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Copy & Paste ACCESS Report Design

Copy & Paste ACCESS Report Design
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I need several Reports which are very similar to each other. I have designed the first Report. Now I want to know how I can copy & paste the first Report so that I can generate several other identical Reports.

Then I plan to perform some minimal chages to the copied Report design. Do I copy/paste the Report itself, or do I copy/paste the Report design?
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How to detect when a user tries to copy a row on a datasheet view

I am running Access 2007. I have a simple form in datasheet view. Sometimes the operators try to "copy & paste" an existing row onto a new row. How can I detect the"copy" part of the process and tell the operator he can't do that? Although they can copy & paste data from individual fields, I don't want them to be able to copy an entirerow.

Copying and pasting

There is a form that is available in word format that I want to paste into a report. The document is 8 X 10.5 and when I copy it and then paste it into the report it shows up at about 75% of its size. I have adjusted margin and no luck. How do I accomplish the paste function so it shows the whole document in the correct size? Does 2010 access solve this problem

Copy and Multiple Paste

I would like to be able to copy a single record in a table and then paste this record a pre-defined number of times 10,20,30 depending on requirements. The reason I need to do this is that I want to set up a number of identical records that can easily be amended into unique records.

This will vastly reduce the amount of work and time spent entering records individually.

The only way that I have been able to achieve this is to copy and transfer the master record into Excel, and then copy the row and paste it into a range of cells. Copy the range of cellsback from Excel and then paste this range back into the Access table.

Border2D Heading Text

MS-Access Forms & Report Design Tools are very easy to use and needs only little practice to master them. But creating Controls like the above manualy is very difficult. The above heading with White Border sorrounding the text with Red Color can be created easily with the following Function. Copy and Paste the Code in a Global Module.

Copy Paste function is not working when the application is running behide

I have created an application using visual studio 2008. The application is to copy the data from one excel file and paste to another excel file. The problem happen when I try use the copy paste function at the same time in other excel file.(I have opened others excel file before the application start.) I'm noticed the value that I paste is not same from what I copy in the excel file.(the application is running behind and using copy paste function at the same time.) How to hold the value using when copy from excel for the application so that othercopy paste function is not affect it? Or do you have any method to solve this issue? Kelen C

Copy query

In the past, I can copy any existing query and paste as a copy so I can modify based on the old one for a new query. Suddenly I can copy the query but cannot paste into query group as the paste feature becomes grey (not available). What did I do causing paste feature disable?

Failure to make a copy of existing query

In the past, I can copy any existing query and paste as a new copy so I can modify based on the old one for new query. Suddenly I can select copy but the paste becomes grey (not available).What did I do something wrong causing the paste feature disable?

Copy and Paste macro

I need to create a short cut menu in 2007 that will have the copy and paste command. I went to Access help and it showed how to create a shortcut menu using a macro but when I attempted to create this macro I could not find copy or paste in the ACTION column. I also looked in the RunCommand Action arguments and did not find them. I have hidden all the default menus and ribbons but now I need to create a shortcut menu to copy and paste and attach to a form

Compile Error When Cut/Paste

Wonder if anyone can advise how to turn off the dynamic compile editor when doing routine coding. I cut & paste a lot. When I go to copy something in order to paste it into an unfinished VBA statement...

Display copy and past friendly report results

Is it possible to display a report with multiple fields in one text box. the reason I ask is I want to be able to copy and paste multiple fields as one block of text? the reason I need this is am building a database for client testimonials, and want to generate a block of text that somebody can just copy and paste, that contains the client name, date and referral all in oneblock. Currently it keeps all the components in separate boxes.