders for each.

I would like to be able to share this with my 2 service employees via their ipad. I'm a little confused on whether it would be easiest to create a web database to Sharepoint or other alternatives to accomplish this.

Not really aware of any other possibilities, all I really need is a database that allows me to enter service orders to my properties and have it available to read/edit the status from a mobile platform.

Custom Toolbar

I have a custom toolbar (menu bar) in a database. Is there any possibility to export this custom menubar to an other database or I must re-make the menubar in the new database (the menubar has the same functions in both of the databases)?

Retriving database properties

How can I retrieve information from the database properties so I can display them on the main form of my application?

Add a custom title or icon to a database

Customizing your Microsoft Office Access database with a meaningful title or icon can help make it easier for users to identify the database.
What do you want to do?
* Add a custom title
* Add a custom icon

Refer to Custom Class Object in Immediate Window

I have an object instanced from a custom class.

I can refer to its properties from a VBA sub in either Word or Access.
Debug.Print Myobject.SomeProperty

However the same code in the Immediate Window results in:

Run-time Error '424': Object Required
(Word 2007)

Method Or Data Member Not Found
(Access 2007)

Is there something different about custom class objects and the Immediate Window