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Create Executable(exe) From Ms Access

compile .exe
I had design forms and attachment tables etc. I need to compile to make .exe ie executable so that only it should show only run mode.

Can I convert a access file to exe file?
Can I convert a access file to exe file?
I want to create a file for the users who don't know access.
It just likes an executable file

Possible to export *.mdb file to *.exe file?
I would like to know whether I can convert Micosoft Access file (*.mdb) into executable file (*.exe). If this is possible, what method/software should I use

Using a Windows Form .exe as a Class Library .dll
I have a Windows Form application compiled to a .exe that contains standard classes and one windows form class. I would like to reference that .exe in another project. The dialog to addreferences shows .exe, I add the file to my project, I can see the classes from that file but when I run the second executable I get a "cannot load type" error when I try toaccess the classes contained in the referenced .exe

That behavior seems strange to me since the IDE accept the .exe as a reference and even "intelisenses" its classes.

I do this because I want a standalone version of the form, but I also reuse it in other project. what's the best practice in my scenario? I'd rather not maintain both aClass Library project and a Windows Form project that includes the same code.

Publish an ADP project as an .exe
Is it possible to publish an ADP project as an executable to run as a standalone application without an Access installation

.exe database
I dont know if I am posting this in the right forum but I have a completed access database it consists of forms and querys. I just want to know can I make this database an executable file so when I click on it just the forms will appear on screen so the user can navigate through the forms?

Making Exe in Visual Basic
How to Make an executable file in visual basic express edition 2008?

Access 2007 and Access 2003
I have both Office 2007 and Access 2003, I also have a executable db file in Access 2003, but everytime I try to access the DB by launching the executable db I launches an installer but never open the DB, how may I solve this

Can I Create an EXE from my Access Application?
There is no way to create an EXE from an Access database. However, there is a way to install what's known as the "Access Run-time engine" that will allow the user to run the app without having Access installed on their system. The Run-Time is NOT the same as an EXE. For one thing, anyone who has Access on their system will still be able to open the application in their copy of Access (assuming they have the right version).

Edit database after making it executable and hiding navigation bar
I'm pretty new to Access 2010, I do have experience with 2003 but everything seems to be different now

It'll still take me a few days until I'll be ready to make the database I'm building executable but I'm already wondering about the following:

There will be only one person using it, but I don't want him to see all tables, macros and forms (except the ones that are open of course), so I want to hide all the navigation bars and make it executable. I found threads showing how to do that, so I'm sure I will be able to figure that out. My question is if and how I'll be able to edit the database after all that? Is there a way that I can add an admin button which makes everything visible after I type in a password?

One other thing which is confusing me is that I'm working in Access 2010 but I can only save as Access 2007 db - what's up with that

COM and executables
I'm pretty new to the Windows programming world, so I'm a bit shaky as to how to get started on this project. Basically I'd like to have a COM object that can be instantiated from an ASP page - I actually have this part working.

Then I'd like that COM object be able to communicate with a single executable running on the server. So there might be many COMobjects instantiated (depending on how many people had requested the ASP page) and
I'd like them to all talk to the one executable. Is this easy to do with COM? Should I be using CoGetClassObject from within the executable?

Split Access DB and make it an executable file at the same time
Can anyone guide me through the process of splitting an Access database and then creating an executable file of the back and front end?

I have a database that will be used by multiple users so I would like to split it. But I would also like to make it an executable file.

I know how to split the database, but not sure how to make it a standalone such that new records from the various users of the front end are updated to the back end tables.

Coverting an MS access database
I want to convert an access database into the VB standalone executable.
I started on 'VB Aplication Wizard' and found tat a bit confusing.
can u suggest some tutorials to convert access database into the VB standalone executable.

access on Citrix (max number of access.exe instances
I have a client who's decided to run all their apps from Citrix. Although the access db I designed is split and every user has their own FE copy (even on citrix) they are all using the same access.exe file installed on the server. All is running well at the moment as they only have a few concurrent Citrix users, but I am beginning to wonder how many instances of access.exe can be be run at the same time. Am I going to have problems as the number of users increase

When I open print preview for a form in Access, I get a ............
When I try to print preview a form in Access 2007, I get run-time error 53 (file not found):

with line 258 highlighted (RetVal.), as below:

End If

DoCmd.OpenReport "rptInvoice", acViewPreview, , " tblInvoice.InvoiceNum=" + CStr(tInvoiceNum)
If IsNull([AttachmentPath]) = False Then
If Right([AttachmentPath], 4) = ".pdf" Then
Dim sAcrobatReaderExe As String ' full path to the Acrobat reader executable
'sAcrobatReaderExe = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"
If Dir("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\", vbDirectory) <> "" Then
sAcrobatReaderExe = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"
sAcrobatReaderExe = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"
End If
RetVal = Shell(sAcrobatReaderExe & " /P " & Chr(34) & [AttachmentPath] & Chr(34), 0)
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptAttachFile", acViewPreview, , " InvoiceNum=" + CStr(tInvoiceNum

Making .exe from MS Access
I just made some forms and reports on MS access and want to make an exe file out of every i want to make a working software/program that doesnt run under ms access.

Open pdf document read only
Is there a way to set a pdf document to read only when opening it? I have the following code that opens a pdf, but I also want to prevent the user from changing it in any way. No deletions, additions, substitutions or edits of any kind. I'd rather not use Hyperlink or Atachment data types either.

Private Sub OpenPrint_Click() Dim PDFPartPrint As String Dim AdobeProgramPath As String Dim RetVal As Integer AdobeProgramPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe " 'Hard coded program executable path! PDFPartPrint = (AdobeProgramPath & Forms![frmCustomers]![Child4].Form![Part Drawing Path]) ' Combined Program executable path and part drawing path! 'MsgBox (PDFPartPrint) RetVal = Shell(PDFPartPrint, vbNormalFocus) End Sub

Package file creation
I am using Ms access 2.0 database management application. I have created tables, queries, modules, forms, reports, macros.
How to create setup.exe so that user can install and launch the application by clicking on setup.exe.

MSACCESS.exe has problems that MSARN200.exe doesn't
I'm trying to redesign an old database (mdb) that was created with Access 97 because some reports are not being generated correctly. It was distributed with and intended to be opened by MSARN200.exe. This works fine, but I cannot redesign any forms or debug any problems. But when I try to open up the same database with a MSACCESS.exe (97 version), I get the troublesome "the current user account doesn't have permission to convert or enable this database." I've joined the workgroup as an Admin (stored in an MDA file that was also distributed with the database) to no avail. Is there something that makes the MSARN200.exe unique in opening the database?

How do I deploy the Package Solution Wizard
I now have my Access 2007 database ready for distribution and have downloaded the appropriate AccessDeveloperExtensions.exe and AccessRuntime.exe files, however I cannot get the Package Solution Wizard to run.

It seems that AccessDeveloperExtensions is installed as when I double-click the .exe file it asks if I want to repair or re-install it, but I am not able to get it torun and take me to the Wizard.