Create a startup form in Microsoft Access 2007

This article wil help you to create a startup form in Microsoft Access 2007.
Hi, my question is simple, is there any way I can get Access to startup displaying my form only, not the menu bar for access.

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Hi, my question is simple, is there any way I can get Access to startup displaying my form only, not the menu bar for access.

Suggestions for StartUp Options for new database-Access 2007
I'm using Access 2007, and am almost ready to hand over a new database to the users.

Do you have suggestions on what should be visible or not available to the users using

1) "current database" panel in Access 2007 (Microsoft Office Button\Access Options\Current database)

2) What startup options should be included in the autoexec

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Four Things to Love About Microsoft Access 2007
For many years now, Microsoft Access has been one of the most popular of all desktop database programs. Along with its bigger cousin, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access has helped form the core of database development for many small, medium and large businesses, and with the new version, Microsoft Access 2007, on the horizon it is important for workers to learn about the new features and benefits of this new program.
Those who have been using Access 2000, Access XP or Access 2003 will recognize much of the interface of Microsoft Access 2007, but there are some notable differences, and a new look as well. It is important for those considering upgrading to the new version to understand the unique features and benefits of the 2007 version of Microsoft Access.

VBS Set Options 2007
NBS Microsoft Office Access 2007 (12.0.6423.1000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000)

What VBA set option commands would I use in a startup module to automate the following manual steps when opening an Access 2007 database?

Office Button, Access Options:

Startup form opening another form in Open event
For certain user types, I want my startup form to open another form. I'm doing this from the Open event, and it works fine, but the startup form still ends up on top of the 2nd form. I suppose this is because the startup form events don't finish until after the 2nd form is open, which brings the focus back to the startup form. I've tried moving the code to other events, and hiding the startup form from events in the 2nd form, but so far no luck

AutoExec Macro in Microsoft Access
In Microsoft Access you can use startup options to specify, for example, what form to display, whether toolbars can be customized, and whether shortcut menus are available in your Microsoft Access file.
You can also use a special macro named AutoExec to carry out an action or series of actions when your database first opens. When you open a database, Microsoft Access looks for a macro with this name and, if it finds one, runs it automatically.

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Microsoft Office Access 2007 gives you several different options for creating labels containing data stored in your Access tables. The simplest is to use the Label Wizard in Access to create and print your labels from a report you create. In addition, you can import data into Access from other sources, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 contact lists and "merge" that data or existing Access tables with a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document and then create and print labels from Word.

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: Locked your database down and removed startup options?

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This topic explains how custom toolbars and menu bars that you created in earlier versions of Access behave when you open those older databases in Microsoft Office Access 2007. This topic also explains how to turn off the Ribbon so that you can use just your custom toolbars and menu bars. The Ribbon is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.
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In the previous Microsoft Office Access versions, as well as in most database management systems, you can store only a single value in a field. But in Microsoft Office Access 2007 you can create a field that holds multiple values. These are appropriate for certain situations, including when you use Office Access 2007 to work with information stored in a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 list.

Understanding the New Features of Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Office has long been one of the flagship products of the company, and the long awaited Microsoft Office 2007 product will soon be making its debut on the scene. From new versions of Word and Excel to an enhanced email and calendaring program, Microsoft Office 2007 has much to recommend it. Some of the most dramatic, and most welcome, changes have taken place within Microsoft Access 2007, and users of this powerful database program should begin to prepare for these changes before planning an upgrade.

Access 2007 database development with VBA
This series of lessons teaches how to develop computer databases using Microsoft Access and VB. These lessons were developed using Microsoft Office Access 2007. Some of the lessons and topics assume that you already know a little bit about form and report design using Microsoft Access and its Ribbon.

AutoExec versus startup form
I know of two methods of "opening" an Access database. Using the startup form and the AutoExec macro.

Is there an advantage of using one method over the other?

Is one method considered standard and the other "only use as last resort"?

I have always used the startup form route until I wanted to open my first form as hidden and had an annoying screen flicker until I changed the startup and used AutoExec. That got me tothinking about the differences and if/when one method should be applied over the other.

Finally, are there any other methods?

I don't have a specific problem,

The Powerful New Features of Microsoft Access 2007
For as long as businesses and individuals have used data, there has been a need for a way to collect, maintain and use that data. Database programs like Microsoft Access were built with that need in mind, and with every new generation of the Access program, Microsoft has attempted to make the database experience safer, easier and more user friendly. That tradition continues with the release of the new Access 2007, part of the Microsoft Office 2007 family of products.

Question on startup priority
I read that when Access opens it first processes the startup options, THEN it will look for the AUTOEXEC macro to run.

My question is. because it processes the startup options first, and I have my switchboard form to open on startup, will code in my switchboard form's OnOpen event execute before the autoexec macro would be executed

Hiding/Unhiding form from menu bar and by clicking a button
I'm developing an Access 2003 database. In that database I have a form that starts up when the database is opened. On this startup form I have buttons to open other forms. Those other forms I also can open from a custom menu bar.

Now I want to hide the startup form whenever I open another form by either opening it from the menu bar or either by clicking on a button on the startup form.

When the other form is unloaded, the startup form needs to be unhided. Now, I do know the code to hide/unhide the startup form by clicking on a button on that form. But not in combination when a form is opened from the menu bar.

Access 2007 Startup Change Settings
In Access 2003 one can go to TOOLS > STARTUP and change a few settings in there - untick of the boxes and suddenly the users are a lot more limited (they can only do what you let them).

Migrating to Access 2007
Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a powerful set of tools that help you to quickly start tracking, reporting, and sharing information in a manageable environment. With its new, interactive design capabilities, prebuilt library of tracking application templates, and the ability to work with many data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, Office Access 2007 allows you to rapidly create attractive and functional tracking applications without requiring deep database knowledge. You can quickly create and adapt applications and reports to fit your changing business needs, and with its enhanced deep integration with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Office Access 2007 helps you share, manage, audit, and back up information.
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* Migrating from Access 97
* Migrating from Access 95
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