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Create a query in Access 2007

Create a query in Access 2007
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In Microsoft Access 2007, learn how do I create a query?
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Use the Access 2007 Query Wizard

The Access 2007 query wizard allows you to create queries without using Structured Query Language (SQL), the language normally used to retrieve data from a database. You may specify fields from more than one data source and the query wizard also is able to calculate averages, counts, maximums, minimums and sums. The following steps will show how to use the Access 2007 query wizard.

Create a query in VBA, Access 2007

I need to create a query in VBA. I'm using Access 2007.

I have a combo box and based on the user's selection(s), a 'where clause' is created. I need to either create a query that includes my where clause, or use an existing query and use the where clause.

I had created a query in VBA in Access 2003 using DAO defs, e.g.,
set qdef = MyDB.CreateQueryDef("q_regions", strSQL)
This does not work in 2007.

How to Do an Access 2007 Delete Query

Access 2007 is a database program that is a part of Microsoft Office 2007. A delete query is a action available in Access that allows users to delete entire records from a database. Doing a delete query in Access 2007 is an easy task that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Query to retrieve max date in Access 2007

This MSAccess tutorial explains how to create a query to retrieve the max date in Access 2007 (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions). In Microsoft Access 2007, how can I build a query to select the latest date among several records?

Create queries for a new Access 2007 database

Learn how to create queries. In Access 2007, you use queries to extract data from your database, and to provide data for forms and reports.
After completing this course you will be able to:
1)Use the Query Designer to create a select query that returns data from a single table.
2)Create a select query that asks you to enter parameters, then returns results that match those parameters.
3)Use a formula in a query to calculate a sum.
4)Use the Query Wizard to create a select query that returns data from two tables.
5)Use a text expression to concatenate fields.

access 2007 / 2010 problems

I have made a database with forms, query's and reports in access 2007. When I run it on access 2010 strange things happens.

This is the problem:

I have some queryes that sort out some records. I call these query from event on change from text boxes and combo boxes on a form. The problem is that it opens the query. I like to run this query in the background and then run a report based on this query.

How to fix this.

It works fine in access 2007 but not in access 2010.

Exporting Query from Access 2007 to Excel 2007

I am trying to export an Access 2007 query into a pre-existing Excel 2007 workbook. I would like the query to overwrite the 1st page in the workbook, but it keeps creating a new page. I am exporting the data from query without the formatting.

How to Create and Edit Forms in Access 2007

A form in Access 2007 is a database object used to display, edit and enter data from a data source such as a query or table. It also may contain controls that provide the user with needed functionality or cosmetic enhancements. The following steps will show how to create and edit forms in Access 2007

Moving from Access 2010 to Access 2007 (Calculated date fields and queries)

Right, I now have to develop in Access 2007 environment and I am kind of stuck.

In Access 2010 you can have calculated fields in tables. I created Calculated fields to autocalculate the month name from dates and then I use that fields easily in the Query wizard.

Now that Access 2007 doesn't support Calculated fields how should I tackle this problem? Specifically how do I create a query that is able to group results into months from a date field

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