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Creating a Q&A Database

Creating a Q&A Database
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I am competent with most things computer wise but have never delved into the Access world and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure the answer will even be Access as I have only been told this program will be suitable. But. I shall pose my query anyway.

I work in a call centre in England and am trying to create a Q&A Database. I have tried looking online but can't seem to find what I am looking for.

The idea is - I want the agents in the call centre to be able to type key words or phrases in and answers will be presented. Simple concept really but can't seem to manage it.
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Creating multifunctional database

being away from it for several years. I have been tasked with creating databases to track skills, certifications and licenses for all of our employees. I am in the middle of creating the Skills database for our employees but I was wondering if I could put all of what we are looking to track into one database. Everything would tie back to the employee ID. I would like to have a form that would contain only the Employee Info (Emp ID, Emp Name & Craft Code) and then have 3 command buttons that would link to the different tables for each of the criteria that we are tracking

Using Ampersand in Attachment File Name

I am creating a database for a company named G&G and they use "G&GFileName" format for most of their company documents. Is there a way to use the attachment feature with a filename that includes the &?

Creating User Profiles in Access 2007

Let me start out by saying that I am not the least bit concerned with securing my database. However, because user profiles are a part of security (or at least that is the extent of my limited understanding of them) I am posting in this subform.

All I want is for access to recognize the name of the person who is currently using the database. The reason is that I have a memo section that is used for storing notes made by the user. Each entry is stamped with VBA code as follows:

Me.Memo = Me.Memo.Value & vbCrLf & CurrentUser() & ": " & Me.Text145.Value & " - at " & Now() & " : "

Thus, I just want the memo section to properly identify the person - or currentuser() - leaving notes.

I have created a basic login screen using [LINK]. If only I could somehow tell VBA to recognize the name of the person who has logged on.

SQL Running Behind the Scenes

I inherited a database (yet again) and whenever the form loads, I get
Run time error 9
Subscript Out of Range

On this line of SQL

SqlValues = SqlValues & "," & ID(i) & ",'" & CtcName(i) & "','" & Title(i) & "','" & Address(i) & "','" & Phone(i) & "','" & Interviewed(i) & "','" & DM(i) & "'"

Can someone tell what the issue is or if you need further let me know what else I would need to display

How to remove &NBSP from my form

My form shows &NBSP and &AMP although the data looks fine in the database as a memo field (rich text).

1.Eliminate funding for Web Q&A on the city website.
2. Eliminate the citizen and visitor tracking software that is interfaced with the INFO database.  This software is used  for questions and inquiries for city services. With the upgrades to the city's new website, Web Q&A is no longer a compatable tool.

How do I fix this in my form? It is also affects all my reports.

SQL Running Behind the Scenes

I inherited a database (yet again) and whenever the form loads, I get Run time error 9
Subscript Out of Range

On this line of SQL

SqlValues = SqlValues & "," & ID(i) & ",'" & CtcName(i) & "','" & Title(i) & "','" & Address(i) & "','" & Phone(i) & "','" & Interviewed(i) & "','" & DM(i) & "'"

Formatting an email

Ive been using the outlook.application method to email results from various queries like this:

.Body = "1)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s1 & Chr(13) _
& "2)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s2 & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& "3)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s3 & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& "4)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s4 & Chr(13) _
& "5)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s5 & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& "6)" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _
& s6

It works perfectly but I would rather the results be shown in tables, like when you copy and paste selected cells from a select query into an email.

Create Backup Of Access 2010 Database

Creating backup of databases is the most important thing and must not be overlooked. Access 2010 offers a simple and easy way of creating backup of database you’re working on. To begin, open the Access 2010 database and close down all table fields. Now on File menu, click Save & Publish.

Former marine wasnt made to design access

So I volunteer for Veterans village of San Diego which help veterans. Being a former Marine infantryman myself I am little out of my element creating an access database. I have posted the link to Google docs to show what I have so far. Ive done a majority of the graphical layout and basic programming but some of the more complex features I have no idea how to go about doing. If any one has some free time and expertise in access I would be very appreciative for any help you could lend. Thanks

Database is here, its a little big sorry: TYtMjc5NzYyYmNlMzQz&amp;hl=en"> TYtMjc5NzYyYmNlMzQz&hl=en</a&gt

Risk/Issues Database

I am creating a Risk/Issues database for a construction company I work for. Within this database, there is a table for Issues, RFIs, & Change Orders so that each Project logs the aboverelated information and creates the associated reports.

I have most of the database constructed without too many issues but have came across one thing that I can't seem to find or get established.

In theory, Each RFI requires an Issue but an Issue may have more than one RFI and Each CO also requires an Issue. Issues may not always have an RFI or CO.

I would like to have a way of ensuring that each new RFI &/or CO is assigned to an Issue.