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Convert text to Hyperlink

Convert text to Hyperlink
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If you have a table with two fields, Field 1 set up as a text field and Field 2 set up as a Hyperlink field, how can you move the text from Field 1 into Field 2 and have it saved as aHyperlink address? Everything I have tried (Queries and VBA) simply moves the text as text and leaves the address blank.
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Help in Creating a Hyperlink in a table from Text using VBA

I have two MS Access tables with Field1 set as Hyperlink in Table1, and Field2 as Text in Table2.

I am having problems in appending Table2 to Table1 with the Hyperlink working. The text looks like a hyperlink, but when I appended the table2 to Table1, the hyperlink doesn't work.

If I cut and paste the text into the hyperlink field, it does work.

I am trying to use VBA Code to generate a hyperlink for 80 records in Table2 for Table1.

Is there a function or something that converts the text to a hyperlink ? I believe that when I manually cut and paste, it converts to a hyperlink.

Show only filename from hyperlink

Is it possible to browse to a file add it as a hyperlink and then click ok and then using the afterupdate event change the text to display to just the filename rather than doing it manually.

Second question can I take a query with a field which is text and a field which is hyperlink and have a calculated field which displays as the text but is the same hyperlink that the hyperlink field is.

Hyperlink Issues

I am having trouble with my hyperlink field to a pdf document. The user sets the hyperlink themselves by clicking btnGetLink and searching for the file. When the user selects the file, the hyperlink is put in the txtLink text box which is bound to my table.

The hyperlink in the text box works fine when copied into windows explorer (when I go to edit hyperlink and select the hyperlink, not the actual text in the text box) but clicking on the hyperlink itself yields an error message "An unexpected error has occurred".

Here is a sample hyperlink address:"K:\Common\User\David\Signed Leases\Lease528.pdf" The K: drive is the cloud network drive which I am also running access off of.


If anyone could provide some assistance as to why clicking the hyperlink yields an error message, that would be great!

Create a Field for Hyperlinks

Fields with hyperlink data can be a little complicated sometimes, but they do not need to be. When you enter the hyperlink directly into a datasheet, the text will turn into a hyperlink. This is the blue, underlined text that you click to take you to the site that the hyperlink refers to. These steps will help you to create a field for hyperlinks in Access 2003.

How to display hyperlink in Access form (Datasheet View)

Learn: What is a hyperlink? Parts of a hyperlink address. About the hyperlink control. Image hyperlink control. What is a URL and how does it work? Examples of hyperlink addresses. Some hyperlink subaddress syntax examples in Office.

Change the color of hyperlink text

Follow one of the procedures below to change the color of hyperlink text or match the color of hyperlink text with the existing text on a slide. If hyperlinks appear in both the title and sub-title placeholders, do not change hyperlink text in the theme.

Hyperlink address into the text box

I have a hyperlink field which shows the path to a directory full of PDF files.



I then have a form set to continuous. A text box is shown on each row and the source is the hyperlink address. When I click in the text box, on the hyperlink address, the PDF opens .

To get the hyperlink address into the text box, I do the following. Right click, then select hyperlink and then edit hyperlink. I can then select the file to add.

My problem is that the right click action does not work in my finished application which users use. I have to open the application by holding the shift key (kind of amend mode). I can then right click and it works.

Why does the right click not work in my finished application?

Imported data not recognizing email address hyperlinks

I have a database that I import Excel data into. After importing, the email addresses do display as hyperlinks (the data type is hyperlink, and the text is blue with an underline), and they appear to act as a hyperlink - when I hover, the little pointing finger appears as I click the text.

The problem is that the text is not an actual hyperlink. After it's clicked, nothinghappens.

When I delete the imported hyperlink, and enter it manually, the hyperlink opens an email message and the address is inserted in the To: field.

Change field property to hyperlink?

I have a "make-table" query, which includes a field of hyperlinks to documents, in the original source table. But, the query will only set the field to a text type field. In order to my code to open the hyperlink on click event, the table field must be of the "hyperlink" type, which I can manually change in the table properties, but would like to addto the code to first convert the field to a hyperlink field.

I get duplicate values when I convert a hyperlink field to text

Every time I import a query containing email addresses from Access into Excel, I end up with a "rider" on each email that looks like this: "[@email]#mailto:[@email]#". I tried to overcome the problem by making a new table with the email field changed from hyperlink to text, but the result was the same as above. Does anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it?