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Creating a command button to edit a record

Creating a command button to edit a record
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I have a form that is set to allow edits no to prevent accidential changes to data. I am trying to write a command button the will allow a record to be changed and when saved set the allow edits back to no. I am very new at this and need
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create button to link to create new record

I'm creating a database in access 2007. I have got a main menu. 2 buttons are included. 1 button go to a form to create a new company data. 1 button go to a form to edit company data. The link work, I mean when I click in the button I'm going to the form wanted. But, I can't manage to have a new record or to edit the details in both form. When I'm in the next form, I'm just stuck on a record. I can't edit. In the form new_company I add some button (with command button wizard) call new, save and delete. But there are not working as well. I have got a message saying "I can't go to the specified record" for new.

For save or delete the message is "the command or action 'save record' isn't available now". In the property on a form the data entry in data is yes. I'm trying to add a VBA in event on open but its not working as well.

Can I create a command button that allows users to edit records on a form?

And I would like to be able to edit records on a form with a click command in access 2010. I want to prevent any user from just typing within the text boxes on the form without clicking a command edit button first.

Can this be done? If so, how can this be done? Would you have any sample code to attach to the editing button, to do this interesting problem.

Macro to change the macro linked to a command button event?

I am using Access 2003. I have a form containing a command button that when clicked runs a macro that changes the form color and the caption for the command button. I also want the macro to change the macro linked to this command button.

My idea is that the button will function as a kind of “toggle button” between modes.

The original macro linked to the command button is named “record edit” and the macro I wish to link to the command button is named “on close”.

However, whenever I run the macro, though the caption and color changes take place, I receive the error:-

“The object doesn't’t contain the Automation object ‘on close’”

Here is the macro "record edit":-

How to Edit the Macro that exists behind an existing Command Button

I have inherited the task of managing an Access 2007 application.

Within this application I have an Access 2007 form that has a Command Button. I'm not sure how this Command Button was created (Macro, Query, etc.) but I do know what it does. I would like to edit the Query/Macro this Command Button executes.

Can you pleae let me know how I can edit the Command Button's Query/Macro.

Delete Command Button not working on form

I have a Delete Command Button on a form which does not appear to be working properly.

I originally had a delete button macro created by the command button wizard and it seemed to be functioning properly. from the form it would ask if you want to delete the record permanently. If I chose yes, it would appear to delete it, meaning that if I were to search for the record to verify it would say that the record does not exist. Upon closing the form and viewing the table, the record would not actually be deleted and would then be back on the form when I would reopen it.

So, I browsed through the discussion board and found a suggestion on a couple of posts and tried that as well creating the delete button in the code builder using the following code:

Gray out "new record" button

I want to gray out the new record button (the one created by ACCESS).

Basicly I have a sub I want to call before the new record command is activated. Ideally I would give the user a button I create that runs the sub, and if the fields are as I want them, then it would allow the new record to load. However if not, it would give a message and cancel the command.

Or if there a way to tell if the new record button is hit BEFORE the command is executed, that would work

Write Vba code on a command button to edit records?

I've created a command button were I would like to edit records.the records or text fields are set are set to prevent a user from accidentally over writing existing data through a typo etc. I've locked the text fields; however, I would like the user to click on the command button to edit the data.

How to update a record through a form

Basically, I have a form with a combo box, some text boxes, and a command button.

What I want to do is have the user select a record from the combo box, which then populates the textboxes (I've already managed to do this). Once the data has loaded into the textboxes, Iwant the user to be able to edit the info in the textboxes, then press the command button so that it updates that record in the table.

Open record with command button for two tables

I am trying to put a button on one form in many records. I want the button to go to another form that is only related to that record. I have a command button but it appears on all of the records. I am not that familar with macros. Is there a easy way to do this? It looks like the command button is limited.

Next Record and EOF

Im sure this must be a common problem but I cant seem to find a simple solution

I created a Form to display the record details of a Query. I have four command buttons (First Record, Next Record, Prev Record, Last Record) to scroll through the records. The problem is when the EOF is reached and the user clicks the Next Record button a blank record appears and if they click the Next Record button a second time the program goes into Debug. And so my questions are

1. How can I detect the EOF condition?

2. How can I disable (or hide) the Next Record command button so it wont go into Debug if it is clicked again