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Create A Patient Database

Create A Patient Database
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I work in healthcare and I would like to create a form. I need to be able to enter patient demographics then have that main form linked to up to 3 other forms to be able to choose on the main form then enter data and save test results (for that one patient on up to 3 other forms).

I have started the tables for all the data and the main page for the form. I took a class 10yrs ago an I had beginner knowledge then an so I feel like newbie now.
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Patient Attendance Database - Dates specific for one patient shows up for all of them

I am trying to create a database for a clinic, and am severely stuck on how to input appointment dates for individual patients.
I have been using the 'student' database from as a template for how to save the dates (given that appointments and attendance are exactly the same!), however, even afterfollowing what has been set up in the 'student' template database, I can't seem to replicate it.

Every time I add multiple visit dates for a specific patient, these exact dates show up for every other patient in the database. I need to be able to add different dates for all the different patients.

one to many, analyze each medical encounter

I have a one to many database set up. Primary table contains patient demographics, and the encounter table contains each medical visit. When there are two medical encounters, there will be two records of that same patient.

One of the analyses is find out which encounter of the patient meets certain criteria and guidelines set out by this provincial authority. The analysis can be.of the total number of patients coming to this hospital, how many of them have evidence of a specific test in a given period. (say in the month of july and august)

So the calculation is patient-specific as you can see.

Now given that the database can actually store multiple encounters for each patient, how do I essentially base my calculation on each encounter rather than patient? I am told that each encounter needs to be looked at and we would like to find out if every encounter for that patient meets the criteria, etc.

How should I go about doing the analysis this way

Single Record Reports

2. I'm using Access 2007.
3. I'm trying to create a patient database (think medical records)

Can I create a report for a single record (I.e., patient)? I would like to be able to create several single-record reports. For instance, one would be a kind of summary page withdemographics for this one particular patient, etc.

Copying from non-null field in table to the next records below

An excel file with lab tests grouped by patient code. I've imported this into Access 2010. However, the records for the labs do not repeat the patient code in each line.

I've tried to create a macro that will use the "sendKeys" command to copy, then paste, the patient code in the field (field #1) for each record (stopping when reaching the next patient code).

It seems like this should be very doable, but I've been unsuccessful. There are many hundreds of labs (about 7 per patient), so I need to automate this.

Print Service Memo

I'm working on patient database by access 2003. I want each patient to be given a service memo from the counter at the time of registration and also if the patient seek any service from any department he/she will be issued a memo prior to service rendering.

Designing a medical database

I am designing a database for patient vital signs (height, weight, BP, etc). The closer I come to finishing, the more complicated the project gets.

1. Store patient identifying data (name, med record, date of birth, etc.)
2. Store multiple sets of vital signs for each patient
3. Show a patient record with:
- patient ID data
- All his/her vital signs data

1. Table: "tbl_patientData"
2. Table: "tbl_vitalsData" (linked to "tbl_patientData" by [medRec] field)
3. Form: frm_patientRecord with
a. Fields from "tbl_patientData"
b. Subform "frm_vitalsData subform" (linked to main form by [medRec])

Patient Database

I am very very VERY new to microsoft access. I'm wondering how I would go about creating a patient database. I want to be able to have a create a list of patients and when you click their name I would like a spreadsheet from excel that I have created to pop up! I want to be able to make it save as well, so if you make changes to the spreadsheet, it will automatically save. I'm not really familiar with any programming. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Report Pagination Situation

I am running a report that is grouped by a field (in this case, patient name). Data for multiple patients will be printed at a time, with each new patient starting on a new page and a patient possibly filling 2 or 3 pages or more.

I would like to use page numbers specific to the patient grouping--for each new patient the page numbers would restart with "1 of # pages."

Is there a way to do this that doesn't take master coding? I can do some coding but wouldn't know where to start.

Using command button to carry data into a form

I currently have an Access database with two tables, one with a list of patients and another with a list of admissions for each patient. Basically what I'm trying to do is select a patient from my current list and add information for a new admission for that patient. I was able to do this using a subform within my main form pretty easily, but the size of the form has become cumbersome.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to select a patient from a combo box, and then open a "New Admission" form using a command button, which will carry forward the Patient ID from the combo box and allow me to enter data for a new admission. Right now, the command button works to bring up the form with the existing admissions for that patient, but when I try to add a new record the Patient ID is lost within the form and it won't let me add any new records.

I'm obviously missing something, but I can't figure out what it is. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it

Creating table using data from linked ODBC connection

I am creating a database to track patient case loads for individual providers. Some patients are seen by multiple providers. The goal is to have the patient in the database only once, buthave the option to list multiple providers within the record.

I have created a Select Query that links to an ODBC table to pull patient demographic information from the electronic medical record system. The query pulls all of the data that I need correctly.

I have created a Form titled "Home". The "Home" Form has buttons that run different Macros. I want to be able to click one button on the "Home" Form to run the demographic query and search for a specific patient ID.

on click, I could enter the patient ID and it wouldsearch the linked ODBC connection for that patient's demographics and then automatically add that patient to the patient list table, along with of their demographic information that Ineed.

Like I said, I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out and I just can't do it on my own.