Access 2010 Creating Reports

If you need to share information from your database with someone, but don't want them actually working with your database, you should consider creating a Report. Reports allow you to organize and present your data in a reader-friendly, visually appealing format. Access 2010 makes it easy to create and customize a report using data from any query or table in your database.
In this lesson, you will learn how to create, modify, and print reports.

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New Features of Reports in Access 2010
Creating a report in Access 2010 is a very similar process to creating a report in Access 2007. However, in Access 2010 there are a few new features that pertain to reports...

Create Access 2010 Reports
Access 2010 Report helps user to understand and view records pertaining to the needs. It facilitates users to view the printable version of the records and makes database look fascinating with different colors, charts, themes and fonts. With different themes included in Access 2010, you can choose different styles and designs to apply them over. This post elaborates the basics of creating Access reports.

Access 2010 Advanced Report Options
Access 2010 offers several advanced options for creating and modifying reports. The Report Wizard is a tool that guides you through the process of creating complex reports. Once you've created a report, whether through the Report Wizard or the Report command, you can then format it to make it look exactly how you want.
In this lesson, you'll learn how to use the Report Wizard to create complex reports. You'll also learn how to use Access's formatting options to format text, change report colors and fonts, and add a logo.

Access 2010 how to use a navagation form to collect parameters run reports
Access 2010 how to use a navagation form to collect parameters run reports?
I have created a db and I want to use a tab on the navagation form to show about 5 titles of reports (command buttons). I want the end user to be able to set Start Date and End Date, and use a combo box to select the event and view one of the reports

Secure Access Reports
I have developed 3 small Access 2010 reports that the users can call up, but the users can also modify/change any field in those reports. How do I secure the reports such that the user can view the contents , but will be unable to change any of it's values.

How to save a report as a pdf file - 2010
Just updating our database following conversion from 2000 to 2010.

Used Stephen Lebans code to save reports as .pdf in 2000 but doesn't work well with 2010.

I know 2010 allows reports to be saved as .pdf files but just having a mental blank on how this is done

What is switchboard
A Switchboard is a type of form that displays a menu of items that a user can click on to launch data entry forms, reports, queries and other actions in the database. A switchboard is typically created after all of the forms and reports for a database application have been completed. It can be used to guide the user to an appropriate set of forms and reports.
Note that starting with Access 2010, Switchboards are not available by default (you will need to add this to the ribbon bar manually using the Options). Access 2010 now makes use of the Navigation Forms

Can't publish Access 2010 reports to SharePoint 2010 site
I have a 2010 Access database that contains data fueled from a 2010 SharePoint list. From this data, I have created several reports that I would like to make available on the same 2010 SharePoint site in which the data came from.

I'm attempting to do this via Save & Publish>Publish to Access Services. After I enter my SharePoint site's URL and Site Name (I have also run the compatibility checker with no issue), I am asked to verify my credentials. I then receive this error message from Access:

(URL) did not respond. Either the server does not exist, Microsoft Access Services are not enabled on the server, or the server is using an older version of Microsoft Access Services that isnot compatible with Access 2010.

According to our IT department "The SharePoint 2010 Central Farm is configured for Access Services. The feature has to be enabled at both the Site Collection and Site level."

I also noticed if I right click on a report, and select Export, "sharepoint" is greyed out.

Managing headers across forms and reports
I am creating a DB with several forms and reports and would like all the forms to have the same header section with a logo and nearly all the reports to have another one.)

I’m using Access 2003 and have not found anyway of creating master template to do this and am thinking the best way would be to define a common Word object and paste the same object to each form/ report.

Is there a better way?

Save Form In PDF Format
Unlike previous versions, Access 2010 offers a direct way to publish reports and forms in widely used document publishing format – PDF. Once you’ve done creating your forms in Access 2010, you can export the form into PDF and XPS format

Create Backup Of Access 2010 Database
Creating backup of databases is the most important thing and must not be overlooked. Access 2010 offers a simple and easy way of creating backup of database you’re working on. To begin, open the Access 2010 database and close down all table fields. Now on File menu, click Save & Publish.

Need to only allow users to use forms/reports in 2010 Access database
I have been all over the internet reading about Access 2010 security and how user-level security is not in this latest version of Access.

I have built a database of our clients' contracts and other information. I have coworkers that are seriously technologically challenged. I want them to be able to use the database to lookup information on their particular clients that they manage by using reports and forms that I've created.

I do not want them to be able to manipulate the data in any way because they would do something, click somewhere and not know what they did or where they clicked.

I split my database but there is still access to the tables and they can be changed so that's not the answer. I was hoping there was a way to only allow them to see reports and forms sothey wouldn't be able to inadvertently mess up the database.

How To Print Only Access 2010 Reports Data
Access 2010 let users view Reports in print preview to set the report elements in a way they want. Along with printing complete report with all the applied formatting, it also allows user to print only data contained in report.

report filter not working in Access 2010 SP1
Windows auto installed Office 2010 SP 1 and now my Access 2010 reports no longer work. It is a Access 2003 mdb file running in Access 2010. It was working fine till SP 1 was installed.

DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewPreview, , strSQL

the report opens fine, but no longer filters like it used to. (In my case I am filtering dates, using the # characters.)

Download in MS Word file format (.doc)
This tutorial has been designed to give an introduction to some of the basic features of MS Access. The tutorial will cover the following topics:
Creating a database; Creating tables; Changing the Field Properties in the tables; Adding Lookup Tables; Creating relationships; Adding Passwords to the database; Creating simple forms using the Form Wizard; Adding graphics and creating customized forms; Creating forms using multiple tables; Creating reports using the report wizard; Formatting reports; Creating Switchboards.

Access 2000 Database Report freezing until opening other reports
I am running a 2000 Access Database that when I go to open a certain Report (containing sub forms) will cause Access 2010 to stop responding. It will do this with all versions of the Database and on both 2007/2010 Access, and until I start opening other reports (It takes me opening all of them it seems) then automagically the first report works.

I should note that this is not my Database, rather I inherited it from my Boss. So I do not know where all the guts are and where they go.

Access 2013 Creating Reports
If you need to share information from your database with someone but don't want that person actually working with your database, consider creating a report. Reports allow you to organize and present your data in a reader-friendly, visually appealing format. Access makes it easy to create and customize a report using data from any query or table in your database. In this lesson, you will learn how to create, modify, and print reports.

Access 2010 Multi User Databse Set up
What would be the steps to follow to take an existing Access 2010 accdb and split out the data tables from the forms, reports, queries, etc.?

Access Runtime 2010, tables, forms and reports and not visible
What am I missing with Access 2010 Runtime?

I have a small database I would like to distribute to a few people who don't have Access. I published that database as an ACCDE.

I installed Access 2010 Runtime on a co-worker's machine as my test case. I copied the new ACCDE also on that co-worker's computer. When I tried to open the ACCDE, it opened but none of the tables/forms/reports were visible.

What am I missing? How do I easily distribute databases to those without Access? Is there something special I need to do?

Access 2010 User Groups
I have recently started to build a new database using Access 2010 and have now found that the UserGroups have been taken away, and I was wondering if there is a way to set permissions from a table to allow certain users access to certain parts of the database, mostly all form access and then run reports.

Does anyone have an ideas and possible sample they might share to get me going.